Breaking the gender stereotypes!!

July 2, 2010

Then, you know that sometimes you do and you love to do and you are inclined to do things which are not considered manly like say arranging flowers for your home, wearing pink or peach coloured shirt and preeening yourself in the mirror etc!


Then, you would know in your heart that some things in you which is so unwomanly ( as a conceived notion of our society) like to love drive fast and rash sometimes and you don't mind uttering a swear word on the road, when nobody known to you is watching or may be you love horses and cricket matches and all.

I would like to hear all those things which you like to do irrespective of the gender specific role assigned to you by your respective set of people ie. society.  After having said that, these are my the manly things about me ! phew quite a lot.....

Oh yes, first, I love to tell this to my colleagues and friends "I am a man when I am working and driving!!” And they look at me in amusement, as I am very feminine and delicate in looks ( nothing like self admiration!)

So here goes my list : -

1. I love to drive really fast.

2. I don’t like chocolates

3. I never read mill and boons

4. I work like a man, without using my feminity

5. I get excited seeing new gadgets phones, ipod, psp etc ( learning to play games on play station)

6. I am always curious to understand technology

7. I  hate saas bahu serials, rather watch nat geo and discovery!

8. I can’t stand girly talk, bitching and small talk

9. I am pretty rational, clear headed and have risk taking behaviour!!

10. I just  haaaaaaaate gold jewellery !!

Yes, but love to watch romantic-comedy movies on HBO, love flowers and surprises, and clothes and silver ear rings and kajal and high heels and my hair!

So do write what's your story!!!!


Sanjeeta kk said...

I just love being myself!

Nice to be here, following you back to keep in touch, take care.
And thanks for the sweet words you wrote on my site.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Sanjeeta! u welcome dear!

Anonymous said...

My list is some what similar to your list.

Work From Home India

g2 said...

brave post I should say, I know a lot of women who wont have the courage to accept these things in public :)

Unknown said...

I think ure quite sorted out! But as for me it’s different
I love fast cars, though cant drive fast.
I love chocolates but even enjoy fried foods - a guy's fad.
I love fancy new gadgets, and also enjoy saas-bahu serials
I bitch but I think I’m storing emotionally too.
And to top it up BLUE happens to be my fav color! Followed by white & black but pink does not make it to the list!

Addy said...

Aaa.....don't mind but I'm gonna dare and rip apart those..umm some of those (if that comforts you in any way) points above.
First, you said "learning to play games on play station" MEN don't learn to play on PS or XBOX or any other console for that matter, its natural instincts.
Then, "I just haaaaaaaate gold jewellery !!" what you didn't clarify here I suppose is that; you hate GOLD JEWELERY not Jewelery That is now way "MANLY"
And, "I can’t stand girly talk, bitching and small talk" Simply, unbelievable....ahan.....Impossible! Yes, I have heard this line before many time by various girls of various shapes, sizes and color, but I've learnt that this sentence is totally null, if its spoken by a female.
Well, that would be it. I guess not I would get a hit by that heavy bag you girls keep theses days (been there before......every time I say some fact like the above! :T)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Addy! great ! u got some great observation ! go ahead keep ripping apart my posts!

varsha said...

i am sure there will never be a thread by the opposite sex on breaking the gender stereotypes.We can bend the stereotypes-men are pretty sensitive abt masculinity.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@varsha, very very true!!!

shiva said...

I just haaaaaaaate gold jewellery ! Wow one lucky spouse u have !!!

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