Versatile Blogger Award

March 24, 2012
My co-blogger ZRADAR had tagged me for this fantastically sounding "Versatile Blogger Award".  I am honoured and humbled that despite not writing for such a long time, my blog is not completely vanished out of the radar of my co bloggers (pun not intended).  Thanks a ton ZRADAR for tagging me. 

The rules for the Versatile Blog Awards are:
  • Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
  • Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
  • Share 7 random things about yourself.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Add the Versatile Blog Award picture on your blog post.
So, I have to nominate 15 fellow bloggers.... here goes the names of my favourite bloggers..

Prathama -She writes from her heart, so honest and so sensitive and covers a lots of topics, many of which are not even known to me.

Reema - She is so full of life despite being a busy professional and her spirit is visisble in her posts on movies, books, life etc.

Sharbouri - A wonderful person who has deep insights in the minds of people due to her profession as well, she writes as she thinks. She is away from blogging these days, hope this post brings her back.

Vaish - She is my blogging sister! Lovely and simple at heart.. she writes about various things which touch her life - books, travel, photography and photography! Love to read her!

Harish (Conscientous reflections) - A voracious reader who writes about book reviews and movies and life. There is not just a simple review, but a certain in depth analysis about the states of things. Its always enriching to read his blog.

Psych Babbler Whatever little i know about her is due to her posts,which are so straight out of her mind... and i feel i know her somehow.  She too has a great understanding of things and people and expresses them without mincing words. She is an amazing and versatile blogger.

Vee He had been there since i started my blogger pal... writes about things which affect his life..his work... his friends... his books and movies. He too is not blogging.. i hope to hear from him after i tag him!

Prateek  - A spunky young boy.. who makes his reading go ROFL and sometimes sit up and think... he is wonderful blogger pal.

Anshul - Is very very versatile and unpredictable.. as far as his posts are concerned! Has a great fan following too!

Uncle Jack 'Uncle' as all his readers address him affectionately, is a grand pa, but its really nice to see a person do blogging and write about his expereinces of life around him.  Many a teenagers visit his blog regularly for his pearls of wisdom. Regards... uncle.

Rocksea He is a professional in the field of science... an observer... his posts.. and photographs speak for themselves. He too can write about anything.. u can't guess it! 

Niket The ever cheerful young man Niket had been a blogger pal for a long time now. Reading his blog is life reading him...he too writes about things that affect him... which are so varied.

Pooja Desai Blogging sister....writes from her heart... and its always so soothing to read her blog.

Nikhil Garg A versatile blogger, a young guy who writes with so much joy and excitement.

Restless Souldier We share a common word in our profile name... that's how he reached my blog! He writes wonderfully.. and topics can be so different each time... travel... his mean machine...and yes he won a prize in a contest where he wrote about something like what is real beauty...he is amazing. Again away from blogging... hope this brings him back!

A special mention : I haven't tagged u BookWorm, but u r and remain the person who showed the way to blogging, and always wrote encouraging and honest comments on all my posts...even when i never gave feedback on urs.  You had been lending me ur books.. and i had been keeping them for long shamelessly! And now i am watching ur movie collection...thanks a ton for being such a huge support. Thanks :)

I will inform all of you, and hope that u pick up the tag, if u have not done it already.

Sharing 7 random things about me :

1. I am a "to do list" and "Reminder" person.  In fact, i keep reminders in my phone, write in my diary about things to do today, by the end of the week, or by next month.  I live maximum for next six months.

2. I can't remember numbers!  Although, I store all birthdays and anniversary dates in my mobile as I cannot remember dates.

3.I love mountains to much that I want to die in a small cottage in some hills.

4.I love nail paints and well groomed nails and hands! 

5. I consider myself as a very effective car driver ( take a lot of pride in this, as women are considered bad drivers)

6. I cannot tolerate very hot and very cold weather.  Both make me irritable.

7.  I love to (read have to!) moisturize my skin meticulously, as I have a very dry skin (but u can't tell that seeing it!)


PS: Made certain changes in the content later.


BookWorm said...

Great..!! and it was great reading that 7 random things about well.. some observations from my side too..!!! 

... Love the Mountains so much.. wouldn't it have been great if you'd talked about living there...! 

...and why only 7 random things...? we'd love to hear more...!  

BookWorm said...

..and though you have coupled two different posts in one.. let me tell you one more thing.. 

...your readers are loyal to you.. so no matter.. they keep coming back to your blog and check it every other day.. for a new post.. so keep us reading... 

RESTLESS said...

I am honoured and humbled dear.... i am no great writer....but still when i hear from u and my other co bloggers, it surely brightens up my day :)  Thanks :)

RESTLESS said...

:) Is it?! tks :)

hmm... could only think like that about mountains each time i was there.....

For that... i'll wait for some more tags :)

tks a ton BookWorm.... U had been such a big support for me ... thanks again.

BookWorm said...

Thanks for the mention SH,... equally honored to hear this from you.. and is more than enough for me...! and dont feel bad for keeping the books for so long... that means.. you are reading and reading it again..! (and of course, it saves some little space on my little desktop too, lol, in the process)...  

Zradars said...

thanks for picking up the tag..happy that you have finally started writing again

RESTLESS said...

Yeah... tks to u too!

Jack said...


You have left me speechless. I can not find words to express my thanks. I will try to take up this Tag a s a p. May I request you to guide me how to display this in my space?  I too am so keen to spend my time at some small remote place in hills enjoying the natural air and view. 

Take care

PS : I saw the movie long time ago. It is quite possible to hate something or some trait in someone which one may love earlier.

Niket said...

This is for the 2nd time you have mentioned me in your blog
Restless..I already feel like a celebrity now :P :P hehe

Thanks for the mention Restless :) :)

And your 7 random things are completely opposite to mine :P hehe

Nikhil Garg said...

Thanks for tagging me Restless :)
I accept the tag and would do accordingly soon.

Vaish said...

Aww..thanks for tagging my blogging sister :D  Loving it!  
And is it because that we are sisters, we share same ideology and interests? 
I am 100% same with most of the points..well 6 of them- they totally reflect me!  And the 2nd point comes easy to me!  just one glance on a 10 digit mobile number, I can never erase it off my mind!  

Rite2pooja said...

Hey thanks for tagging me, but I someitmes when you were not around , that's another thing I wanted to ask, where you been? Well coming back to the tag, I'd also tagged you for the same award, left a message too on your blog.
Take care and keep blogging.

Reema said...

awww thanks for the compliment and the award :) I am honored! 

Psych Babbler said...

Thanks for the award and tag...I think I remember someone else passing this on too and I haven't completed it. Should get my act together soon! :) 

Vivek Chamoli said...

Congrats ! .. 

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