Dhobi Ghat - The Intersections of Lives

January 28, 2011
Watching Dhobi Ghat, the movie, was like eating a gol-gappa or pani-puri or pani-patasha, whatever it is called in the different States of our country! You chew the crunchy crust.... relish on the soft and subtle boiled potato pieces laden nicely with some sweet and sour chutney.... no break in between (!).  But just as the spicy masala water of gol gappa hits a little later, the same way the movie... its impact hits you, at least it hit me slightly later.

Amir Khan
I have to say that, although there was no story as such, no beginning and no end, as we are used to see in Hindi movies, but this movie does make an impact on the audiences' mind.  It's subtlety hits you after you thought you have seen what you were shown.  Each character has been chiseled out with appropriateness.  The motive of each one is subtly reflected by their actions.  And the overall view of the movie does not let you move your eyes away from the screen throughout those one and a half hours.

The beginning fascinated me. The frames showing the vast difference in the living or rather the structures of the buildings of Mumbai.  A slender building labourer works tirelessly against the backdrop of the many high rise buildings.  A phenomenon seen in every city, but captured by very few.

Interestingly, the story is a depiction of lives for four people living or who have lived in that space, at that time. I shall not be writing about the storyline.  But a genre of a movie like this definitely begins an era of movies where the portrayal of a common man is more real... away from the fantasy land... away from the idealistic way we want to see our heroes.  There is no "I love  you" and there is no hero chasing the heroine and no villain and no fighting.  It's not about love, for a change! It's about the ordinary life people lead... their desperations, their aspirations, their desires and their disappointments.

One thing which surely moves you is the way the character of Praeek Babbar is shown, and the way he has done justice to the role. He is really impressive and he surely takes the limelight away from all other characters in the movie, not that Amir Khan was wanting to steal any.  As a poor boy from a small town, now working as a washer man, dhobi, and basking in the appreciative eyes and smiles of a beautiful and elite young lady, he has done a fabulous job by being just right - shy, embarrassed, infatuated, and even hurt.... things were subtle... yet they move you.

The only one thing, which I don't like is the title "Dhobi Ghat". Why? because it does not really capture the whole essence of the movie. If someone asked me (!) I would have named it as "intersections"  as the lives of these individuals intersect at some point... sometimes faintly, but it does.  Dhobi Ghat, i feel, simply tries to capture the urban village aspect of our cities and also tries to showcase the Indianness, the ordinary Indianness of the people.

Praeek Babbar
The best part of the movie was the many unsaid things, the many unsaid relationships which, for a change this time does not proclaim about the  "janam janam ka pyaar"(!!!).  The temporariness of relationships, or rather i should say causal relations, sexual relations of need, of desire, of lust, of convenience where strewen around.  Does that show the changing face of our society?  Does that not show how convenience prevails in relationships?  Does it depict what was prevalent in the society always but was not really expressed before?  Does it not show that love is not the only thing which brings people together... in non-committal bonds of convenience and physical proximity? Somewhere it disturbs you.

Some where you seem to be facing the real picture.  An Indian audience, so carried away by the dreamy world of lush green fields, or rose gardens full with plump flowers and the love laden young, well dressed and good looking boy and a girl, finding their way in the open blue skies... aren't we so happy seeing those almost dream like pictures?!

This movie sheds light on those unsaid moments, those unsaid emotions which may not find a name, a respectable name in the dictionary of those who thought relations have to be sealed with commitment.  (By this am not expressing my personal views about commitment in relationships).

I can't call it a path breaking movie, or a arty movie which you want to relate back after some time, but definitely it leaves a mark on your mind, just as the the spicy gol-gappas remind you of it's flavour much after you had it!

Have you seen the movie? Let me know how you think about it? Does the fragility of relationships based on convenience disturb you? Let me know.


image coutesy:imageworldblog.blogspot.com and bollywoodhindimovies.net

Proud To Be A Voter - Ready To Vote

January 25, 2011

Are you an adult? Or have you just turned 18? Have you got your Election Photo ID Card (EPIC)?

