Do You Believe In Ghosts?

October 2, 2010
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(I had been participating in Blog A Ton for last two months and this time the theme is changed, we got to write on a picture.  Since, I do not find much for my imagination on this picture, as I think it shows a spooky old railway station, and nothing much is there for my interpretation of the image, I am writing about one such real place in India which fits the bill.)

In Purulia, West Bengal, there is a station which had been abandoned for almost 45 years.  It was a haunted railway station.  There was a rumour that the ghost of a woman clad in white saree dances there at midnight.... spooky actually!

A villager saw her and died in a few days, people believe so. Railway staff were scared of getting posted there.

What I feel is that movies and serial, which show such scary stuff create an image in our minds, and we quickly relate to such stuff.

I understand that in 2007, rail service has been started here.

Really cannot comment on what is real and what is imaginary, honestly, it scares me quite a lot!  A lot of studies on paranormal occurrences and behavior is done worldwide, it kind of makes of think, will man some day find this one out too?

Children like to watch such programmes out of curiosity (and later feel scared to go to toilet alone!) even I have seen the most haunted places of the world kind of a programme on Discovery/History channel.  We do like to have that excitement, but does not that really leave you confused, as to what is a soul? Is there any life after death?  Are there really some guardian angels? Do ghosts exist?  Have you ever experienced any such thing? Do write... but don't scare me, right! :)


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Amity said...

You've got so many questions like: 'are ghosts real?'... 'are there really guardian angels?' there life after death?

You only have to believe one thing, that there is God and knowing God, it will answer your questions.

On the other hand, all of us have heard all those ghosts things. They are evil spirits and they do exists even in Bible stories!

Oh well, I dunno your religion dear, am just sharing an opinion which have risen from the multifarious questions in your post!

Thanks for sharing a real spooky story here! Interpretations on the pic differ and mine is quite not eerie at all...:)

All the best!

T F Carthick said...

Interesting. It should be interesting to go visiting these places ghost hunting.

MuddassirShah said...

Hey Restless,
First of all nice theme.
Secondly, you have raised some valid questions.
But the questions are to be answered on a case to case basis and cannot be generalised :)

Like you, even I didnt have much of an Idea, so I have written some kind of a ghost story too ( yeah, we are not the only ones, even others have interpreted the picture in a ghoslty manner) :P

Keep blogging pal
and good luck with the contest :)

arpana said...

I familiar with the place as it is the place which is near to the district of my stay. It really seems nice to read about. keep up the good work!

arpana said...

The place is near to ours and it seems enjoyable to read about the place you know. keep up the good work.

Someone is Special said...

Scary! But no one knows it is true or not...

Someone Is Special - My Country - My Love - My Promise

--Someone Is Special--

Anonymous said...

sorry for being critical again...but i have to say this....This article apart from giving some statement, doesn't say much... it just asks so many questions to which there are no answers like "Is there a soul? "is there a life after death ? is there any guardian angel? ...

rather i prefer you taking a position....any side it may be... but taking a position adds the punch

Girish said...

Hope its all true :P
I love supernatural stuff :D

Vee said...

did u ever happen to watch a show on tv called Ghost hunters? u'll be able to find lots of episodes on youtube. apparently, they go into haunted old buildings and use technology to capture things and assert the fact whether a ghost is living in that place or not. fun to watch. although i don't have real opinion on ghosts :P

Anu said...

Spooky scary post! Could'nt believe it to be real! But yes...I'm scared to go to toilet alone!!
All the best for BAT buddy!

Sidra Sayeed said...

Ignorance is bliss! Very brash statement to make but is stands true for certain situations, behaviors, characters.
We'll never know what's at the other end of the dark tunnel until we walk through the darkness.

Brijender Singh said...

You have asked more questions than you have attempted to answer !
And since you have given a spooky twist to the picture, perhaps that is what makes your post so enchanting.
Only question is, was it deliberate or incidental???
Either way, enjoyed it !

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Amity -

Good to know you have written something different... will read! I asked many questions becoz am clueless about whether to believe in them or not.

The fool - no! it would be scary!

Md Mudassir - yeah, I could only see it this way! surely will read ur take!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Aparna - oh really?! yes feels good and scary too!

SIS - :)

Neo - yeah dear u r so right, it adds the punch, but I am quite confused on these matters, so kept asking questions !!!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Girish - don't tell me u like it!!

Vee, you know what I have seen one two episodes of that! and also a pgme on Most Haunted Places of the world.... so when they use science to explain paranormal things, i find it confusing.... that's why didnot write anything from my side.... i really do not know what to believe in.

And everyone is saying, why have only asked questions and not said anything from my side! :)


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Vaish - :D I know, I can't sleep after a watch a show like that!

Sidra - or till science is able to explain it, what say?

Brijender - hey glad to know u liked it! It was intentional.... moreover I had nothing else to write. Please read my earlier comment to Vee why have I asked so many questions and not answered any! :))

anyways, all the best to all!!


Girish said...

I love it :D

Cherry Blossom said...

You are so full of life and news, I love to go through your posts. Each effort gives lot of informations regarding petty as well as grave happenings of the world. Ghostly tales are unbelievable, at times looks hilarious in the movies if not dealt with properly, but a certain belief is there, you can say an invisible force, that makes you think if at all ghosts, or spirits in fact, do exist. But other than movies or serials, in reality, no one has seen or experienced, so its hard to give an explanation. What you spoke about Purulia station is right perhaps, but I think such superstitious atmosphere is created by man. Anyway, it was a good read and the questions that you asked raised many eyebrows, I am sure. I am waiting for your feedback on my post, for I cherish your honest analysis.

Reema said...

ohh I had one ghostly experience...a very bad but very real dream sort of experience!

Prateek Bagri said...

I wish this could be extended to two to three paragraphs more.

Rahul Choudhury said...

HI I am from Purulia itself, can you mention the name of the Railway station that you are talking about, as I haven't heard of any kind of such stories. 

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