The muFFin Generation!

April 15, 2011
There is a definite visible change in the body structure of urban Indians, especially youngsters, that makes me write this.  I don't want to offend anyone. But, surely want to draw attention to that increasing width of waist, which manages to protrude out of T-shirts, tops and Kurtas alike.

The muffin and the muffin top

I'm talking about the accumulation of fat around the waist, specially visible on both sides of the  waist, seen from the front.  The body ie torso then looks like an inverted muffin. 

Our body stores fats, which is a normal thing, as it has to prepare itself for exigency conditions when we can be deprived of food and hence works as a store house for emergency.  Now, where do we store the fat in our body depends on many factors, and I've read that it's mostly our genes which decide whether we'll have that thick neck and well padded shoulders, or heavy thighs or bottom or well rounded arms (seen in women) or it would be the waist area.

Life style also plays an important role in deciding where we put on that fat.  Needless to say, we are a lazy generation, button generation, couch potatoes - earlier glued to TVs and now stuck to PCs and gadgets.  We love our fast food like God.  I feel very surprised when I see young people grabbing a pack of potato chips and a soft drink when hungry, my children being no exception.  It's so fashionable to be hanging out at a popular fast food joint and ordering junk food.  (I too like it very much, but I know when to treat myself and when to stick to home cooked simple food).

So, the final line is that due to such factors, a whole generation ( the urban, i mean) has a strange body type, which is not at all flattering.  Add to it the beer guzzling habits, most young boys have a beer belly.  Now, if you observe the bodies of men and women now, you'll find that since all the fat is going to the waist line and tummy area, the bum is shrinking... and that can be a party pooper!! Girls wearing a Saree without a well balanced figure (read bulged tummy, thick waist, and no bottom) can be devastating.  The same happens with both guys and girls when they are in western dresses.

The muffin top must have got its name due to this body shape!

The changed life style has affected the hormones too.  Now the age of puberty for girls has gone down.  Girls are attaining puberty at the age of 8-9, due to various environmental factors and obesity.  And this shift has come in last 15 years or so.

Don't want to give you a "hamare zamane me moment" (!!!) but, since girls were expected to work at home assisting the mother and junk food was not at all prevalent, girls were very lean and slim till the time they were married.  But thanks to the myths related to pregnancy, they would collect fats all over their bodies during child bearing and rearing age.

So guys, think about it. Have junk food but remember that should only be meant to reward yourself, pleasure yourself or for celebration time.  For rest of the times having light and nutritious food is the best bet. 

If you love yourself, feed yourself well.  Eat food for your tummy and not your tongue!



Shilpi said...

We really need to change our eating habits!
Very nice post! :)

Deepika said...

We can't blame all on food habits. Can we? The earlier generation used to work so hard that all they ate was used up in giving energy. We changed life style but forgot to change the elephant meal. Yes food habits need to be changed but also some exercise or work out be added to stay fit not just slim.

Alka Gurha said...

How can you be so cruel Restless...just when I was nibbling my 5
The pictures made me cringe.

magiceye said...

:) its like the warning on cigarette packets!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Sanjana- thanks!

Deepika - i did talk about life style changes. yes, ur're right.

Alka - Lol!!!!

magiceye - haha! but do we care about it :)


Prateek Bagri said...

Yayy!! I am a boy with no muFF-in

zephyr said...

candid and cruel :D

Neeha said...

That's true.
I agree with you.
But still sometimes,the taste is irresistible.
Hope to control from this time:)

Sarah malik said...

its not just that food habit but the complete lifestyle..from our sedentary working to ill defined sleeping hours..from healthy food to lack of exercise..
and the real prob is v are not able to do much abt it...but definitely a healthy balanced diet and proper sleeping habits help. i myself try to avoid the junk as much as possible and tk 20-30min of walk everyday. at least till i get married :P lol


Anu said...

I'm getting there - almost near a muffin tummy :(
Thanks to chips and diet coke for lunch!
I knew I had to stop this stupid habit else I will become like a pear!! It was an eye opener RS!

UB said...

It's scary..!!! Eating healthy and working out can do the trick ..

Perception said...

the pictures did deliver the effect u intended too but believe me without junk food what would happen to us hostellers.. we would be starved and fall sicj due to sweat ridden food...better be fat than down and out

BookWorm said...

It's not about Junk food alone.. we need to take a look at our urbane life styles too.. irregular food habits.. as also.. stress, sleep deprivation... etc.. are factors....

...but also, i think there is something about fat deposits that links to men and women.. in women, fat deposits are mostly around the hip area..while in men, it is around the belly....

...anyhow.. from the term 'love-handle' this indeed have come a long way to something like 'muffin-top'...somewhere along, i have heard phrases like 'cradle-bag' too.....

Angry Ganu said...

Having said that, we should be careful not to end up like a stick.

Urban youth is also obsessed the other way round. Having a size 0 or a stick thin figure.

And to do this you have to go on crazy diets and unhealthy eating habits.

So basically doing anything extreme is bad. But to keep a balance between becoming a muffin or a bamboo stick is the hardest part.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Prateek - yayyy!!! that's cool!

Zephyr, :D

Neeha - I know dear!!! phew! why did u remind me?!!! :D

Sarah - :D u said it!! You know there is so much of self motivation till we get married (to keep ourselves healthy) and even more when a lady is expecting a baby... and after all this.... it needs so much self discipline to remain healthy!

I Understand!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

VAish- Please read my last comment, to Neeha. It's important to keep your body in proper form, very important for women. Must be careful about what u eat. I know its tough :D

UB - We all know it, but very difficult to follow na?!

Perception - hmm, well well, it needs a separate post , as to what to eat when healthy food is not available!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Book worm - cradle bag!!! OMG!

Angry Ganu - very right... it's only girls who want a lean figure... but now a days, just look around... u'll mostly see muffin tops!


el_idioto said...

there's tons of reason why this is happening but I agree its not a pretty sight... and I mean is literally... men need to see beauty to satisfy their ogling requirements..

I'd say its not because we eat a lot but more so because we do not exercise as much as we used to.

may be next time one of "them" order a muffin, I should confiscate for the love of their beauty..

Rama Mohan A said...

Very nice. every one should have a control on food habits. But it is very difficult now a days. From road side cafe to star hotel attracting public with nice smell and tasty impression. How can we escape from them?

Jack said...


I had to switch to Google Chrome to visit you. Very educative post. Hope that younger generation follows it. Even if you do eat junk food often, it is best to counter it with adequate exercise.

Take care


Thanks :) even i have to follow this :)


By planning a diet for ourselves, which is simple and quick. Try healthy finger food. :)


Yes, it's not a good sight! and what about boys' beer belly these days?!

psychopneuma said...

The pictures. EWW! I have seen many women sporting this look and honestly it's shocking how they have the "how sexy am I" look when carrying it off. Again. Not a good sight at all. 2 Thumbs up for the post!

Reema S said...

lol @ "muffin" generation :) very true!

roxferdmeccos said...

Nice and amazing information about health. I am a yoga teacher and I always do yoga,eat balance food and drink much water. They give me a refreshment and enhance my flexibility. Junk food is really good in taste but not always.

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