Today, ie., 25 Jan has been declared as National Voters' Day in  our country, India.  The Election Commission of India is taking various steps to spread awareness amongst the youth so that newly turned Adults become the part of the huge democratic system of India, so that they enrol themselves as voters in their respective areas.  The awareness campaign, as I read in media, includes reaching to the colleges and Universities and using the social network sites like Facebook and twitter which are so frequented by the youth of our country.  It's really heartening to see this sea change in approach to reach out to the masses!

So, if you are an adult, then you should apply to get your voter ID card (Election Photo Identity Card, EPIC) and do your bit in building the nation.

I'd been associated with the election machinery, would not like to share much details about it, but what I observed that the educated youth, upper middle class families generally were seen less in numbers in a prominent New Delhi Election booth last time.  So, don't get just your EPIC but do remember to vote when the time comes.  Let the words enshrined in the Indian Constitution - Universal Adult Franchise - become a complete reality.  Get to know more details about this Here

And what better day to talk about Indian Constitution, on the eve of the Republic Day.  Heartiest good wishes to all my fellow citizens of India!


What Is Your Definition Of A Good Girl?

January 22, 2011
I am somewhat irked... somewhat curious... somewhat baffled when I ask this question from you, dear reader. Especially if you are a man, then you are my target today! I want to ask the men readers and co-bloggers around that what is their definition of a "good girl"? And you know what I mean when I say this!

This term suddenly was hurled upon me, as a question, by a friend of mine while we were watching the move "No one Killed Jessica".  First about the lady (I prefer, girl!), she is my age and a mother and belongs to a small town of Northern India, but settled in Delhi for quite a few years now.  No, the aim of telling you about her background is not that I want to typecast people from different cities with different labels, but this was important for me to tell, so that you understand why she asked, what she asked me during the course of the movie.

If you have seen the movie, you know the character of Rani Mukherjee, who plays a fiery journalist - practical, career oriented but has a heart to help out the Sabrina Lal (played by Vidya Balan).  She plays the "now" girl - lives a fast paced life with no time for a boy friend or love, so to specific. She uses cuss words at the drop of a hat, or even without it... she makes you sit up and think... and soon you feel.. yes... girls are becoming like this now.

Now, during the movie, there is a scene where she is close and intimate with a guy, of course she is not in a relationship, it seems to be a casual fling. And during the act, she gets a call from her office and, yes the girl knows her priorities, and she drops the guy like hot potato (well literally!) and zips out of the room. The poor guy asks "so what am I supposed to do?" and pat comes the reply "fly solo"!!!!  The cinema hall echoed with a laughter listening to this! Not that everyone understood it so quickly, but the context was clear.

Now, at this point, this friend of mine asks me "what is 'fly solo'?" (!!!) and I was like.....!!!! well leave that!!

As the movie progressed, my friend asks me one question - "Oh, ok, that means Rani in this movie is not a good girl?" (What would you have said, dear reader?!) Well, I said, "well, yes, she is not a good girl traditionally speaking, but she is ( I wanted to say today's girl, but I said)... not a.. well good girl". (I knew I was not wanting to say what she is not prepared to hear, and I am in no mood to explain or argue anything with her at that time, so I just shut up).

The movie ended, but her question kept ringing a bell in my head... was she really not a good girl? How was she a bad girl - yes, she smokes, she must a social drinker, has casual sex and has no qualms about it, but works hard for her career, as a journalist, up to the level of being a social icon, reporting from Kargil (OK that was her profession) but then taking up a case for a bigger good of the society, ie Jessica Lal  murder case.  I could really not say she was bad.

I am actually very very intrigued thinking about what makes a girl good in our Indian society? I was a bit irritated earlier, but now as I'm thinking about it, I'm intrigued.

I remember my mother used to say good girls don't reply back, they are sobre and simple, they make oily plaits (!) with no trace of make up at all, before marriage that is, no kajal, don't even think of a lipstick., forget about any kind of western wear when you go to college. Girls don't laugh out loud, they keep their volume low while talking, they know how to cook and stitch (phew!!!) and above all they know how to talk respectfully with elders.  Was I good as per her criteria, I tried hard but I think I didn't fit her bill !

I also remember, how guys used to say those days, you can have a girl friend who wears short clothes and is fun loving and sexy and hot, but when it comes to marriage, choose a girl, or else let your parents choose a girl who is simple(read wear suits) and homely (read cooks and stitches etc) and is not really career oriented. So the rules of a desirable girl were different for a girl friend and a wife. 

