Blue Blues of Delhi!

October 3, 2010
I wanted to write this little piece last week, but nevertheless now I want to share it, how a Dilliwala on the road feels.

It had been blue which had been terrifying me on the roads.  Earlier it was because of the Blue Line Buses.  If you are not a Dilliwala, let me tell you this commercial city bus service run by private operators was a set of quite a competitive people, who enjoyed overtaking each other, playing who comes first on the Delhi roads, while they went trampling people on foot and bikers alike.  They were soon given the title of Killer Blue Line buses and were gradually phased out of the Delhi roads, thankfully.  If you are driving a car and see a blue line bus behind you, you would immediately think of getting as far as possible from it, and very quickly as you don't know what the driver has in his mind! It was so bad.

And now, there is another thing "Blue" in Delhi, which inspires equal scare.  These are the lanes painted in blue, dedicated to CWG.  The main roads which connect the Games Village and the Stadiums have a dedicated lane for the CWG vehicles.  You can imagine, already crowded roads, hell lot of traffic and now the road is squeezed   and made slimmer!  And on that stretch, the blue lane, there are traffic cops to check nobody gets into the lane.

Initially, the fine was Rs 2000/- and now I read that you can be put in jail, if you cross that line..... Not that, we as citizens should be doing it, but imagine the state, you drive on a crowded patch of road, and a whole lane teasing you...... for it is exclusive and not for the aam janta! Yes, it really teases you!

But on the brighter side, I have observed, Delhi drivers are behaving very well, may be due to the fear of penalty, but still, the sight is lovely, PEOPLE ARE DRIVING IN THEIR LANES! Wow! that's a rare sight here.... to be honest, I also didn't mind jumping the lanes... but with due signalling of my movement.  But now, when there is no space to jump a lane, all vehicles are trotting like school kids queue marching quietly!

Delhi has had its share of blues, but ultimately I think as the guest nation, we should bear with it, and try to facilitate the contingents and nationals coming from different countries with open arms.... err..... dedicated Blue lanes!


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Anonymous said...

sorry for being critical of your writing... but reading two of your statements (One from this article and the other from an earlier one 'Do we need games', i am compelled to ask you....
isn't there a contradiction ?????

"Delhi has had its share of blues, but ultimately I think as the guest nation, we should bear with it, and try to facilitate the contingents and nationals coming from different countries with open arms......"

"We, a developing country, with dreamy eyes, have to set our priorities right. We cannot spend our hard earned money on decorating the terrace, the exterior of our house, when we don't have money or will to feed the people in the house. The decision to hold the Common Wealth Games was correct at this juncture? I have doubts." ....

Correct me if i am wrong

Girish said...

That's actually quite surprising and pleasing to hear that people are actually following rules for once!!
I thought the CWG would be a dud!
But, wow, I'm seeing the opening ceremony now and its AWESOME!!!
Wish I could be in Delhi :D

Vee said...

wish i'm in delhi now to see the organized traffic :)

दर्शन said...

I sympathize with the trouble of delhi waalas although i am also a regular commuter on delhi-noida patch..
the problem with todays world is everyone watch dream of being a carwala... and then crib about the traffic and the roads.. what do u say that after 15 october the traffic problem of delhi will be over ? No ,never .. untill people don't take responsible decisions like using Metro or other forms of public transport the problem will remain as it is .. the number of overbridges have been increasing like anything but traffic is same ..
before asking the govt. or anybody else.. "let me be the responsible citizen" ...

RS said...

This is for NeoTheHack:

Neo, what Restless is probably trying to say is that while at the higher plane the games were really NOT required. The money could actually have been spent improving sports, building hospitals or whatever...BUT once it has been decided that the Games will be held, the Games are on us. At this juncture it is the duty of every citizen to cooperate and put our best foot forward.

While I detest Mr Kaal-Muddy/ Kalamity ...I cannot condone Mani Shankar Aiyar. He was the sports minister (before MS Gill, who is equally callous) and it is said that he spent the bulk of his tenure sabotaging the games. If he was so against the games, he should have got them handed over to someover nation. But he chose to add to the mess and then give moralistic interviews.

NeoTheHack said...

