The Gurgling Belly of Delhi!!

July 13, 2011
Or should I have named it the aching belly of Delhi?!! My tummy ached laughing at the gags - some intelligent and the rest pure....shitty ones!

I would be a hypocrite if I say I didn't enjoy the movie... I laughed in sheer disgust at times covering my face and the other times I just laughed (yeah... on those potty jokes).  Yes I did like the movie, for sure.

Yes, of course, it was me who wrote about my anger over the Bose DK song.  And it's me again praising this movie. Can you guess why??

First of all, let me say that I didn't know that there are two versions - English and Hindi.  I just happened to land at the English version, and thank God for that!

I hear so so many people cursing the movie makers (oops.... i thought you hated the guys who cursed all the way long!!) I heard that Delhi Belly is being hated because they are earning money by saying curse words!  Can a movie really really survive only on curses?!! Let's give it a try.... no dialogues... only curses... any language will do! ha!

I am pretty clear that it was a movie to be watched by adults and as adults of a young nation, a westernized nation, an English speaking - eating - walking - drinking nation, we must grow up.  I didn't find even a single word out of place. Not a single utterance was artificial.  The lingo used WAS the real youth.  It is the trend of the times.  Here I'm not being judgemental.  I'm not even saying it is f*****g cool to be heard saying such words... am not even contesting it.  (May be someday I'll write how bad I feel when young boys and girls from educated families dish out ma... behen... gaalis) But still I fail to understand why so much anger watching people speak such words on the big screen??  The only reason, you can give me is that, such movies encourage more indecent behaviour.  Btw, art imitates life or the vice versa??

Art is supposed to show the reality of the society.  It mirrors what is actually happening.  Is the urban youth not using swear words at the drop of a hat?  I had a misconception that educated people would use slightly sophisticated words, mostly in English but I know i was wrong. It does not matter much.... the taste seems to get better with mother tongue. 

It is said that we prefer not to curse in our mother tongue, as a foreign language helps us keep distance from the gravity of the words.

It is also said that we speak out in our mother tongue when we are really really very angry.

But, today I see all rules bent!

I am yet to see the Hindi version of the movie, Delhi Belly (what do call it 'Dilli ka pet'??!!!)...... Or may be I wont... who would like to hear the hindi translation of "i will cut ur ***** " :(

Another thing that's upsetting people is the sexually explicit content.... again I would say this was a new generation adult movie... a NOW adult movie.  Do you mean to say you won't like to watch such stuff with your partner? I'm sure either you are lying or you don't want to see what kind of openness this generation is living and experiencing. I call it adult movie of NOW generation because it was minus the drama attached to sex and neither any guilt or strings attached to it!  Isn't that the real youth of this generation all about?

I've heard so many people complaining about the movie.  What is your say? Did u watch the movie? Hindi or English? Didn't you laugh and enjoy the whole fun and drama? Let me know!



PS: btw, one intelligent line from the movie.  Imran, the journo,  asks a star in an interview, what more she wants to do in future?  The young, chirpy, fascinated girl says I want to start my clothes line soon :D Imraan corrects her - 'oh, u mean clothing line!' Happy washing clothes girl!!


BookWorm said...

MMM... it was indeed a relief seeing you back posting.. after almost two weeks i must say..  

But, the relief soon turned to a big disappointment after i read this post.. i would say, i did not agree with you at all about the movie.. and as also, i am pretty disappointed about the way you contradicted yourself from your earlier post. it was not  just a u-turn in the content. but it was complete opposite of what you said earlier.  Both the posts don't gel together at all...!!! On one you are complaining about 'Cuss Words' (i suppose you meant Cuss words and not Curse words for they were not curse words) that were used in the movie.. and in this you sort justified its presence...

regarding the movie, i dont think there was any humour in it.. if the usage of the local and colloquial words of human excreta constitute comedy and invoke the biggest laughs in delhi, then surely, the movie is way below a certain standard.....  it's not humor, but cheap and foolish absurdities,  which I felt was way below standard.. this is probably aamir khan's first blunder.. 

and i am equally clueless about aaamir khan's obsession for Tibetan names.. here his nephew is named Tashi..and in his earlier mvie 3Idiots, he named himself Phunsukh Wangdu). This was at best a kid movie, but  with the use of the cuss words throughout, they couldnt even manage to pull the kids to the theatre... poor guys!!!! 

Deepa said...

I saw the movie last night and literally laughed my head off. Totally rollicking-profanity notwithstanding. Not that I like profanity - but somehow I dont have issue with the movie. The plot was well developed and they kept the pace of the movie going from the word go. There was a lot of good acting happening around Imran and I suppose he was able to bask in reflected glory. By himself, I thought he didn't have much to offer.

Rachit Sharma said...

 I will be labeled a hypocrite if I don't go with DB, each and every incident and act is a lookalike of the real world.

Weakest LINK

Niceguy251 said...


I am yet to see the movie and your review makes me really wish to see it. As far as using of curse words are concerned it is a fact, no matter in what language. It is neither a new phenomenon nor monopoly of one gender. Let me take you back by half a century, In those days it used to be Higher Secondary, that is 11th being the last year in school. The final examinations was conducted by university. After the examinations were over, I was scouting around for good college. I was waiting for bus near Miranda College when two girls also walked up. They were talking of something excitedly. One of them said something to which the other replied very loudly " B***s ".  Movies surely follow what is going on in real life but at many a times it also influences impressionable mind.  I have seen some boys doing all JHATKAAS like hero of film while trying to get attention of a girl. We need to face the facts and see how best today's youngsters be guided to do what is proper as per their conscience. And for this I always suggest one thumb rule - Would you let your children ( when you have them ) do what you are doing now?

