Hats Off to Prof Rajendar Kachroo

July 21, 2010
(Aman Satya Kachroo with father)
This morning, when I read the newspaper, the article written by Prof Rajendar Kachroo, father of  late Aman Kachroo, brought tears in my eyes.  (Again now, when I am inserting this pic on my post, I am holding on to my tears.  After all, a child is a child, yours or mine, how does it matter.)

Prof Kachroo is a father who lost his young son, a child who was bright, intelligent, healthy, with dreams in his eyes.  A child who was beaten to death by the seniors of his college in the name of ragging in March 2009.   This man (and his family) has lived on with this killing pain on his chest.  He not just lives on but has made it his personal calling to eradicate the menace called ragging from Indian educational institutions.

Hats off to this gentleman, who, first of all, did not let his personal tragedy break him.  He decided to fight against ragging. 

Secondly, hats off to this father.  I have respect for him especially because, ordinarily such an incident makes a person wallow in self pity, it makes us kind of closed, because we know we have lost what we had. So, many of us would have believed there is no point fighting for it.  We tend to become self centred and we are, kind of, not bothered about any one's else's child.  But this man, has transcended his grief and fought the system, represented in the judiciary by starting this civil reformist  movement called Aman Movement so that our children feel safer in their colleges.  I think its a magnanimous effort from his side.  You can also join this movement. Please see amanmovement.org. 

Dear fellow blogger pals, we place advertisements on our personal blogs. But I think, we should place such widgets/social messages so that more and more people become aware.  We, as bloggers, surely can make a difference.

A Restless Mind With
A Sensitive Heart

PS: Dear readers, if any one of you is aware about a website, from where I can get a social message which can be added as a widget, do let me know.


Shilpa Garg said...

Truly, hats off!! I know, losing a child is so very traumatic, but it's very courageous on the family's part to stand up and raise a voice against this menace of ragging!!
I always wonder, what sadistic pleasure people get by ragging fellow students. :(

The Restless Souldier said...

This is from one who has been ragged a lot and has done a lot of ragging - we were lucky that nothing went wrong. However for Aman Kachroo and those who ragged him, it was disaster. Believe me,even those who did the ragging are victims - victims of improper guidance, a misplaced sense of machoism, victims of peer pressure to do ragging.

Strict guidelines, constant communication (two way) with the possible perpertrators, regular checks etc by the colleges is essential.

Great article Restless - keep it up.


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ shilpa. yes, that's sad and difficult to understand.

@ the restless souldier. Well, thanks for your perspective. u quite rightly said that its the displaces sense of machoism, they too are victims.


Purba said...

What a tragic way to die and to think the perpetrators were boys studying to be Engineers. Tragic!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Purba. yes. so much. And as a parent its devastating, therefore its a herioc thing being that unfortunate father, and yet having the heart to spread the word to save others' children.

magiceye said...


Jayashree Srivatsan said...

Hi!!! I visited your blog :)

Well, great article and thanks for letting ignorant souls like me know about such a movement.

Kudos to the father for the initiative.As a few others said, the guys who did this may have not known the seriousness of their offense till Aman succumbed. And whoever has a teeny veeny bit of conscience, this would haunt them throughout their lives.

Most colleges stress upon the fact that ragging is an offense. But its just a formal statement. What would be needed is proper communication to make the students realize the ill-effects and possible consequences of it.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ magiceye - True. and thanx for visiting my blog!

@ jaish_vats - Well, thank you so much for visiting and letting me know u did!

i am glad u appreciate my effort. Yes, may be many don't realise the seriousness till somthing so drastic happens.

Addy said...

Yup we bloggers can sure make a lot of difference! Nice for you to bing this up!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Thanks Addy!

can we find some way to spread the messages like "ragging is not cool" amongst bloggers, as a large number of bloggers are college going youngsters.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Dear readers,

I write on another platform "Drishtikone". This is the comment I received from a reader. Please read the join the movement:

Umangrao8 :

Whatever happened with students because of this menace will not be repeated now, we will fight in fact we have started fighting against this menace.

There have been about 10 known ragging related deaths in the last 2 years and left permanent psychological scars on many students.

Be the voice for millions of students across the nation.

It is time for you to STAND UP AGAINST RAGGING NOW !

Join the movement on Facebook: www.facebook.com/busaurnahin2010

Voice your opinion on Twitter www.twitter.com/busaurnahin

Also join our community on orkut: http://tiny.cc/busaurnahin_orkut

Please visit our website for more information at www.muthoot.com/antiragging


NeoTheHack said...

Sorry..I again beg to differ. Here too.. i would like to say is 'ragging' is actually a good thing.. it makes men out of boys. thats why ragging is practiced in Engineering and Medical colleges. Did anyone wonder how girls who are afraid of cockroaches actually manage to become doctors cutting the body and operating...? that willpower comes from the initial ragging that they receive from their seniors. Same goes for engineering students. Ragging is a growing up thing. Pity that some of the black sheep take this as an opportunity to further their voyeuristic tastes... thats where it is wrong.. and not ragging per se

NeoTheHack said...

and... how can you stop this thing..? we as students all lived with this...one time or the other.... the bullying that we received from our seniors right from our kindergarten dys is ragging only. The only difference is in the magnitude...

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