My Blog's First Anniversary!

June 24, 2011
Wow! I can't believe that I have completed one year of blogging. 

A painting by Raja Ravi Varma

A person so unpredictable that I am, I never knew I will stick to blogging.  Being sensitive can be such a pain at times that you don't even know from which side of the bed will you wake the next morning.  Dealing with my sensitivity and using it in a productive manner was a challenge for me.  Also, giving an outlet to my thoughts and expressions was a need which had to be addressed.  Another, most important thing was that I needed an anchor.  I found mine in my blog, or rather blogging.  Because my blog alone ( like a stand alone PC) won't have helped me.  Only, and only hearing from other people, through comments, sometimes through email, on various forums like Indiblogger and Blogadda made the experience so rich, and so satisfying.  It's a networked PC now!

I wrote my first post on 21 June 2010 titled My World - My Perception.  Today, when I read it, I smile.  I guess, my words speak for themselves.  Today, I feel mellowed down, soften down.

Often, when I wrote a lively, bubbling post, somewhere I was disturbed from inside.  They say words have power.  And I do believe in it.... strongly.  Words change the way you feel.  I tried never to bring in my bad state of mind on the blog, rather concentrated on writing something positive, something nice, something interesting.  After writing a post, the comments that followed from blogger pals would brighten up my day.... howsoever low I felt.  Each morning, when I turned on my PC and logged in to Blogger.... the dashboard would open up and say "10 or 8 or 5 comments" waiting moderation.  Somewhere you feel, you are being heard.  Somewhere you feel your views are being reciprocated - in agreement or disagreement.  Especially for us, the psuedoanonymous bloggers who know no one in the blogosphere and nor they would share their blog with their friends, it's an amazing feeling to be liked for what you write.  To be liked for your expression from unknown people.

Today, I'm a one year old blogger, a more happy person and in love with my blog completely. Can I ask for something more?!

How did you feel when you completed the first year of blogging? Do share your thoughts on how did blogging affected your life.

Take care



Vivek Chamoli said...

Congrats !

Nice :)

Great work ...over the year ..All the best ..

Take care

Prateek Bagri said...

Blogging has invariably affected life's of people practising it. Opinions, self judgement, understanding comes gradually.  

Lavender said...

Hey, this is my visit visit to your blog and I guess it is the perfect time to be here ~ Happy Blogoversary! :) My blog, "My corner of the world", has helped me capture every joy, every thought & every moment in my life. I am loving this experience! :)Happy Blogging! Cheers! :)

Viyoma said...

Hearty Congratulations to you :) Great, you remembered and kept note of this fact. Somehow, despite being passionate to blogging, i missed out this day, in the 1st 3 years.
Wishing you many many more years of successful blogging ahead :)

Shilpa Sharma said...

When my blog completed one year,  I did not do anything. Nothing. I am a boring person I guess :D.

This august it will be 2 complete years of blogging, but I don't think I'd do anything special this year  too. You see, jab blogger ko 'budday paatiii' nahi milti toh blog ko kaise milegi... :D :D

Anyways, Congrats for completing one year. I hope you get what you want from your blog. God bless. :)

Rachit Sharma said...

congrats :)

BookWorm said...

Congrats... and Happy
Birthday 'My World My Perception'.


As your Blog turns a
year older, I wish to congratulate you for doing a great job so far.  The Blog has only improved over time, by
giving emphasis to quality of the content, which is easy to digest, simple to
read and having a smooth flow, bringing us back to it every day to check for
newer posts.  I do do hop you step into
your second year with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm along with your brand of
insightful writing. 


Having said that, I would
also like to point out a trend which I had observed during this time and that
is, of late, you have increasingly started to write for us, I mean the readers.
 That should not be the case. ‘My World,
My Perception’ should remain as it is. That is where the ‘brand value’ is..and
that is indeed your true calling.   


Thanks once again for
keeping us reading...!!!



…and about what I felt when I completed one
year.. well, I don’t know.. I hadn’t even given any thought as to how many
years I have completed. The anniversaries of my blog probably went as just
another day…. It never mattered to me, for I wrote for myself and continue
doing so.  

RESTLESS said...

Bookworm, u remained with my blog throughout, and the appreciation coming from you means a lot to me. A heart felt thanks.

I'll think about what u said about my way of writing - a tilt towards the reader ie. hmm, u r right in a way.  When u r alone and everyone is a stranger, u r more urself... and then u begin to get affected by ppl around u becoz u know they exist and matter to u in some way. 

thanks a ton for ur feed back, i value ur comments and views.. always.

RESTLESS said...

tks Rachit :)

RESTLESS said...

Shilpa, my birthday present is ur good wishes and ur lovely comments :) I got mine :)

No, i could not have forgotten my Blog's birthday... he's my sweetheart, u c!!

tks a ton!

RESTLESS said...

Tks Viyoma.... my blog means so so much to me, that i can't miss this occasion :)  good wishes to u too dear :)

RESTLESS said...

Dear Lavender, welcome here!