It was all so clear cut that time, well defined.  But today, I see things changing, even the definition of a good girl changing... don't you think so? 

I want to shut up now! I want to hear from you dear reader, what is your definition of a good girl? What qualities you would like to see in a girl whom you think would be desirable for you? How do you see abusive language used by women today ( I'm talking about words like f**k etc which I guess is quite ingrained in this generation's lingo).  How do you see your woman if she chooses to drink liquor along with you, just for example? How do you see things in these changed perspectives of society?

Do let me know what is your definition of a "Good Girl"??


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Rape - Do You Feel Hot About It?

January 17, 2011
It is said that the way the women of a particular region, or country, are kept and treated tells a lot about the men of that place.  Take your mind off to all those places of our country or the world where atrocities on women are common and then think about their men.  This is true everywhere.  Although, in the same breath, I would add that we cannot  make any sweeping generalizations about these gender roles or functions in a society.  But, in a broad way, the education, the health state and over all personality development of women folk depends a lot on the men in their life - be it the father, the brother, the husband, the employer etc.  Also, in this blogosphere, where often you are taken by your words with the spirit behind the words taking a back seat, let me clarify here that I am, in no way, undermining the capabilities and potential of women and I'm not saying that women cannot do anything without their men.

Having said that, let me share with you an incident, which gave me a glimpse of how men, some men, a big proportion of men of our society see women.

It was a perfect winter evening, me and my spouse were invited to a small party of friends.  We were the new couple there, as we were just introduced to this wealthy punjabi business class family and their three more family friends through our common close friends. The occasion was was an eve before the host's son's engagement (called "Roka" in punjabi). The engagement was to follow the next morning, and here we were sitting in their large drawing room, which had a well stocked bar at one corner and drinks were flowing and kebabs were being served.

I was sitting on the corner of the huge sofa, almost sunk in it, sipping from my glass of juice.  The setting was exactly the way it is in Punju families - women cluster together discussing sarees and jewellery and the beauty packages available in the leading beauty clinics.... in between the mother of the would-be groom would tell how the girl looks like.  And on the other side of the hall, almost covering half of it, were the men... spread like kings..... and discussing everything from stock market to scams to even religion and politics.

I, like a good guest, smiled and sat pretty, nicely clad in my choodidar and kurta.  I was attentive towards the women's chit chat and I especially liked the way the lady described her would-be daughter-in-law - "she is a doctor..... knows how to cook.... and can drive a car too......and is so fair.... so beautiful..... it's a combination of traditional and modern".  I was impressed too, listening to it. And, there the men went on taking a dig on the self styled spiritual Gurus!  "Ah, that was of my interest really!" I thought, shifting slightly to participate in that topic. I was a new entrant, so I just wanted to hear them out... I was quiet... but enjoying it. The discussion took a turn, as they began talking about the law and order situation of Delhi.....and how life is not to safe now a days in the Capital.

I got distracted by the women's talks as the to be mother-in-law (MIL) told that she is going to wear a red coloured saree for the Engagement ceremony.  Now-a-days, when even brides are looking for more sophisticated colours for their bridal wear, a Mom-in-law wearing a red, blood red coloured saree was a big, but pleasant surprise for me.  The lady, of course was pretty and quite young to be a MIL! And, my attention got shifted to the other side of the hall, where the host (would-be FIL) stood up to fill his glass of drink and said "Rape? what rape? Eh, are you talking about that Dhaula Kuan case? come on!"

(Just to apprise you that in December 2010, a 30 year old call centre employee who was just dropped to her place near Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi at mid night by her company van was a little later abducted by 2-3 men, she was gang raped and abandoned at another place.  The girl belonged to one of the  North Eastern State of India.  The whole city was under shock due to this incident. And, later certain guidelines have been made for the Call Centre employers to safeguard the women employees who work at night shift and also, the police officers have been sensitized to deal with rape cases)

The host continued - " What rape? oh that is not rape....these women are like that only.... they keep going around with men...... they sleep around with men........ and now when someone has done it... they say he raped me... what rape? is it rape for them? cheh! " Half of the men present there rhymed.... "oh that is not rape.... they ask for it..... these girls"..... and the rest half were quiet.... as if they didn't want to argue, but somewhere did not agree much, but chose to be quiet.

