"You Killed Me - Maali"

July 15, 2010
Imagine the stature of a Palm tree - royal and grand as it looks, standing seven feet tall on a prominent Delhi Road, named after another grand personality - Bhishma Pitamah.

How proudly it stands, at least that is what we thought, waving its beautiful branches.  But little did we know, it had bellied a secret, it lived with a pain, a pain that was choking him.  It stood there with humility, but may be it cried in heart, for underneath the ground which held it was hidden his murderer.

The palm trees planted on the road side were planted by the MCD gardeners with the plastic wrapped on the roots as they have got it from the nursery!  How shocking is that.  How more insensitive can we be?  Its like putting a helpless little baby in his crib with a plastic bag loosely wrapped on his face.

Slowly and painfully, the palm trees died - dried up.  The political blame game has begun now.

Surprisingly, no one feels the need to punish the guys who planted a tree with plastic wrapped on  its roots, rather they are more interested in knowing,why  trees which had some life left in it (the trunk was green yet)  were uprooted (only to be revived somewhere else) because that is against the law of our land.

Huff! Law of the Land!

A Restless Mind With
A Sensitive Heart


Sanjeeta kk said...

Very touching article. Hope we understand and preserve this precious treasure on Earth.

UB said...

Hi Restless Mind,
Nice blog I mist say. I did check the feedburner email subscriptions and it works however the feedburner subscribe button says invalid request. I am not sure if the same is happening with my blog too. I hope we get some help fixing it. Let me know if you get to know something.
Thanks :)

Hope that helps!

varsha said...

oh!!How did they find this out??
And look at the survival instinct of the palm-how did it grow so much??
Reminds me of a lovely Gulzaar nazm-"umr ke dard liye,waqt ka matiala dushala odhe,...budha sa ek Palm ka ped khada hai..."

Rajesh said...

Interesting post. It is very insensitive of these people.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@Sanjeeta - thanks dear, yes lets hope!

@UB - Hey upasana, thanks for helping me by checking the links. i know, we need more help!! and for your comments.... thank you so much dear!

@Varsha. survival for the toughest i guess! wow, u like shayari too! great! thanks for commenting dear!

@ rajesh. thanks for your comments !

Purba said...

Shocking indeed!! What a callous attitude.

Hope somebody pulls up these guys.

And hey Tanu, go ahead and write about your "oily days" Would love to read your perspective :))

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Purba - lets hope so, where ppl don't get justice, in that land a poor plant stands very less chance.

Anyways, wud be writing about it soon!


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