The Labyrinth of Silence

February 24, 2011
I don't know why, but for for last few days these words are echoing in my mind "i want to be in my labyrinth of silence".  Honestly I didn't know what do these words mean... even literally. I thought labyrinth was some narrow pathway. Probably, i got this idea from Biology lessons of human physiology, structure of human ear. So, I was quite surprised that a word is hitting me again and again, and I don't really know what it means.

And, it was strange that I, in all the clutter surrounding me, was looking for some introspective time, and these words kept coming back to me.  So, i felt like writing about it and only then did I google search it. And this is what I got :

"Labyrinths are geometric forms that define sacred space. They have been around for over 4000 years and are contained in every major religion. To walk the path is to make a pilgrimage that calms the mind so the person can reflect on the journey of life.

The centre is surrounded by 6 petals said to symbolise mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic and the divine. Some believe labyrinths were used to track lunar months and depict the orbit of the Mercury.

Walking into the centre of the labyrinth is the period of letting go, calming and empting oneself. The centre is for determining what it is that one actually requires from life and walking out is for gathering together oneself and experiencing wholeness and integration. [Adapted from writings by M. Crosby] " Content courtesy this site.

Then, here I got the symbolic meaning of the word ' labyrinth'. What I understood that is that walking in a labyrinth, you spend time introspecting, and  somewhere you can connect to yourself. So, a path created like that called labyrinth is actually something you can create in your mind too.... doing the same thing in your mind.

I don't know whether I can actually afford to go so quiet, but there is something in me, which is forcing me to go silent somewhere.... may be I am already silent on some level.

It's a strange thing, when you are talking with people, working in office, teaching your kids and still silent, inside.

Does that happen to you too?

take care


PS: Am sorry dear pals, I'm just not able to read your blogs.... hope u'll understand.

Don't Fall........ RISE in Love

February 14, 2011
It's Valentine's Day today.

A lot has been said against the celebration of this day... by many.... for many reasons.

But still, love is one emotion without which human existence may not be possible, or else I should say, we are not worthy of being called "human beings' if we cannot love.

It is said that love of a mother for her children is the purest of all followed by that of a sister for her brother.  It's unconditional.

And without love for your woman or man, life on earth cannot be possible.

What can I say about love, so i just thought of putting some quotes on love (the man woman context) , which make a lot of sense to me.  Here they are:-

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were. ”          - Kahlil Gibran

"Our love is a relationship. And when love is a relationship, it creates misery. When love is a state of being, it creates bliss. A Buddha is also in love, but he is not trying to love you. Simply because of the way he is, love spreads. Love becomes a perfume and goes to the far comers of the earth."                                                                   -Osho

"But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."     
                                                                                              - Khalil Gibran
"Love is not a relationship between two persons. It is a state of mind within yourself. If you are loving, you are loving to everybody — not only to persons, but to things as well. Love moves from you to objects also. Even when you are alone, when no one is there, you are loving. It is just like breathing. If I take an oath that I will breathe only when I am with you, only death can follow. Breathing is not relationship; it is not tied to any relationship. And for the etheric body, love is just like breathing. It is its breath."                                                                                      
                                                                                                  - Osho

Have a lovely day!


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Corrupt? Me? Nah!!!

February 9, 2011
I  have ben tagged by Zephyr in her post Could THIS be the movement?.  I sense a deep anger, anguish and restlessness in her post.  A very poignant writer, Zephyr, has in this post created  furore in the Blogosphere and has started a kind of movement to joining hands against corruption. The sentiments of discontent and anger are shared by many more readers and bloggers.  Interestingly, Ms Kiran Bedi has replied to many of the comments of bloggers. The anger is understandable by everyone, every citizen of the country. EAch day, we are seeing new scams... it's really frustrating undoubtedly.  We don't know whom to see as a role model.

Secondly, Zephyr brought out that the news about the eminent citizens joining to rally against corruption in the country. It was not really covered by the media.  Yes, absolutely agree, i didn't read about it anywhere. Its a big big surprise. if someone knows better about it, do tell me. Citizen's awareness must be there about what's happening in their country... and much more media coverage should have been given to this event.

 And, since I've been tagged by her, here are my views about it.