The man continued, "and that Jessica case.... who was she to refuse a drink? she....selling liquor to men in a party at night... and then says 'no' to give a drink..... so what if the boy got angry?.... so what... after all...he was a man..... he got angry..... so what?...". this time the topic was changed quickly...... My attention was completely on it..... I wanted to intervene.... I so wanted to.... but I kept quiet..... I was a guest.... a new comer and a guest.... I kept quiet.

The women were busy talking about when is the best time to get a facial, ie., a day before the ceremony....."ah, it gives a lot of glow the next day!", the lady exclaimed.

I was observing the contrast..... i was seeing the irony of the situation..... so unaware was the lady of how her husband thought about women in general and she goes on talking about beautifying herself and preparing the home to welcome the new bride..... and here I sat quite aware of what my spouse thinks about the issue and I am sitting over the issue, gulping down those last few traces of liquid in my glass, as if swallowing the insult to my womanhood poured in the form of that drink.... i swallowed it all.

Don't you think, dear reader, that we live with such ignorance and with such a big facade??

And I was thinking about the would be Daughter-in-law (DIL) too... what if something goes wrong with her some time? or with the pretty MIL?

But, the one thing really disturbed me was that, there is a big chunk of our society which feels that a girl invites rape by her dress up and conduct.... there is a section of the society which feels a man should not be blamed, if it's the girl who has titillated his senses... and aroused him.....  by wearing deep necklines or short dresses...... then he is only a man.... an testosterone pumping man..... and it's not his fault if the woman is so tempting. To add to the list of provocation, let me say, that even a woman's smile or laughter is taken as an invitation.

Another aspect, which was even criticized by the Apex court of the country was that the personal life.... the personal relationships of a victim should not be used against her.  If I remember correctly, in another rape case (or may be this one) the Police said that the girl was in a relationship (sexual ie.) and was not a virgin... so..... (God knows what was meant by this).... but this was disgusting for me.  I mean, losing virginity - forget about marriage or no marriage - is no license for another person to go trespassing your body.  Being a non-virgin and single does not mean it's an open to all territory.... how disgusting is the thought even.  Thankfully, the court noticed it and spoke categorically against this point... that the personal life of the victim should not be brought  in the case of a heinous crime like a gang rape or rape for that matter.

One more thing, if inviting rape is like seduction for these men, then the scene of rape would be real hot stuff, right?! I wish it was wrong.... but the hard fact is that there are a plenty of men who find even rape as sexually pleasurable act. Rape, which is a forceful act, which only brings out the cruelty of one gender over another, brings pleasure to many. Rape, which means use of physical force on the opposite gender to gratify one's lust , an act which recognizes a woman even as a human being is  seen with those wanting lusty eyes.  It's painful to think that to many, the helpless cries of a woman only mean pleasure. And watching rape scenes or clips uploaded by a jilted lover a sheer turn on. (in this case, it's not the cries of the girl but the broken trust that should be hated).  My blogger pal Blognostic wrote about it in his post.(will be linking it soon)

Every man must know that rape is a weapon which distorts a woman's sexuality and violates her human rights.  It leaves her feel exposed, humiliated and traumatised.  Rape not just affects the victim physically but emotionally and psychologically too.  Yet, a victim sometimes has to hear such insensitive comments like - "Don't try to tell us that you didn't enjoy it".  It's barbaric to think that a forced act can bring any pleasure to any human being.  I think, this saying must be made by a man - If rape is inevitable, better enjoy it.

Think about it.....


The Demise of Subtlety

January 14, 2011
A lazy Saturday afternoon and I am slouching on the sofa, watching an English movie, which I so wanted to watch for all this time.  My eyes glued to the TV, sometimes, my eyeballs drift down too, to read the subtitles appearing for a few seconds on the monitor.  I don’t want to miss out on any word!

My phone rings, I check the name of the caller from the corner of my eye for a fraction of a second! Its my friend Niharika (obviously, name changed!) calling.  Huff! I don’t want to annoy her, so I answer the phone.

 “Hi dear!”, my usual way of greeting my friends.  An equally warm response from the other side.

“How are you”?” I said.

After getting a suitable reply, I quickly added “even I am good, You know there’s this wonderful movie on HBO which I am watching…” and, there comes the next question “what is it about?”

