June 29, 2010
At the middle of the night
dark, cold and silent
I wake up often
out from my restless slumber.

I feel my limbs heavy,
hair dishevelled and
heart so lonely.

As I toss on my bed,
I often think --

where are the lips
to kiss me back to sleep;
where are the fingers
to run through my hair;
where are the hands
to pat my back, bare?

where is the chest
I can dig my face in ?
feel my warm breath touching
his bare skin.

where are the arms
to hold me, oh so tight
where is my man
who will cuddle me right ?

On each night I wonder
what makes lovers stop
crossing those imaginary barriers ?

what makes marriage weigh
like heavy logs and bundles

why marriage makes people
become perfect strangers?

I  just curl up like a baby unborn
and just wish
I was in my mother's womb
for that's the only place
when we are loved 
and are not judged.
protected and


Anonymous said...

It's true that the love of parents - after being born also is one of it's kind. The other kind of love that's above all loves is what we feel for our own children.

Love the way you write!!!

shiva said...

Kafi dard main poem main. Great ! keeping writing

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ indianhomemaker - thanks for ur lovely comment. Its encouraging for me as i have seen what a wonderful blog u have!

And, thanks for explaining what this tagging means. I shall do that.

thanks a ton.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@shiva - thanks!

@ savdhan - can u pls explain that?

Loganathan said...

lovely post and true expressions from the heart. Very well written.. will come back to read more..


Vikram Waman Karve said...

Profound emotions very beautifully expressed...

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@Loganathan. thanks!

@Vikram Karve. thanks so much!

Divyanshu said...

i loved it anything associated with night and darkness always stirs me up, protection in the sanctity of the loved ones may or may not be guranteed but still it feels us with a hope that things will be fine for they are around us,

here you wish that you are again an unborn baby is the yearning of yours to say something which you can not openly say that is though i may be grown up,and am being expected to be practical judgmental and upright ready and active, but there is a secret desire of attachment with the parents for the soul is always devoid of worldly pleasures for fame,money and other materialistic things it always has the desire of being attached to the ones we are near to and close to and who give a warmth to our feelings... their is always a desire of attachment to be near them which lingers on and on..........
i can only say it was pure emotions it is just and only pure emotions i loved it

i have a similar post in my blog i dnt knw if you have seen it or not


see it and then you will realise another aspect of my life

with love and regards
to restless sis

Ranj said...

Great lines....I have felt this way too...
Keep writing.....


Manish Verma said...

"I wake up often
out from my restless slumber."
cant b a better starting than this....nicely written

PS: may b m the one who is needed :), keep blogging dear all the best

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ kranjini -good to know u can relate. thanks

@ Mag - thanks. and u naughty boy!

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