What do I Say???

August 30, 2011
While I was thinking of writing something, only these words came to my mind " What do I say?"  Once you stop writing, somehow the expression inside you dies down.  It's happening with me. 

 I'm even asking myself, first that are we be held accountable one day for what we write on our blogs and the comments people leave on our blogs and second, does it make sense sharing about your life and your thoughts in the cyber space? Do these thoughts come to your mind too? Huff! All this is my self talk, so don't bother much about it!

Actually, I had been very very busy all this time.  Although I love to work but this time it was full of stress as well, the bad stress I mean! (Remember my post on Stress - Eustress -Distress?) And it took me a long time to cope with it, and find a way out of it.  I have not just neglected by blog, but have also neglected my health.  I need to begin my daily Yoga soon!

I am grateful to my fellow bloggers, who keep visiting my blog frequenlty and make it a point to leave a comment on the topic concerned, thereby leaving a mark of their foot prints on this blog!  Really, I check my blog only to see what you had to say!

Meanwhile, I think i missed out on telling that "My World - My Perception" has been selected as an "Excellent Blog" by "Indian Top Blogs -2011".  Thanks a ton for that!

By the way, how had you been? Yeah, you the reader?!


Charm of Old Buildings

August 22, 2011
On my recent visit to Jaipur, while waiting for others to finish their breakfast, I was waiting near by where I noticed this metal plate with some numbers,  fixed on a huge door.

I was tempted to click the picture of the building.  Old and traditional looking, but an AC fitted there.

I don't know why should I be so excited about spotting an old building, when there are plenty of them in Delhi itself.  But clicked it because I felt like!

Such buildings remind me of Daryagunj in Old Delhi where I would go to stay with my cousin's family when I was a little kid.  I think that's why I feel connected to such old kind of buildings.

Seen near Nainital

A small temple - characteristic of any place in Northern India - you'll find them at a place least expected. This was on a road side.

An old hut at a place called Mangoli


The Beggar Girl - Portrait

August 21, 2011
This little girl was begging with her mother on the streets of Jaipur, the place I visited recently.  She managed to grab some leftover glass of lassi.  My kids didn't like it one bit when I clicked a beggar's photograph.

It's really painful to see small children drowned in the drudgery of a life(style) inherited by parents and sometimes by the streets they are born on.  Seeing small children into begging is much more painful because it's not a thing of choice for them, it's just the way of life.

As a mother ad as a person, I feel sad because, it's ultimately destiny which decides on which side of the line (above or below the poverty line) any person will be born into.  It could be me too.


Chameleon - Snapshot

August 20, 2011

I waited for it to change its colors.... but in vain!


The Flight - A snap

August 19, 2011
I was keeping extremely busy all these days.  Blogging requires such dedicated continous effort, that for some time I felt I'll never be able to get back to my little space in the cyber space.

Sharing a picture I clicked on a holiday.  Observe the various stages of flight of the birds.

They are so free unlike us, humans.  Or are they even free? Is there something like freedom, absolute freedom? freedom from everything? I doubt that.

Take care

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