But before I actually say anything, I would like you to recall that advertisement where on a traffic signal a young girl wearing shorts and a top is riding a scooty.... and is quite upset with the long stoppage time due to the movement of a cavalcade of a VIP (Now, here we are not discussing why VIPs need a cavalcade, save this for another post!)   But she does not give up and tries to persuade the traffic cop her way to go ahead.  Of course she just has to bat her pretty eyelids and pout and smile to bring a toothy grin on sun tan face of the greying, paunched cop.  But even on this when the cop does not budge. So there comes the tantrum of the girl as she behaves like a kid (if I remember correctly racing her scooty to show her sweet anger). Now this guy melts and gives way to this young lass, even when he has stopped the whole traffic, and the girl zips away making way for herself though the VIP cavalcade (don't try it ever, you'll be arrested immediately in real life!!)
Now, tell me honestly, is this not a bribe?? Doling out a smile, my dear, to get your work done is a bribe!! Now, Is the one who takes bribe only at fault? or the one, who wants to get his work done fast, breaking all rules and ready to pay an extra price for that also responsible?

How many times you have bothered to care for the traffic rules? And when you are caught, how many times you are willing to pay the fine? Have you ever told the cop "oh yes officer, I'm at fault, I'm a responsible citizen, so here is the fine, and I'm extremely sorry"  How many times have you haggled with the uniformed guy to let you off by bribing him a petty amount?

While looking for you child's admission to a reputed school, have to tried to find which school has management quota and which contact of yours can be used at this time? A recommendation letter from who's who is what you begin to look for..... hamare contacts kab kaam ayenge? right?

Do you file your Income Tax return? don't you try to hide as much income as possible? How honest are we with it?

There was a time, when people used to stand in queues to pay their bills etc, now online payments have eased a lot of our work.  But, tell me, when we used to stand in a queue, waiting for our turns, how often many of us would try to jump the queue, on one pretext or the other, how often, many of us would find someone known at the counter and become a "staff" to skip the long queue and finish off their work fast.

So, the first things I want to say is that there is not THEY to be blamed in corruption, it is US who is to be blamed. First we got to stop detaching our own selves from the assumed causes of corruption, ultimately, it's you and me who is willing to pay that little extra money so that we are saved from shelling out a bigger amount. 

It is said that you are good only till the time you are not proven as bad.  It is also said that till the time you don't get an opportunity to steal or rob, you don't know whether you are a thief or not.  It's only when circumstances are such that tempting offers are around you and you choose to refuse everything for the sake of your moral values, you should not claim to be HONEST.  Just, merely a lack of opportunity does not make you a saint.

Who are these people who are in the legislature, executive and judiciary?? They are people like you and me. Given a chance, many would have given in to the temptations of money, booze and women.  So, till the time you have not been tempted and till the time you have not decided to resist the temptation to walk on the right path, you have no right to call the other person as dishonest or corrupt. (Again, no sweeping generalization  about people working for the Govt (just like about gender roles) makes you look wise.)

Leave about being in Government, I just enumerated how as a citizen of the country also we are dishonest.  Now, let me come to the private sector.  Do you mean to say that you are sincere with your companies? Never have you used the office resources for personal gains? Official contacts for personal interests? Office time for personal work? Never fudged with the claims of transport or medical claims? Think about it.

Basically, the problem is not of CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT, the problem is our eroding moral values, rather changing perception of moral values.  The bad of yesteryear's is the good of today, see the glorification of immoral but helpful heroes in movies (Alka Gurha, our co-blogger wrote about it).  The changed definition of a good-bad-man is reflected everywhere.  A girl would have died of shame if she was defamed in society a few years back, but,today proclaims her infamousness with elan (munni badnaam hui). And many more examples are there, we know it. So, being greedy, being corrupt, wanting quick buck, quick success and paying any price for it, is all because, we are not bothered about building the character of our children, and resultantly, we are churning out street smart generation, and the real man is not even a desirable character now.

Now, lets talk about the possible solution/s or a road map to freeing our country of this evil.

