I'm Back!

December 28, 2010
It was quite a long break, I guess.  Suddenly, I am fumbling for words.  Not that I have nothing to say, but suddenly I don't know where to begin with.  My blog is really my sweet heart!

On the wings of the silver bird, I'm coming home to you!

When I was away from it, I was always thinking about it (read thinking about what to write in my next posts!).  You just won't believe it, that while I was studying for my exams, reading the chapters of Sociology (yeah, I want to be a student all my life), I was relating things to blogging, all the time! 

In one of chapters of Sociology, the structure and functionality of society is explained and understood through various ways, means and types of communication patterns people have set with each other.  It classified communication as subjective, objective, manipulative etc (not the exact terms, I am using) but believe me, while reading all that I was thinking about you - ie., all my co-bloggers and their blogs!! 

How, many of us write, sharing experiences and thoughts (Jack, you know that!) and some write very objectively. Of course, there would be many who write as if giving an impression of something, as if highlighting some aspect of their personality which would be liked by all.  (No, dear, am not pin-pointing on anyone here!) But surely, I found some connection of Sociology with Blogging.  And yes, why not, because blogging is again communication, with the whole world - known and unknown people around us, who write back to us through comments, who connect with us by empathizing with us, who laugh at our jokes, who share stories of their lives.  When we thought, we were alone feeling bad about things around us, we just had to write something, and we had so many people around us to tell - "they felt the same".  And we were not lonely anymore.

We agree and nod when there are things which affect all of us, as a society.  We disagree and argue, sometimes, bitterly to prove our points.  At times, we get in touch with a friend, by dropping into his or her blog, only to write some sweet nothings.  We know it! We do it at times!

Because ultimately, blogosphere is a social circle, it's a social network (suddenly these two words have a different meaning to us, first after the rampant use by all and sundry of Facebook, twitter etc and secondly because of the movie of the same name).  But, what I meant, when I said Blogosphere is a social network, is that it's a society again, it's a bonsai society.  You will disagree, may be.  True, that more and more people are getting connected through Internet now, even Govt organisations are waking up to it, and this circle is increasing day by day.  But, let's not forget that this is just the urban story.  Education is yet to reach the corners of our country.  So, I would say, it's a Bonsai Society, a little sample of real society.

Don't you see those patterns of blogging? Following, reciprocating comments, building a blog, an image of the blog and ,of course, writing and communicating how YOU would like people to see you.  We wear masks here too.  Well, many a times, we have to and many a times, we can avoid it and be real.  This reminds of another term used in the course book "Impression Management", yes, it was again a theory understanding the social behaviour, yes, it does cross paths with psychology, may be that's why it interested me so much. 

So, now you know, my blog and my co-bloggers were never out of my mind all this time!  I was thinking about it all the time!

But, let me say this naughty thing to you, that the way you feel when you meet your sweetheart after a long time, I was feeling the same for my blog, I was just, so....hmmm.... shy to speak! (Read, so blank to write a post!)  that I kept thinking what to write for last 3-4 days, when I got free from the work, for which I took  the blogging break.

Hey, does that happen with you too?! When you gave blogging a break for sometime, did you feel how I was feeling last few days, thinking what to write??

Or else,

You may read the question like this too, that, "do you also feel so shy and speechless meeting your sweetheart after a long time?"!!! ( am just kidding!)

Do write to me....

And yes, I missed you all so much... will be visiting my blogger pals blogs soon...

Take care


PS: By the way, I'll be writing about why am I RESTLESS, in my next post!


Nandan Narula said...

Hey Restless. .welcome back and "Bonsai Society" is an apt term to explain the blogosphere. Looking forward to ur next post . . revealing the secrets of being restless.

Happy New Year :-)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hi Nandan! haha...bonsai society... am smiling on myself for coining this term for blogosphere!!

well, u don't get restless but!

My World My Life said...

Hey Restless...Though I could not read your full post..but I parked here to say you Welcome Back..

*conditions apply said...

Hey you are changing the image of woman writers in my head! I always imagined red hot faces, blue electric "dont come close to me" hair with bloody hands(some their own and some of the oppressive men they killed!)

Vivek said...

Hi ,

Yup truly I felt this way ,when I didn't blog for full 1 month i.e this October , but it was not concerned about , what I will write but more to the delima will I will continue , will I will be able to keep writing and on n on.
MOM was also hospitalized coz of operation and due to CWG my neet connection also cut down , but GPRS wasn't best to start with DAta CARD too costly to take into cosideration.
So it was more to do with emotional front that were going in my mind at that point of time.