What a lovely name of ur blog!

Happy Blogging!

karishmarawat22 said...

congrats dear. you are one of the wittiest blogger I know, and you blog responsibly, honestly and poetically too :). Happy blogging.
For me I haven’t yet completed my first anniversary. I started blogging as a personal creative project. I kept it objective cuz trying to write what I one feels is so damn hard. That’s why ur blog is amazing.

Upasana said...

Congratulations!! I know exactly how it feels!! My blog completed a year too sometime back. Keep writing the way you do..I love reading your posts:)

R S Bharat Chandran said...

Congrats restless.When I came to this blog for the first time, I was captured by the id. In fact over a period of time though your id remains 'restless', i think the real restlessness has toned down. May be in real life also it might be true.

Once again congratulations!! 

Niceguy251 said...


Congratulations. Hope to see you celebrate many many more anniversaries here. It is a heady feeling, isn't it? Read both pending posts and also navigated to your first post. This is the space where we can write what comes in our mind, of course not in a way which we will not like others to write. Thanks for taking us for a quick visit to Nainital. Nicely captured photographs. 

Take care

PS : Hope to see you in my space now as I am looking forward to your views on my latest two posts.

RESTLESS said...

Uncle Jack,

tks for ur good wishes.  Of course, this is your space too, so u can share ur views with me and everyone freely. Thanks :)

yeah, visit to ur blog and many of my blogger pal's blog is pending.. will visit soon :)

RESTLESS said...

Thanks Bharat! Yes, i too feel so at an everyday life level.


RESTLESS said...

Thanks a ton Upasana :)

RESTLESS said...

Hi Gingersnaps! thanks... u made my day :)  All the best to u too for expressive blogging!

RESTLESS said...

Hey Prateek! yeah it affects us for good, i guess!

RESTLESS said...

Tks a lot Vivek!

Raksha said...

Congrats:)I am nearing my second by the way:)

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Congratulations! And guess what today our team blog GingerChai completes one year :) Keep the spark alive, keep blogging, enjoy blogging!

Sairam Rajamani said...

Well, I just have completed two months. So I cannot comment on how I feel completing the anniversary. But blogging has really changed my outlook. I used to just check my emails. Now I spend more time reading posts of fellow bloggers. And there are so many amazing people.

I have chosen humour and comics as my field and I see so much talent around that I get scared sometimes. But then I take heart from the fact that they would have started out just like me long time back.

Anyeay, congratulations again.

Barkha Dhar said...

Congratulations! Completing  the first year gives immense pleasure. The feeling that you are being heard, or there are reflections on your thoughts indeed makes one happy. Do visit my blog.

Sushrutjalukar said...

U put the reality!! I have one Snskrit Shlokaa for the woman..if u r interested, I can send you. reply me..! All d best!!!

BookWorm said...

Well. infact what i meant was.. not tilt.. but the articles of late give the impression that you have increasingly started writing what we like.. and not otherwise. the downside to this may probably that one starts to write with more caution and diplomacy. I am already seeing this in this two-way comments being posted here.. i would rather prefer a three-way.. or more....   

dhiraj jain said...

Go for it and let more of it come..

Reema said...

congratulations!! Blog on! love reading your blog. 

Vee said...

CONGRATS! I still remember reading one of your very first posts on your blog...  About my first blog anniversary, I never really cared about blogging until 4 years after I started my blog since I used to write very infrequently then. Since the past one year, I have been a bit more regular.

drishtikone said...

Restless - have been very busy with work in my new job.. so didn't get time to spend on reading or even writing much on my own blog.  Just saw this .. wanted to congratulate you. Wish you a lot of growth, love and happiness in life and blogging alike.


RESTLESS said...

Hmm yes, i know what u say... about the tilt or more or it!!!

but, didn't get the two way traffic thing?? can u tell?

RESTLESS said...

Thanks Desh!

It's always a pleasure to hear from a super blogger like you :)

thanks again :)

RESTLESS said...

Thanks Vee :))

And now again u've become a bit irregular. Miss reading ur Haikus!

RESTLESS said...

Thanks dear Reema :)

RESTLESS said...

Tks :)

RESTLESS said...

You can email me or write as a comment here. Wud definitely like to read it!

RESTLESS said...

Sure Barkha! Thanks a ton :)

RESTLESS said...


It can be scary if u read too much online.... just concentrate on what u feel and think and be urself!

thanks a lot!

RESTLESS said...

Thanks Lakshmi Rajan!

Congrats to u too... though belated.

RESTLESS said...

wow, grt Raksha!

BookWorm said...

what i meant was.. (perhaps..i could not express it in a better way..) earlier i used to reply to other co-commentators..and they used to comment back.. there was a three-way communication between you, me and other bloggers on various issues.. (if not in all the posts...atleast some of them..) of late, that has lost out.. it has become two-way.. you-me or you-them i hope you got what i meant...!

RESTLESS said...

yeah,  i got that BookWorm. hmm, right after disqus that has happened, it guess! what say?!

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