National Museum, New Delhi - Anugunj

September 29, 2011
'Anugunj' - a travelling exhibition based on myths and folk beliefs of India has been organised in the National Museum, Janpath, New Delhi 
from 15 Sep 2011 to 11 Oct 2011. 

Here is a glimpse of the exhibition and the Museum in general:

The main entrance to National Museum

The path just outside the ticket counter leading to the main halls

The view of the circular corridor created in the middle of the building

Enlarge the pic to read the details about Anugunj

The entrance to the exhibition

A picture exhibited 

Although, visit to the National Museum is absolutely worth it for any inquisitive person, but I was a little disappointed by the exhibition, which occupied only one large hall of the huge museum.  I had expected a bigger and more inclusive affair.  

In India, we know that myths, legends, folk lore, even superstitions are an intrinsic part of the day to day life - whether you are rich or poor, belong to urban or rural India, you can't be untouched by some belief.

Therefore, I had expected a more exhaustive list with a proper categorization - either chronologically, or region/state wise or based on broad subjects.  But, it was a picture exhibition, with just 2 or 3 objects and all other pictures on display, and was not really categorized in any way.

Nevertheless, it was a unique effort.  I hope that in the coming times, we may witness a more elaborate version of the exhibition.

I shall be posting all the pictures and the relevant myth or legend attached with it in the next posts.

Stay there!



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