The length of movie I’ve missed is dangerously increasing.  I close my eyes in disgust.  Did I not tell her I wanted to watch this movie??   She went on “ who are the actors?”  I tried saying it one more time – “ you know I had been waiting to watch it so…..” She did not get the hint even now.   She kind of wanted me to give her a live commentary of the movie!

I decided to say it straight now “Actually, I really want to watch this movie.  I’ll call you in the evening.” I imagined her frowned face, but her voice was uncreased as she said “bye” to me.

I wondered that those subtle ways of saying things have got lost somewhere out of this universe (probably through the black hole!).  The ways people interact with each other has become so much loud , so much “in your face”.

 If you are on a walking track of a park, and have the graciousness to give way to a lady (if you are man and reading this) or to a restless youngster, chances are your gesture wouldn’t be recognized at all, and for all you know, the next moment that person would be walking just in the middle of the path, as if marking his/her territorial rights on it!

If a lady happens to stand next to a ladies seat, occupied by a man, in a Metro or bus, and she chooses not to ask for the seat, chances are her presence will be ignored, and she won’t get it till she insists that she should get the seat.

You go to a CGHS/ Govt doctor and tell your problem in a sentence, chances are the Doctor would be finished with her prescription even before you finished your sentence! Unless, you tell her that you are neck deep in pain, she would not consider you as a serious patient!

Have you ever tried politely refusing to accept the product or services offered by a salesperson or a telecaller? I tried it, rather I do that mostly, that is being polite to them (as they have to bear the wrath of many).  So the telecaller girl, immediately shot back to me and said “WHY you don’t want it?” with extra emphasis on WHY.  I was outraged and had to shout back and tell her that it was none of her business. Huff! subtlety doesn’t work even here!

Subtlety in the actions of people is dying down.  When a thing is said politely, softly and in a civilized manner, it is considered as weakness.  Till the time, you don’t show your vocal power and you don’t use your imagination to exaggerate things (in case you are a patient), others don’t seem to take you seriously.

This is another side effect of our fast paced and competitive life that we no longer listen, we no longer feel, we no longer try to see other’s point of view or others’ problem.  Engrossed in our winning, earning, achieving ways, we forget to live and love the subtle way.

Don't you feel so... that being polite is taken as weakness..... being a soft spoken person means you would be huddled aside with someone more aggressive and more vocal... have you felt like that? Write to me.... I value your words.


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Sweet Nothings - Salty Somethings!

At times, there are so many things I want to say to you, dear blogger pals, but it just happens that the idea or the time just slips out of my hands, like sand.  Just because I want  my idea or thought to be well worded, well researched (most of the times), that I miss out on those small little expressions, those small little sweet nothings I want to say!  And at times, when something rough has got rubbed against my skin (winter dried!!) I want to just scream and tell how do I feel and think about it, so those Salty Somethings also run out of my hand.

So, I think, I'll be writing those small or sometimes big thoughts in my blog as mini posts - which I will be putting in the new tag called - Sweet Nothings - Salty Somethings !!

How about that?!

I just had to look up.. and this beautiful view awaited me... even the branches devoid of leaves are so beautiful!

Ok, To start with, I was thinking that how do you know you had a great vacation?  I mean, it doesn't happen always that you go for a well planned vacation and it turns out to be equally great and relaxing, sometimes things go wrong also - hotel bookings or too much of travelling, which make us feel even more tired after we are back from the vacation. So, how do you know, you had a great vacation? What's the barometer for you?

As for me, which I have just realised, is that, when you don't feel like working and being in your normal set of life and you still miss the place of vacation ( Mountains for me!) then you know you had a great time!

I am missing that week long vacation, the mountains, the snow, the friends group, the food (which I just had to order, ah relief from cooking!!) and the loads of fun we had together. 

I know, and thank God!, I had a great vacation!!

How about you? Did you ever found yourself missing the place you visited for a short while?  Tell me!


Snapshots - Hills and Snow

January 13, 2011

Mountains - as the trees see them

The layers of rocks to mountains

The lamp post waits for the morning!

Snow from the roads is scrapped aside at the pavement

A British era building used for Govt office, see the snow on the roof

At Kufri

The Barking Deer at Kufri Zoo

Captured it in the morning

See the untouched snow

The red roof makes this building special!



