The Saora Origin of life Myth - Anugunj

September 30, 2011

'Anugunj' - a travelling exhibition based on myths and folk beliefs of India has been organised in the National Museum, Janpath, New Delhi 
from 15 Sep 2011 to 11 Oct 2011. 

To know more about the 'Anugunj' click here and on the pic below

Saora Origin Myth - See from top extreme left

The Saora Origin Myth originates from Shrikakulam, Andhra Pradesh (India).  According to this,  in the beginning, there existed on earth just two creatures- an eagle and an insect inhabiting a dried gourd.  The eagle gave birth to the whole animal kingdom and the insect to the first man and woman who in turn bore two sons and two daughters.  Out of the various tools fashioned by their father, the elder sons choose only the hoe and preferred the rock and his descendants came to be called the Saoras.  The younger son on the other hand inherited the fertile soil along with all the implements, thus becoming ancestors to all other castes.



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