Portraits Of Women - Of Elegance & Beauty

April 20, 2011
Raja Deen Dayal, the legendary photographer of the British era, whose work was showcased in an exhibition at IGNCA New Delhi, specialized in portraits. 

Recently, I visited National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.  I was amazed to see the collection there, it truly shows how the ways and mediums of art, especially paintings, changed over a period of time starting from pre-independence era to the current times.  Will try to write and put some pictures  too.

But, the point i wanted to make was that even there I read about the special mention about Raja Deen Dayal.  The info over there read that he was one of the most famous photographers who worked with British Govt and Indian Govt too.  Also, that he specialized in portraits.  So, I thought of posting the various portraits of women, I had captured in the exhibition at IGNCA.  Due credit of the pictures to the curators of IGNCA.

A British woman.  See the matching umbrella and the hat kept on one side. 
The portraits of a Nautch girl.  See the saree worn by such a young girl.

Does it not remind you of the himachali dress people used to wear and pose when visiting any place in HImachal Pradesh of India??!
There is something about this picture, which you cannot miss.  The serenity... and the beauty 

See the attire of the girl... and her inability to 'pose' in some way or the other.  But she looks very pretty.

I specially liked this picture.  She looks like an Indian princess.  The way the saree is worn, the jewellery etc makes her look very very elegant and in authority!  See the placement of the side stool, with a table cloth and some books kept casually over it!  Was it to show that the lady was well read?



vivek chamoli said...

Hi ,

I really like the old Black and white photographs , they looks quite elegant and so much speaks of the time.
Today the whole concept has changed ..those amazing photographic skills are missing ,..
I met one of the blogger Photographer ( A wedding photographer) http://jpbrandanophoto.com/ .. http://jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.com/ his photography is amazing....the connect with nature.
And family connect.

You also took some nice photographs of painting :)

Thanks for sharing

Racahs said...

Great photographs.. :)

JaaliEngineer said...

Liked the princess one and the serenity captured in the earlier photograph...some times do become timeless

Jack said...


Good photographs. I agree that 4th one shows so much of serenity and beauty while in last one message that she is well read is evident.

Take care

Upasana said...

Wow..that's definitely beautiful...!The one in the Himachali dress is angrezi madam is it? They liked dressing up and getting clicked. I've seen many tourist pictures who dress up and pose for pics even today.


Thanks Upasana! Yeah she seems to be! I think, we Indians learnt it from them!


Thanks. yeah right.


I'm glad u liked the pics!


tks :)


I just took the pics of the great work. No conribution from my side as such!


Madhumathi P said...

Good Photos.. :) thanks for the info :)

aniket said...

really nice!!!


thank you!

Deepa said...

Hi. I came over from Indiblogger. Thanks for voting for my post. I really liked the portraits you have posted here. Just wanted to mention that the penultimate one seems to be from south India and from the way the sari is tied, she could be a Brahmin lady. I say this because there are pictures of my grandmother that look very similar.


Welcome to this blog Deepa :)

Thank u so much dear!

Oh really?! I could be... I'm sure it would be intersting to see that pic!


Reema S said...

great photographs!

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