No. RS you are wrong. First of all, ya. this attitude is there in us. we tend to go by what the media says, never bothering to know why they say so, and so we are went gung-ho as to why we dont need these games. If you have followed my comments in the other article, you would have noticed that i was vouching for the games to be held in some smaller city, thereby improving the much needed infrastructure and sports facilities there. I said that only. But now..we Indians have this mentality, that when we see glitz and glamor in front of our eyes, we tend to forget all other problems that beseech.

and regarding Mani Shankar Aiyar, he was the one who said we dont need these games, just as you said now.. i mean.. the reasons for not having the games. He never sabotaged the preparations, rather. he was generous enough to give away his portfolio for a less important panchayati raj ministry. In this time, who will do that, fritting away a good chance to fillup one's swiss bank account? No one but Mani Shankar Aiyar.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Neo - reply for your first comment:

Am glad you read my articles with so much interest, that you could connect this one with the earlier post!

I will just say one thing, You, as a host cannot be rude or discourteous to a guest whom you only have invited...... but still I stand by my statement that you should not have invited that guest when you knew you have to spend it in the welfare of your family members, and not for their entertainment. Hope I have clarified my stand.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Girish - It was a delightful sight on those lanes! yup opening ceremony was also great!

Vee- oh that is just for a few days :)


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

ah Darshan! your thoughts are very good!!! but who is blaming govt for the traffic, btw?! and who said, traffic is going to be better after 15 oct? not me!!!!

and secondly, i don't think it is a crime to DREAM to commute in a comfortable way, is it?!

and thirdly, how are we supposed to travel by public transport, when there is not any in our area?!!!

Ah but definitely, it's good talking like this.... sounds good huh!


Niket said...

Hey Restless, just read on the net that for the time being beggars in Delhi have become a rare sight. Reason, the Delhi Govt. loaded them onto trucks & trains and kicked them out to the neighbouring cities and warned them not to return till the CWG get over. Now if this is true, then I am shocked!
Please comment Restless!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

RS - you got me right!! absolutely right! that is what I meant... which seemed a contradiction to Neo. Anyways, thanks! and welcome back!

Neo- about ur second comment:

Neo, this time I would say you are confused about the whole thing. what u r saying is partly right, that we as citizens of the country go by what media tells us, but how else are we going to know what is happening in some part of the city? can we go and find things out ourselves??

My and many people's view was tht games are not a priority at this juncture, and I dont need media for this view. Yes, it's nice to see the dazzle and colours of the event, even I enjoyed it yesterday, but still did i say, oh yes, I was mistaken, we should have games? no i didn't and won't say even now.

Rest of your comments are on the political issues, and I reserve my comments on that.


NeoTheHack said...

No the thing is The media is biased. They work for vested interests and their own interests. The case in point is the filthy Games Village. All said, I am against the games, as i have already clarified the stand, but the images of filthy bathrooms and sinks made me put on my thinking cap. The media by showing the filthy sink and the bathroom, intend to say that all bathrooms are like that. May be.. this is just one of the 3000 bathrooms that were built inside the village. Again, have we ever thought about why the bathroom was dirty in the first place..? it is because the Workers were not taken care of. They never had any alternative arrangement. Did the organisers built any temporary washrooms for the workers and labourers..?

again, i am not confused. rather. the analogy of inviting guests to our home is not like conducting games. The games were there in teh first place ( i mean.. in delhi) because.. the ruling class thought they could make good money...and they did. They never bothered about anything else.

and now that we all are blindfold out of the glitz and glamor of the Opening Ceremony, we tend to forget the corruption, we tend to forget the beggers were thrown out, (here, the we include the media as well), and Kalmadi and party will roam freely with a pat on their back for conducting such a wonderful and grand games.

Again, can I ask this august audience, i mean.. including all those who posts comments, what was the requirement of the the aerostat baloon? is it worth teh 80Cr that is spent on it?

NeoTheHack said...

and also, when we say...we enjoyed the dazzle and the glitz, it is just an incentive to these crooks to bid for higher things, may be..the asiad and the olympics next time..

so happy games, folks of delhi. enjoy the games.. you have more games coming your way.

NeoTheHack said...

and again. to the media thing, ya. we should follow the media, see what they say, but then we need to ask ourselves, are they right? or are we just taken for a ride? asking questions can help, no need to go downtown to investigate

Anu said...

