Just Wanted To Say - Thanks!

January 16, 2012

Actually initially I had not intended to write a post so soon, but I couldn't help myself as I really wanted to say a big thank you to my dear blogger pals!  Thanks a ton for saying those caring, affectionate and wise words to this restless soul. Thanks for taking time out for me.  Despite the fact that I was not able to blog or read any blog since last two months, my blogger pals turned up to me.... visited this blog and did write to me. I feel truely happy that through blogging I have been bestowed with an emotional support system... well, that's the  best way I can put it.




January 13, 2012
I know I am beginning this post on a negative note. But here, on my blog, in this little space of mine, I want to be true, I want to be honest. For last two or three months, I am not happy and not in peace with myself. In fact, I am what I blog user name is "Restless".  For once I am not happy with this state, because this has dragged for too long this time.  Earlier I knew that my restlessness was something unique, as it kept me on my toes, doing things, thinking and reading. But, now it's feeling like a heavy weight on me.  I had not been blogging for quite some time.  This is the longest ever gap I have given since the beginning of the blog.

I wish and in fact I believe that this phase will also pass.... the phase of unexplainable restlessness..... of mind, of heart and of soul.  As they say - This too shall pass.

I have written about why I call myself restless and what does it mean to be restless in this and this and this post.  And surprisingly, I got some overwhelming responses from some known and some unknown (to me) bloggers.  It was heart warming to read their take. Suddenly, I felt we belong to a cult of "restless souls".

This time of my life the restlessness is at its peak once again.  Each time it has happened, I think it has pushed a little up in the ladder or say the pyramid of self realisation.  This time too there is a deep unrest.... the sound of the emptiness of inner self is echoing in me.... its some fear.... fear of losing the ground beneath my feet.... fear of losing myself in the whirlpool of nothingness.... which surrounds me.... despite having everything in life.

I am trying to unload myself of the weight of this strange noise of eerie silence around me by writing in the blog post of mine.  I don't know whether it makes any sense to anyone.... but this is it.

And how had you been dear blogger pals? Would love to hear a word or two from you about your well being in the comment form....


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