Hi! I Am Restless, And You?

January 11, 2011
Many a times, many a co-bloggers have asked me that why did I name myself as RESTLESS MIND?  I really didn't know what to tell them.. Of course, there had been a restlessness in my soul all these years... a strange feeling which always troubled me.... I could never feel settled.... or content.... whatever I did. 

There was one distinct feature... one distinct thought which kept disturbing me.... intriguing me for last 10-12 years.  There was this one question, which of course many a people have tried to understand and answer in their own way, that was about my self... as to Who Am I, and Why Am I here? What I am here for? What is the purpose of being here, in this life, on this Earth?  It kept pestering me.... whatever I did... I would begin to think about the larger picture of life.

I always felt, I am just a tiny speck in the huge universe. I'm born in a family, a country, am doing things which I don't understand why I'm doing... yet I will living a mundane life (and this thought was truely painful for me)... I'll be living like this without knowing the main aim of my being here. It was a disgusting feeling. and one day I will die... again there will be traditions and customs followed.... people will gather, say prayers (or whatever!) and that would be the end of the story, end of the mystery called life, my life, I mean.  All this was disturbing... no... not the death part... but the aimless wander part.

And then, I used to look around  and see how do people live. What is their philosophy of life? How are they living.... meaning, how are they explaining to themselves why they are living.  The one thing which struck me and I found very similar in most of the people was they said, they are living for their children.  I would get quite amused (and upset too) knowing this.  How can the aim of one human being be only and only to take care of his or her off spring?  Is it all we are supposed to do? 

It all started years back, when I was 25 and someone asked me this point blank question - "Who are you, and why are you here?"  I still remember that day, when I stood still.... and blank...looking into his eyes. I had no answer.  I still have no answer.  But definitely, that question stirred up a storm in head.... as I was always wondering what am I doing in this set up of this society of this country, which is only a boundary created on the face of the planet by a few men.

My restlesssness was visible in my poetry....I could never understand it though.  I wrote this Hindi poem, titled Phirkiyan (spinning tops) 2-3 years back, as if summing up the business of life, questioning the existence of myself.  This poem depicts human beings as spinning tops, which swirl endlessly, spinning around demarcating boundaries for self, for respective families, then socieities and then countries.  If you are interested in Hindi Poetry, then here it is - Phirkian.
Meanwhile, just very recently, I happened to read this little article by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar titled "Are You Restless?" (and you can imagine, how I would have jumped from my bed reading it!!)  It was a eye opener.  It explained what are the types of restless states and which one is the best.

All these years, this restlessness of my soul had troubled me, but after reading what was written, I somehow feel better now.... I have placed that article as a separate post, as it's so complete without my blabbering about myself! Please have look at this one - Are You Restless?

A final word, no way am I saying that I am so much into sprirituality.... in fact far from it.... far from religion too.... never followed the way my mother wanted me to do Pooja! Never was that religious good girl, as I was supposed to be.  The policy I follow is that I should not hurt or harm anyone. Humanity only is my religion. 

Meanwhile, I am learning to reap the fruits of being a restless soul!

Dear reader, do let me know what did you think what you wrote... do you also feel this way... sometimes? Do write to me.

PS: Pic coutesy  www.jahroc.com.au/DavidGiles

Understanding Restlessness

I blog by the psudonym A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart, and lovingly (or otherwise!) called RESTLESS in the blogosphere.  Restlessness inside me is something which I cannot explain,  I wrote  about it in this post.

Recently, I just happened to see this article "Are You Restless?" by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the Times of India Newspaper's Speaking Tree spiritual magazine and thought of reproducing it here in my blog.  As the title suggests, there are various types of restlessness and there are ways to get rid of them. Read on....

"The first type of restlessness is due to the place you are in. When you move away from the place, street or house, you immediately feel better. Chanting, singing, children playing and laughing can change this atmospheric restlessness. When you chant and sing, the vibration in the place changes.

The second type of restlessness is in the body. Eating vata or the wrong food or food that tends to aggravate; eating at odd times, not exercising, and overworking can all cause a physical restlessness. The remedy for this is exercise, moderation in work habits and going on a vegetable or juice diet for one or two days.