Take care

PS :  I missed your valuable views on many posts.

sarah_sweety said...

ok..i havent seen d movie...and neither do i plan to c it to be frnnk :/
i mean yes..there r mixed reactions abt it but such movies arnt certainly not of my taste so i silently prefer to ignore it.
PS : murder 2 is a good one..i suggest u c that :)

SUB said...

oh, its a great movie...loved it all the way...a definite trend setter...

Harsha said...

I genuinely respect your views. Then again, I don't think I will agree with you. Cuss words are undoubtedly in vogue but I don't think we use them numerous times just like that. Usage of cuss words in Ishqiya or DevD was NOT at all unreasonable. But in this movie I felt they were was disgusting. And watching and hearing s**t on screen was neither pleasant nor funny. I believe that Aamir Khan being such an influential personality shouldn't encourage or promote such unhealthy concepts. I can't judge the story line as I walked out of the cinema within few minutes. But aesthetics were surely lousy to say the least.

My take on Delhi Belly -


RESTLESS said...

Bookworm, firstly thanks for such a detailed feedback on the post. I respect and value ur views, as always.

Having said that, it's slightly disappointing for me that you, a regular on my blog and someone who has known me through what I write mostly, failed to understand the subtle difference in the two posts.

Yes, of course, i've written two contradictory things in two posts about the same movie. But the first "Bose DK... Pardon" was disgust for packaging an abuse in a innocent sounding song and that too becoz it was an Amir Khan movie.  My anger was due to my role as a parent. I would definitely not like my kids hurling abuses and cuss words just like that.

The excitement expressed in this post about the movie is my reaction as an adult, my reaction as a woman who chooses to watch this movie with her spouse, becoz that is what it was intended for..... for the eyes of adults only.

The song 'bose dk' was aired freely everywhere..... but u won't have heard a single dialogue in the trailers... they are beeped out.

RESTLESS said...

Deepa, liked reading ur comment... a fine balance created in heart in head!

The plot, wasn't much.... at the end of the movie u wonder how come that gang after the diamonds only had 3 members?! what about others? and no police case registered what so ever?!! it was funny.

Yeah Imran makes an impact..... i liked his chemistry with the lady co actor... see the pic above.(don't know her name)

fun watch... ONLY FOR ADULTS!


RESTLESS said...

Rachit, i feel exactly the same. The language used was actually what the youth and not to young use!

RESTLESS said...

Jack uncle,

firstly, yes ... not getting enough time these days. I too miss reading ur blog and will be there soon :)

I must say i'm a bit surprised that about half a century back too girls used cuss words, am sure not so frequently. I thought it was a new phenomenon.  I have personally avoided such words always, esp in all those growing up years.  It's not completely unavoidable now, even for me, honestly speaking.

About the thumb rule u suggested, i think in one's youth, it's the last thing on one's mind as to whether they would want their kids to follow what they are doing now.


RESTLESS said...

Yes, it's trend setter.

RESTLESS said...

Hello Harsha! Really glad to read how strongly u feel against the movie and also the abuses used in the movie. I respect ur opinion.

I too wondered why Amir khan, with such a respectable position in the industry would do a thing like that? am yet to understand it :) It seems he likes to experiment..... so much! hates to be typecasted as a movie maker with a social msg. I saw the little advt for the movie which he did with the three co actors... it was aired only for a few days.  somehow, I felt, it was alright to be oneself.  He, as a person, expresses that way at times and hence hasn't shyed away from showing in a  movie.  Isn't it alright to be oneself, at times?

surely will read and comment on ur take :)

thanks :)

BookWorm said...

mmm...Thanks for the reply.. i mean.. thanks for pointing out the two differences.. but what i felt was there was not much difference.. or rather.. somewhere the line met.. because i feel, you cant do both together.. praise the movie as an adult and then think about its influence on kids and trash it.. the problem is the lines do meet..and the songs are there on the fm radio and the tv channels.. you can't then stop the song from being played on the fm radio on the car.. thats why i felt there was a contradiction.. well. as always, it is my view.. and i respect others can have their view too.. different perceptions perhaps.. 

secondly, its not agreeable when you say, it is bollywood..and what more can you can have clean comedy.. i am not saying.. one needs to keep their thinking caps always.. and watch serious cinema.. i am not at all saying that.. what i mean. .is there has to be a line of decency in a movie which people go and watch.. esp so when it is advertised as a comedy one.. kids will get attracted easily you know.. wel, as a matter of fact, ZNMD, is full of hip, hop, crisp one-lines which are witty, enjoyable...and uber cool.. the characters are just like the characters in Delhi Belly.. lives in a metropolis.. but they dont feel to use the cuss words to show themselves off as 'coool'... its again the perception of the film maker too.. and about the social responsibility that he feels... !!!! 

Niceguy251 said...


It may have been one of rare instances but my point was that it was used even then. I agree about youth not giving a thought to what I said but once they do understand that could be used.

Take care

Vivek said...

Hi Restless,

I watched the movie, I also didn't find any strange thing in it a boy I have seen most of the guys and even girls from the so called well educated family speaking dirty lang .. well ..I don't understand the fact why ppl speaks these cheap words express them-self is the vocabulary so weak to use such kind of fowl lang..

I was in 7th Std when I 1st heard ..these things ..which surprised me that time .so as now ..when ..I hear someone n there says..

Moving to the movie ..I didn't found the story great ...though initially it picked but later
was molded in a typical Bollywood flick.

P.S : Hope you are having a great time .. enjoy.. take care.

Ahmed Mohamed said...

Cant wait to watch this movie after reading your review

Guest said...

hi r u the one who recently joined the site or is it someone else posting ur reviews using her name?

RESTLESS said...

Hello guest!  Yeah, it's me who posted at

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