But do you really think a movement of this sort, a rally, an article is going to make a difference?? Will it?  I know I sound like a pessimist.  I am a highly optimistic person.  And I feel it would be a folly to believe that such talks are going to bring about a change in the system.  Corruption is very very deep rooted in our society.  And believing that merely creating a protest like this will eliminate this evil is impractical. 

For a mamoth of a problem, there has to be change of  mind, right from the top, only then will it trickle down to the lower rung of the system.  A long term plan has to be drawn out... it's a huge system, huge machinery.... with lots of powers delegated at each step of the hierarchy.  The one's who know the game, know how to play it (read twist the rules of the game) and never get caught too.  It's not as simple as it looks.

So, what we, as citizens, can do about it? Yes creating awareness, spreading a word is fine, but being the change we want to see is equally important. First we got to stop pointing that finger towards others, only then we'll be able to find a solution or else a little glimpse of hope.  First we got to analyze where WE stand, and only then, we'll be able to act rightly, only then we'll be able to inculcate those values in our children.  We must take stock of things.... yes... enough is enough.... but we got to begin with the fact that we are dishonest.... we are crooks.... period.

Think about it.


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I'm turning 36 !! And Loving it!!!

February 3, 2011
My facebook wall reads "It's hard to believe that you are growing another year older, as you still maintain the spirit of a teenager".  It was just a day before my birthday, ie yesterday, when I found this little scribbling on the wall (well literally!) And , yeah I smiled ear to ear.......... rather, I grinned, thinking "how lovely it feels to a woman reading a thing like this!!" But wait a second, what does it mean "only in spirit" huh! and what about looks?! Forget it! But, then I read this sms sent by my brother "tum umar chor ho" (roughly meaning, you don't seem to age!), am absolutely glad and brimming joy.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today I've turned 36 and it's fun! I think it gets better as you age! I mean, a woman is much in control of her life around this age.  She knows what she wants in life and also knows how to balance-out various aspects of her personal and professional life.

Moreover, I feel a marked change, which I guess is a generational shift!  Do you remember how our parents felt about their birthday? I'm sure most of time there was no celebration, in fact, they hardly bothered about it.  And mostly, they thought birthday celebrations etc are for kids and not for them, the grown ups.

From that point of view, I don't seem to have grown up!! I'm still so excited about my birthday! No way can I tell my kids " Oh, mama's birthday, leave it, I'm old enough for that" (!) On the contrary, I've bought new dress for myself and made sure I get a good bouquet of roses early in the morning! And, now I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with family and friends in the forthcoming days, starting from today!

About gifts, well, I got to wait for that (!!) But the sweetest thing I can get is a few birthday kisses from my kids early in the morning, as they jump out of their beds to wish their still sleepy mom! 

I guess, the way you look at your birthday tells a lot about you as a person. This morning, a friend called me up and asked did I go to the temple in the morning? No, I didn't. For me, God is with me, in my heart. What do I look for in a temple, in the idol, in the Aarti, and the Poja vidhi?

Another aspect of being excited about one's birthday, especially if you have crossed 30, is about how good you feel about yourself? I think, women need to put in a lot of hard work to look pretty, and remain healthy and still balance their home, kids and office work.

So, if you are on the other side of 30, then share with me, how do you feel about your birthday? Does the growing years make you feel good and wiser or do you fear getting old?  Many women like to hide their age... I still haven't felt like hiding mine! (It's because each time I tell my age, I see a big surprise on people's face!!!) (hmm, well not to mention those 5-6 grey strands, which is the latest development !!)

But, on a serious note, looks are not about not having wrinkles around your eyes, or a deep laugh line, or about having no or minimal grey hair.  It's about your attitude towards life, which gets reflected through your eyes and your face.  Remaining happy and positive in any given situation is something which makes you radiate always. It's really important to remember that there are no PROBLEMS, but there are only SITUATIONS. And each situation gives an opportunity to learn and LEARNING is the way of life, and it's not related to age.

Restless would love to hear your do you see physiological age.... ageing.... your birthday... how it should be celebrated as per you..... or how do you celebrate your birthday.

Do share with me and wish me a Happy Birthday too!!!



PS: Not getting much time, and really missing my blogger pals' blog posts. But will be back to you as soon as my life falls in the right track.
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