What's Your Mental Age?!

July 1, 2010
You must have heard "maturity has nothing to do with age".  I have also heard it and always trembled in my heart with fear because I knew I was not becoming mature mentally, i mean more practical or balanced or wise , or worldly wise or things like that. Unlike my younger sister, who is always politcally correct, diplomatic and oh so polite in whatever she says (even in anger) I just knew I stand no where.  I was always playful, giggling, rebellious and adamant and on top of all argued with my parents while growing up, which of course gave me bad results in future.  I was always worrying when will I become mature?  When will I sound and be wise and serious looking and pakki in duniyadari... phew... all this, kind of scared me all these years, say after teenage said bye bye.

But recently, I read an interview of  Aamir Khan ( one of my favourites!) in which through an incident he told that his mental age was much less than his real age.  The incident was rather very funny, where he addressed another 39 year old woman as "Aunty"!!!! And of course, he was reminded by his friend about his rather improper salutation ! To which he might have apologized to the lady but replied to his friend that mentally he still feels 21!!

Oh God, what a relief !! Since that day onwards I started taking pride in the fact that I still feel myself as if I am in class XIth ( obviously not XIIth !!)  I was relaxed that at 35, I am fine feeling like a teenager.  I still cannot tolerate a college girl calling me Aunty !!  Well, I don't even look like one !

Have you ever thought about it ? What's yor mental age ?  Have you also not tried to hide that emotional teenager or a playful giggly girl, or a mischievious little brat behind the covers of your current physical age?

I would love to hear you speak, dil se!  Do write a comment and tell me What's Your Mental Age?!


Anonymous said...

Mine works the other way round...my mental age is 35 but I am only 26. Having said that, I don't like being called aunty! =P I am just way more mature for my age. I'd written a post on it...25 going on 30 or 35! =P

Sourabh Banthia said...

Fellow IndiBlogger here!

To quote the Psych Blabber above me, It works the other way around for me as well, but (I hope) not too much. I'm fifteen, and yeah, that's been a hurdle in my attempts at impressing the opposite sex!! ( they used to be all "ooh, he's so interesting and funny, I'll friend him" "He's just fifteen!" *Unfriend* ) Maybe I should remove that from the facebook page. Meh. Plus, I don't have ANYONE in my senior group with my mental wavelength,let one my age group !
Anyways, yeah, mentally forward, and physically forward as well ( I'm five foot eleven) (Am I saying too much?) (I'm rambling :\)

Cool blog,
You've found a new follower,

Manish Verma said...

Hey tanu ... innocent material dear... but seriously too much emotional attack and maturity at this stage... provide some flying colors of teenagers like stuff

Witty Jester said...

Nice :)

Divyanshu said...

well blame it on the philosophies i have read in my room,its the other way round for me,am at 20 just 20 you know not too many days have passed,but my friends say i talk like an old man,at times even i feel am an old man i love to bring out issues but i am unsure if i have the power to fight it out in the open guess loneliness and books when they become your closest companion life becomes a bit matured that might be the case with me........but as always tanu di your posts show that you still really are teenager at heart there is a level of certain teenage spirit,that naughtiness,that craziness that teen spirit in there.....one thing is for sure you write coz it makes you feel good.

Purba said...

Me, I am stuck at 19.

Eighteen till I die is my life's mantra

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@psych babbler. i read ur article, we said the same thing, but feel in different age groups! thanx for visiting.

@ saurav : liked ur honesty! 15 and blogging...good guy! No dear won't unfriend u. Am not so mentally backward too, u will know it!

@ Hey dear divz! How rightly did u read me! yes i write because its like a therapy for me, I am feeling better since the time i started writing. And thanks a ton for being my first follower!!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@Purba : Oh I love it, someone out there is like me.

@ mag(m): sorry, cudnot really understand what u meant???

@ witty jester : thanks!

Nalini Hebbar said...

I am 50 going on 15!...don't worry...just be yourself

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Nalini Hebbar! its so sweet that u can be honest and that too so playfully! loved it!

Niket said...

Today children are being put up under tremendous pressure of studies and extra-curricular activities. They are being expected to become a Master of All Trades at a tender age when they should be toddling around without their nappies. Innocence is what they are being deprived of.

23, I am, mature enough to console someone in grief and childlike enough to make someone smile in tears. I have always been the comedian, be it amongst my friends, my relatives or my neighborhood. I like to make people laugh and myself too. When I started blogging my parents said, "Ye kya computer may cartoons banata rehta hai? Bacchon jaisi harkatein bandh kar...teri umar may toh bacche kamana bhi shuru kar dete hain..."
Maturity is always there but I don't really want to bring it out, kya karein, "Dil toh baccha hai ji!" ;)

Your post has brought out me to reveal my true self...this was straight from the heart!
Thanks Restless! :)

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