What Men Want?!

November 23, 2010
You know what, when I read about this Blogadda contest (received in my mailbox), my first reaction was that I giggled! These three words "What Men Want" made me smile ear to ear and my imagination wandered around for a while!!

Hmm, so I smiled merrily for a while and then closed my eyes and said to myself softly "I know baby.......what you want. : )  I know that...... I know how much you like those mean machines.... those gadgets... and video games, online racing games..... how much you care for your car....... how much you want your newspaper and how much you like your drink.... I know baby what you want (Hey, by the way, what did you think?!.......you naughty!)

"What men want", ask this question to that hottie, who was being driven by this smarty (boy of course!).  And our smart boy looks outside the window and says "Maaannnn, what a sexxxyyyy carrrrr!!!!!" "wow, what a building... awesome.... one day I want to own it" Huff, now think about the girl, who was just twirling her hair and checking out herself in the car mirror (well, placed for her only!) for that sweet glance of the boy!!!

Jokes apart, understanding what men want is far less complicated as to what women want. (Do I sound sexist again like  in this post?!!)

Okay, let me say this that it is not fair to generalize about any gender and since it's not a fun post, I would tread cautiously! No amount of research can circumvent all the types of people around us.  So, dear readers, don't get offended, as a woman tries to bring out the things which she thinks men, in general, would want.  You're free to add more points.

Also, when I talk about men, it's about your husband, your boy friend, your lover or your live-in partner. And a relationship means, marriage, a romantic relationship, live-in relationship.  I hear, there are lot more than that to it, but I guess, you don't any rules there, or need to understand each other there, do you?

So, here I go with my list of what I think men want or want not to deal with :

Just Let Me Be - I think, boys, men have their share of pressures from family, friends, work peers, girl friend(s), etc, and with so many expectations from them, ultimately, what they would want is to be themselves.  At the end of the day,  a man wants to be himself - no pretence, no formality, so sweet talk, he just wants to be himself.  At times, our professions don't allow us to express our feelings (like in marketing jobs and other public interaction jobs).  So, I feel this is want a man wants, especially when he is back home. So,  I want to be myself with my girl and with my family.

Be My Partner Not My Mother - Ah, girls, this might hurt you a bit, but I guess (no, I think, I am sure!) men don't want their girl to behave like his Ma! It's alright to care for your partner, but getting overtly concerned about him over his food, his clothes, his habits is not done. Be an equal partner and always remember, he is an adult and can take care of himself.

Wish she stops trying to change me (!!) - I think many of the women readers would agree (in their hearts of hearts) that we do try (i mean our level best!) to change our man.  We want to change their dressing style sometimes, or their mannerism (yawning in public - a big no no) or their habits, of say playing too much computer games, or smoking etc.  It's alright to caution your partner about the harm a habit can cause them, but being after their life is a sure shot way of losing or spoiling a relationship.  And if a guy really cares for you, you don't even have to say something in so many words, he will change himself for you.  But your suggestion has to be genuine and practical.

Wish she keeps shut when I drive ! - Men really don't like it when we guide them, (read exhibit our driving skills or worse our fears) while they are driving.  It really really irritates them.  Am sure, men want their female counterparts to keep their mouth shut, while they are driving.

Oh, something fell in my eyes - Whosoever said, big boys don't cry or "mard ko dard nahi", well, he was wrong (remember 'he'!!).  It is the familial and social conditioning that men, boys are made to believe that only girls shed tears.  Crying is like venting out your pain, frustration, anger and other negative emotions.  Sometimes, we must cry, as it cleanses us.  It makes us think clearly, as we let go of those pent-up emotions.  Crying can never be gender specific.  I wish, that men add this to thier wishlist to have a partner who can accept him, love him and respect him even when he cries.  It is a huge change I am talking about, but I think, we must begin to think this way.  It's human to cry.

Don't create fuss for that clutter- It's not really possible to demarcate traits like being organized and meticulous as per the gender.  But, as per my experience,  I have seen more women to be organized, be it home, kitchen, almirahs, office papers etc, than men.  So, it is understandable, that we create fuss when our partner refuses to be as organized as we are. So, I think men do wish that women stop telling them how to keep the bathroom clean etc and we should begin to clear the clutter and mess in the kitchen, when they leave it (ah, as if they ever enter the kitchen!)

I love you - "Oh I know it baby, but you gotta tell me again!" How many times this has happened to you that your girl wants to hear it again and again?!  Men in love and a relationship would like to say it once and for all (to be repeated... well.... at some intimate moment) but women definitely want to hear it again and again.... mushy thing ha! So, conclusion is that men wish that their girl decrease the appetite for this auditory pleasure!

