My Trysts With My Tresses!

September 18, 2010

I was always fascinated by my hair. Always wanted to do things with them. Sometimes, wanted to grow them long, some other time of my life, wanted them sweet and short! The crowning glory  of women has a special place in history as well as art, be it paintings, photography or poetry. Also, I think many women like me would have tried various hair styles in different stages of their life.  So, here I am writing about this girly thing!

To start with, as a little girl, I always wanted long hair like my mom. The kido me, used to cover my head with her chiffon dupatta and let the two ends of it flow and wave like long tresses, really loved that feeling!

Then came the school days, when my mom wanted me to have long hair, no cutting, no trimming. Of course, I had hair till little above my waist, so every morning combing, and tying the two plaits was quiet a torture. 

And the Sunday ritual of oiling the hair with coconut oil by my mom was a sticky mess. Mind you, this was done after washing and drying the hair (naturally). And this oil was supposed to be on my hair throughout the week, with no time to wash in between (eeks, how did I live like that?!). At that time,oiling and the rigorous massage of scalp, with involved merciless handling of hair, was considered a boon for hair growth. Thankfully, now it has been downgraded from the pedestal of respect as it is said to be cause of breakage and the oil attracting too much dust and dirt from all around, hence has suffered the plight of Pluto, the ex-planet.

Once, err twice..... hmm... may be thrice, i must have got my hair cut, a good length! The hair dressers would refuse to cut my long shiny and healthy hair, but somehow I would convince them!

Got my hair permed root to end, completely! Got streaking done once. Got various cuts, but preserving my long hair, long steps, short steps, razor cut, 'V' and 'U' shaped trimming and what not. Yes, finally I am sticking to the long straight simple hair style. You can see my love for my hair in my profile picture too!

Technology and hair styles

 Technology has played a good part in hair styling also. Earlier, girls would see the hair styles in magazines on those models, and would ask the hair dressers to do the same to their tresses. Of course, the result won't be the same, as the shape of the face and quality of hair play a big role in hair styling.  But now, I mean, for last 10 years or more, you have softwares, where you submit  your picture and see how you would look with a hair style, before a cut.

Feeling Blue - get a hair cut!
There is another interesting thing about hair and woman's mood (swing) . I have heard that when depressed, women like to change their hair styles!! Yeah, I can understand that a woman who feels depressed over not being able to change her life situations, sometimes MAY think of changing her hairstyle! It sounds funny, but I have heard this from many of my friends, that "when you cannot change anything, change your hair style"! They laugh as they tell me this, but somewhere I see some logic. In fact, I got my hair cut mostly when I was unhappy!! So, some proof. Let me know, have you ever felt this way?!


(This post in first in the series of three posts on womenfolk's hairy tales!)

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NeoTheHack said...

Great Piece of Writing!

Girish said...

LOL :)
Waiting for the next posts about this. A glad change from the serious posts u have been blogging (though love em' also)!
Once I didn't cut my hair for 5 months, just to upset my parents (& my fav hero's style :P)!
Could not believe it required so much attention!
Wonder how u womenfolk put up with it!!

Vee said...

i take a shower or go for a hair cut when I'm depressed or frustrated with things.. i think every one has a thing they follow

Vivek said...


How are you? Hope you doing great.

Nice post , hmm your post say a lot about the Hair , being a boy I too want to do experiment with my hair but ALAS all the time its just a thought since from school day to work, all the way I have to cut them.

Also the inner self tells its better to be simple and not to complicated ..

You have the Luxury to experiment ..what I have is to color them only with limited shades ..though I bought one ..but didn't find time to do so ;).

Take care
have a super Sunday

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Neothehack - hey, thanks! LOL!

@ Girish- LOL! couldn't help smiling after reading your comment :))

glad, u said, u like the serious one's too! LOL!

so who is your fav hero?!! didn't tell that!!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Vee!

ah, ok! I've heard a hot shower followed by a cold shower is refreshing for people, wonder if someone has tried that!

@ vivek -

Yup! am great, seeing ur comment after a long time! welcome!

sure, u boys have less choice in hairdos, but yeah simple is better.

and yes, next posts are on hair colour :)


The Enchantress said...

fun to read !!!

oily hairs we used to hate but they keep us hairs stronger and beautiful life long..

Anu said...

LOL Restless :)
I could not relate the mood swings to haircut! Because I hardly have done haircut at a beauty parlor. My mum never allows me to do that, so it will be done by my friend or by my mom cautiously :)
Yes...the technology has improved a lot. Coloring the hair is also a vital part of hair do these days!

Purba said...

Oily hair throughout the week?? How did you put with that.

I NEVER experiment with my hair....Had a blunt cut(my friends used to call it Cathay Pacific style) till my daughter was born.

I did have long hair for a while. But now it barely touches my shoulder.

And my rendezvous to the salon has nothing to do with my mood swings.

varsha said...

and then there are women like me who think of hair as something thet mostly gets in the way of getting things done and acts up at times when you need it to behave properly.I wish I was a guy and could do with a crew cut!

AldyWaldy said...

Yea..the moodswings thing does happen! One of my profs went n shaved off her head when there were some altercations with her partner! And yes, I arelate with your post completely! All I wanted when I was a kid with a bob was long flowing hair.. And now that i'm all grown up and have what I wanted, all i want to have is cropped hair! Lol! I too have been obsessed with my tresses..always! :)

25BAR said...

I like longish hair!

pramod said...

great expression power, great.

Vee said...

@ Vivek's comment -
i'm tempted to refer to one of my old posts on all my different hairstyles when I saw Vivek shying off to try out things with hair. :P

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Nikita - yeah sure, oiling is good, but even today I hate it!

@ Vaish - Oh so ur mom also doesnot allow you?! huff I had a bad time, when I got a fringe cut without her permission!!! :))

@ Purba - Yup, the whole week! Thanks for sharing your hairy story!

@ Varhsa - LOL! I was expecting this from you!! thanks!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Minstrel Incognito - Hey we have the same story! :)

And really, somebody can go so crazy with the mood swing... didn't know!

Let's start a "obsessed with our tresses club"! what say?!

@ 25 Bar - beautiful forever!

@ pramod - hey thanks!

@ Vee - I think, still he is hesitant and like it simple. hmm, will see ur post vee!


Girish said...

There are only 3 heroes I like very much in the whole Indian film industry! SRK, Aamir Khan & Ganesh (Kannada actor)!
I tried to long grow hair like Ganesh..! lol..!

AldyWaldy said...

@ restless: hehehe! Sure!!!! Anytime! :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


@ M I - :)

Anonymous said...


I have a question for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use part of the information from your post above if I provide a backlink back to this site?


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

John, you can use the information from this article, after giving due credit and a back link, as u said. also, pl give me the name of your website.

Can I ask you why do u comment anonymously, when you require some information from me?

Good that you asked at least!


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