Yup like as you said restless ..Hmm likewise I wants to write about why "rise-of-pheonix". thought there is a spell mistake but I go with a change a slightly different.
ATB for you ..and do reveal the restless mind ..in your upcoming post :)

Take care.

Prateek Bagri said...

Yayy!! Welcome back. :)

Vee said...

Very happy to have you back! You and your posts are missed in this blogging world. So, now I know that you studied sociology. hmmm! and, nice interpretation of the blogging community. and me too looking forward for ur next post :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Welcome back Restless.
And online world is a world, complete in its incompleteness, and continuously expanding, just like our universe. You aptly described it.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Niket said...

Hey Restless, here is a warm welcome! How are you doing? Am not going to comment on this post but want to say one thing. I really missed your posts as much as your comments on my blog! :)

Blognostic said...

Welcome back Restless.. hope you got sufficient rest.. :)

Bonsai is Blogsai :)

Ranj said...

Hi Restless, welcome back and Happy New Year 2011!!

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

hi restless welcome back to your sweetheart and glad to see you around.wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Rahul - thanks!

*conditions apply - Hey! I don't know from where you got this image of women writers!:D

But hang on, and don't come to conclusions so fast, there are some remarkable women bloggers around and of course, you'll always find a sensitive and sensible take on things on this blog too! so dear, u will change ur opinion in the year 2011 !



A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Vivek - hmm, hope ur mom is fine now. and thanks, will be writing on it soon.

Prateek - hey thanks dear :D

Vee - Hey!! am equally happy to come back and read ur posts :) and thanks :D for the interpretation thing! ok, will be writing restlessly!!

BA - hmm, complete in its incompleteness.... well said!

Niket - thanks a ton dear! I too missed reading ur posts... just read yesterday, btw.

Blognostic - Nah, restless can never get rest... can never be put to rest!!! and ... Blogsai... good one!! :D

Kranjini - thanks :) Happy new year to you too!

Ah, it feels great to come back here!

Love u all!


Delhizen said...

anything remotely connected to life/relationships, networking, society = components of sociology.

of course no book on the subject will connect it the way you did.. but wonderful isn't it you are able to relate what you read with real-life examples!

btw I too did my majors in the subject


Desh said...

Restless - you made it all sound like a romance thriller. The going away and coming back!

I had almost a parallel "layover" from my blog - last 3 weeks.. but my feelings were very mundane. I love my blog.. with the passion and longing that I would probably treat my woman... who, I am sure will be overwhelmed by the very intensity ;)

.. but my relationship with my blog is more of a soul mate. It remains with me and is important whether someone comments/interacts with me or not.

but I am back to my blog with a BANG! Ooops.. not what you think though.. LOL

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Delhizen - hey, good to know u also studied socio! and thanks... yes... even I'm glad i could connect and more importantantly relate to the socio theories!

and welcome!

Desh - okay! ur blog is your soulmate... good! we'll be looking for ur posts... post the big bang!



Sarah malik said...

pretty interesting description. now, one can truly believe that blogging is ur sweetheart..as u have been pining and longing to meet it :P
and yes, blogging sure is addictive...keep writing :)


Always Happy said...

Hello Restless,

WELCOME BACK.I havent read your post yet but I am glad you are back and wanted to say Hello. Hope to see more posts from you in the new year.

Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

Always Happy

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Sarah - :D sure!

Always Happy - that's ok! thanks a lot and Happy new year to you too!

with love


Anu said...

Dear welcome back! I know how awful it must have been...I hope you feel as refreshing as a filter coffee now :)

Jack said...


I am sure you will do well in examinations. Learning is a never ending process and few are lucky to follow it with vigour.

Take care

Jack said...


Oh, I forgot. I feel so honoured that you mentioned me here. Hope in good way, LOL.

Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Jack, thanks, exams are over, and have enrolled for another course now! will need ur good wishes!

Of course, the mention is in a good way... i remembered the name of your blog... and u write exactly that in your blog - share thoughts and experiences.


Perception said...

Well u were talking about wearing masks and not wearing one..i guess mask is something that is worn by each and every one of us..The behaviour expected when u r a mother is certainly diff than u being a friend and v all don the diff roles and so mask like money becomes a necessary evil

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