Gone With The Wind

March 24, 2012
I was fortunate yesterday to grab some time for myself, and managed to watch the movie "Gone With the Wind".

Gone With The Wind is an American historical epic movie based on a novel of Margaret Mitchell's novel of the same name.  The film received 10 Academy Awards.

The movie was long- 3 hrs 44 minutes.  If I knew it initially, i would have been a little discouraged to watch it seeing what little time we women have at home for ourselves.  But, it was good that I didn't know! So I had to see it till the end and I slept late watching it.

The movie was great, needless to say.  It also figures amongst the 50 best romantic movies of all times. I am glad, I watched it. 

There was one thing, which struck me by the end of the movie, which speaks a lot about how our minds work, how relationships work.

Briefly, there is a love triangle in the movie which lasts for a lifetime.  A guy(lets call him the hero) is awed by this vivacious and spirited girl.  He also knows and acknowledges that she is pretty selfish, shrewd, clever and a little money minded.  He likes the girl's never say die attitude.  He admits to the girl at one point that since he himself is so selfish and shrewd, may be that's the reason why he loves her.  But the girl doesn't pay much heed to him... as she is already in love with a guy. But somehow, our hero persuades the girl to marry him, although he is aware about her basic nature, her love for another guy and has a feeling that the girl only loves his money and not him.

The point which struck me is that often we hate a person for the things, or traits, or habits or behaviour for which we had loved them at some point.  The guy knew very well about her free spirit, her ambitiousness, her courage, her charm which she often used to her advantage, her uninhibited display of her attraction towards the other guy .  But he goes ahead to marry this enigma.... only to be hating her for what she was later in his life.  And finally, he abandons her.

Have you ever felt so? Ever experienced that in your relationships?  Have you ever disliked the same thing you liked sometime in your loved one?  Share that with me. Personally, I have experienced it a number of times, and had wondered why?  The depiction of the characters in the movie brought out the thought again.  From "What a woman!" to "I don't give a damn to how you live now on" is a painful journey, which unravels the complexity of human minds.

If this thought struck a chord somewhere in your mind... do write to me.



BookWorm said...

it indeed is a great movie.. one of the best love stories.. among others..  yes.. indeed this happens.. but dont know.. whether i have disliked some traits in someone which i had at some other point of time liked.. can't say.. only time will tell..  yes.. but indeed it happens

infact..  i would say.. this is one reason..break-ups happen in relationships these days.. .. to start with.. men like the career oriented women.. they are about to marry.. they praise their independence.., their  education, intelligence and societial status..  and as also their aspirations.. but soon.. superiority complex and ego takes..over..and things end in tragedy...  

Reema said...

I havent seen it yet!! I so want to watch all these Hollywood classics!

Melee Gem said...

first time here, lovely blog ;)
About the movie, I dont think Rhett abandons her for he grows intolerable to her spirited nature...its more like love grows on love and as he doesnt get much reciprocation even after years of marriage, he kind of gets tired of her. At least thats what I felt. But then I watched the movie after reading the book, so much of my comprehension was also influenced by that.   

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