I got a new attire!

July 10, 2010

After trying many dresses ( read templates ) at many stores ( websites) finally, I got my new attire, my new blogger template. Inititally, I was hesitant and very unsure about how to change it.  Being not at all a techie person, it was quite scary for me do it.  What if I lose out on some posts or comments ( I just love them!)?!

Finally after checking the method to change, after creating a backup of present template, I began to try new dresses.  I almost finalized on a girly template with a smart girl in white halter neck dress, stood holding a nail paint in hand! But later I felt, it was awful!

Another one, which I was close to choose was a lovely green template, with a girl swirling happily( again a girl!), but the problem was that the font and colour of comments of my dear readers was very dull and light, even I could not read them..... and so I changed that one too.

Today again, went on and on and finally, here I am, with the new template. I am loving it. Its serene and sweet too. If u have a minute, pl give your comments !

Take care,

A restless mind with
a sensitive heart!


Divyanshu said...

tanu di,i will be very straight forward with you since am the biggest fan of your work... this new template is good but you know just like your posts which are bubbly,exciting and thought provoking the template is too dull, i think your blog needs a template which has some pretty bright colors bringing out the femininity in your blog...but that is what i think...if you love it keep it..its your words which matter not your attire.

varsha said...

hey Tanu!
I like the unfussy template.Infact I want to get a blog makeover soon myself-and hope to get in touch with you via indimail to get some tips.
Keep blogging

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ divz : my biggest fan! that sounds nice! hmm as of now i will keep this, will change it seeing the mood of my posts.

@varsha : thanks dear. sure u can ask me.

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