The third type of restlessness is mental restlessness. It is caused by ambition, disturbing thoughts, likes or dislikes. Knowledge alone can cure this restlessness.  Seeing life from a broader perspective, knowledge about the self and the impermanence of everything.  If you achieve everything, so what? After your achievement, you will die.  Knowledge of your death or life, confidence in the Self, confidence in the divine, can all help in calming the mind and reduce restlessness.

Then fourth is emotional restlessness.  Any amount of knowledge does not help here.  Only kriya or action for purification, helps.  All that emotional restlessness vanishes.  Also the presence of the guru, a wise person, or a saint will help to calm your emotional restlessness.

The fifth type of restlessness is rare.  It is the restlessness of the soul.  When everything feels empty and meaningless, know you are very fortunate.  That longing and restlessness is the restlessness of the soul. Do not try to get rid of it.  Embrace it! Welcome it! Usually to get rid of it, people do all sorts of things - they change places, jobs or partners;  they do this, they do that.  It seems to help for some time, but it does not last.

Restlessness of the soul alone can bring authentic prayer in you.  It brings siddhi or perfection and miracles in life.  It is so precious to get that innermost longing for the Divine.  Satsang, the sharing of experiences and thoughts in the presence of the enlightened one, soothes the restless soul."

I hope you'll also find these words useful, as I did.


PS: You may like to read this too.

Phirkiyan - Life As I See It

The poem sums up my musings about human existence and life.  Life has been compared with spinning tops (hence named, Phirkiyan). 


कौन हूँ मैं? कौन हूँ मैं आखिर?
क्यूँ हूँ मैं यहाँ?
इन लोगों के बीच, जिसे -
वे परिवार कहते हैं, कुटुंब कहते हैं
रिश्ते नाते कहते हैं, सगे सम्बन्धी कहते हैं.

मेरी ज़िन्दगी से जुड़े
या फिर कहूँ कि
मुझे अपनी ज़िन्दगी से जोड़े
वो तमाम लोग
मेरे आसपास घूमती अनंत फिरकियों से हैं.
कोई अपनी सरसराती आवाज़ से डराती,
कोई डगमगाती, कभी मेरी ओर झुकती और
कभी दूसरी ओर.

कोई मेरे आस पास चक्कर लगाती,
कुछ मुझ पर अपना स्वामित्व जताती,
कुछ अपना स्नेह बिखरती
मुझे अपने घेरे के मध्य बिंदु में रखती सी हैं.

कोई स्फूर्ति से, सटीक उछालों में चलती
जीवंत फिरकी
बता जाती कि,
जीवन आगे बढ़ने का नाम है.
तो कोई अपनी ही धुरी पर जीवन पर्यंत घूमती
केवल  जीने के लिए जीती सी.

जगह बदलती फिरकियाँ
टकराती आपस में, फिर भी
आगे बढ़ती फिरकियाँ,
उछल उछल कर जैसे
अपनी ज़मीन  टटोलती फिरकियाँ,
घूम-घूम कर गोल-गोल ये
ज़मीन पर स्वामित्व जताती फिरकियाँ.

मेरे आसपास सरसराहट हैं
हवा का वेग हैं, सुगंध भी है.
कडवापन भी है
अधिकार भी है, तिरस्कार भी है
आवाजें हैं, गंध है, भावनाएं हैं
कुछ टूटी सी आशाएं हैं,
उन लोगों की
जो कहलाते हैं -
रिश्ते, नाते, सगे सम्बन्धी
जान पहचान और साथी दोस्त.

पर फिर भी नहीं समझ पाई हूँ अब तक
मैं कौन हूँ?
क्यूँ हूँ यहाँ?
इन सब के बीच
इन सब से दूर
इन सब से जुडी हूँ मैं
या मुझे जोड़े हैं यह सब.

यह अनंत फिरकियों का संसार हैं
अगणित फिरकियों का कारोबार हैं
ये जीवन.

The Lure Of The Mountains

January 7, 2011
Mountains have always awed me, mesmerised me. Very recently I had the opportunity to visit Shimla and Kufri In the State of Himachal Pradesh, India. Although I missed the snowfall, but the view was awesome.  I tried to capture the beauty by my camera.  Will be putting pics of snow laden Kufri next.
 Have a look!


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