Wow! It's great to hear that Delhi roads are organised! Would love to see them!!
Good to know people are following it :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Niket - Yes, beggars are rarely seen now, a famous Sai temple near the Nehru Stadium is closed till cwg is going on. don't know beggars have been sent out of delhi or have been dumped in beggar homes.

Apart from that the migrant workers, labourers, street vendors were told to vacate the place and leave for their hometowns. read such a story in newspaper.


RS said...

Hi Restless: thanks and it feels good to back on the net.

NeoTheHack: Oh have taken the discussion to a totally different level. Anyhow, the point is that notwithstanding the wrongs that have happened in the run up to the games, the fact is that we have to put up a good show. I agree with you about the fact that it remains to be seen if Kalamity and party get prosecuted after the games or not.

NeoTheHack said...

its not different levels, honorable souldier...but they are related... public memory is short.. and these crooks ride on the horseback called 'Public Memory'

Unknown said...

Hi, its been a long time, and i loved the new look.
But as always it is your opinion that is of priority, I agree with you, and also used to think like you that the games were not supposed to be a priority on our budget, we could have used the money for a more appropriate cause, but then i came across some blogs where i was introduced to the million benefits of the games, read more revenue and publicity or call it exposure, which will in turn bring more prosperity to our nation.

If our media had used this opportunity to promote India as a brand and not put spot-lights on the cow-webs, it would have been a job well done.

Anonymous said...

and RMSH, I would like to know your take on the begger's and the poor being shunted out of the city.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Even after CWG are over, this blue road should be exclusively used for emergency service vehicles like Ambulances, fire brigade or police on patrol duty but certainly not for politicians cars!

Uma Anandane said...

well written post..and the comments are powerful.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ayyangar, If you are a delhiite, you might be aware of the the BRT Corridor. If that BRT Corridor is any indication of things to come in delhi, This Blue Lane is surely going to be a VIP Zone Only area once the games are over.!

Even now, this Blue line is mostly used by the VIPs only. Though people think that it is for Athletes, it never happens, for athletes never wait for the half an hour before the games start. they invariably reaches the venue at 6 in the morning. for practice and warm up. this lane even now. is being used by the OC officials so called VIPs

MuddassirShah said...

Loved you take on CWG
'Delhi has had its share of blues, but ultimately I think as the guest nation, we should bear with it, and try to facilitate the contingents and nationals coming from different countries with open arms.... err..... dedicated Blue lanes!"

Nice , very well written Restless

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Neo!

Had been reading ur comments but wanted some peace of mind to reply to you. So here is my reply.

HIghlighting the filth - But seeing the apathy of all public places, we could agree that what media is showing is right.

Very valid point on did labourers had a loo for themselves? did anybody bother about them? good point.

In my view too, holding a big event in a crowded city was not too great an idea.

aerostat baloon -yeah! don't know what will they do with it now? I hear the kitchen equipment are up for sale after the games!

Public memory is short, this is one wonderful point Neo, it is, and we suffer because of it. I wish, ppl remember the pre games finacial muddling.

thanks for the detailed comments and sharing Neo! Hope to see more of your views in my other posts!


Anonymous said...

Very aptly, the public memory has been too too short. Infact, as i said, we (exclude me from this collective, please) have already started bathing in the laurels of our sportsmen and are awestruck at the gold medals we have won. Though i do appreciate the good work done by our athletes, and is proud of the achievement, at the same time, i am quite disturbed with what is happening. Every one now, has forgotten the number of Gold Medals that Mr Kalmadi and Co have pocketed themselves. This was what i was afraid of all along and it is happening.

AK said...

Really nice post, Restless. :)
And true, watching disciplined traffic in Delhi was a sight for soar eyes.
I guess we underestimate ourselves too much, maybe that's why when the CWG turned out successful we were all in such a shock. :P

Anonymous said...

My take on this was the so-called disciplined traffic in delhi was almost an oxymoron. Why i say this is because, during the games, many people restricted themselves from taking out their personal vehicles, and that may be the reason why there was no chaos on roads. so the so called discipline is actually not because we behaved ourselves to 'show-case'...rather.. we were afraid of the negative things that reached us through media etc about the restrictions on the games lane etc. the autocratic approach of the delhi govt paid off. rather than the discipline of delhiites.

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