After you ma'm (huh really?!!)  I guess, men are really not happy with this male chivalry thing now a days, which brings a smile on any girl's face (well mostly).  Personally, I would like it when a man shows some basic courtesies like offering a chair (not pulling a chair for me), keeping the door open (so that it does not slam on my face), cares to let me get off the lift first. That's enough and that shows what kind of educational and social background one belongs to (I talk about it in my etiquette's and body language classes).  But beyond that, it is not desirable in working environment for men to be caring for women, by showing such acts.  Men don't like to exhibit their chivalry for just any women, though to their girl, why not!

Don't be a clinger, girl - In a relationship (includes marriage) it's alright to find an emotional refuge in your partner, but being emotionally dependent on him, running back to him after any setback, expecting him to take care of your emotions all the time can really....weigh heavily on a relationship.  Men definitely admire women, who are able to handle their emotions well and balance themselves.  So, I think, men wish that their women would not an emotional clinger.

I love you but..... - Men, especially the younger lot (do men age.... at least I don't think so!), are really really crazy for their gadgets- latest phones, gaming consoles, music devices, cameras, and what not.  Not that girls are not, but girls had always been crazy about shopping and buying - only the products have changed. So men swoon over their gadgets. Even at the time of professing their love, they would say "I love you....but after my gadget"!(no pun intended). (psst....a friend of mine was seen clenching her teeth when her partner told her - "meet your saut - my BlackBerry!) ('Saut' - a hindi word, would loosely mean the man's other sweetheart)

Am bad in reading silence (or a sulk!) - Women, by nature, are more intuitive.  They can understand deeply, even when no word is uttered, they observe and sense.  So the dependence on words or clear communication is less.  Their sixth sense just tells, what is what (watch out boys!).  Men, mostly, want a clear word, a clear communication, without a hidden meaning to it, especially from his girl.  While, a girl would always want him to understand, even if she sits batting her eyelids. (But seriously, you guys must learn it, ha!).  So, the conclusion drawn is that men want their partners to speak clearly about their doubts, feelings, expectations and thoughts, before forming an opinion, before jumping to a conclusion, before assuming that they (the guys) have understood. It helps!

The three letter word - (Were you waiting for something juicy?!) Well, yes, the three letter word does excite them.  Although, the tastes gets refined, the urges get balanced out with better managed hormones, with age or with transitions in life, but it remains important for men.  Not that, I will shy away from saying that women too need their share in intimacy, but it does not generally influence them and their choices in life to a great extent (more on it later!)

I think, it was quite a list!! In fact, 19 Nov was International Men's Day, and I was tempted to write about men and their wants, which I could not do because of paucity of time, so I am happy I am able to pen down my views due to Blogadda contest. Love you Blogadda for giving out such interesting topics on write on!!

So dear reader, now let me know what do you think about it? I will be waiting to hear from you all!

Take care!


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Deepika Vasudeva said...

that one ought to informational for novices and reminder of ignorants..

good plotting of points..

agree with the auditory pleasure with the gals.. they really wanna hear it over and over.

UB said...

Funny and true :)

Anonymous said...


I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at myworldmyperception.blogspot.com.

Can I use some of the information from your blog post right above if I provide a backlink back to this site?


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Deepika - LOL@ auditory pleasure!!!Thanks a ton dear!

UB- thanks :)

Anonymous - pl write me a mail for this.


varsha said...

Well said Restless.A sweet,sensitive and refreshing take on men!

Neeha said...

Nice blog....
And Yes you are correct when you say "Be a partner not my mother'.
Girls love to listen the most-frequently said three words.
Its by nature you couldn't change it..

anu said...

Very nice flow.Good article

Alka Gurha said...

Insightful analysis... Enjoyed reading it. And how true!

Blognostic said...

Just like how international women's day is so popular, we need to celebrate international gender equality day, in a big way.

Jack said...


Hats off to insight about the subject and saying it clearly.

Take care

Anonymous said...

the other day, i was watching National Geographic and it was airing a programme on 'Sizing up a Man'. it was basically a study conducted on men regarding the ratio of index and ring fingers (which you had mentioned in the earlier article on fire-crackers, i suppose). it further said the fossil finger ratio of the neandertahl man were lower than most of the living humans now, and thus the programme concluded that they were more aggressive and promiscuous than us.

coming back to this article, i tend to disagree a little bit when you say, men want their partners to be unlike their mom. i would further add that though men want their partners who are unlike their mom, they tend to expect their wives behave like their mom!!!

I agree with you. humans do cry and must cry, and while at the same time, men don't that they cried. they tend to go for excuses like dirt in teh eyes as you said or something like 'i had a very late night yesterday' giving excuse for puffy eyes.

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

hmm ...this one is interesting flowing post.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


Hey! thanks a lot dear! Am so glad u liked it :)


thanks and welcome.
that's nice na?!




A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

alka - glad u liked it:)

Blognostic - that's a great idea!

Jack- am smiling ear to ear :))


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


Oh, I think you are saying the opposite. While men would like a girl who would easily get the acceptance of his mother, hence looks - may be which makes her part of the family, but behaviour wise, by and large, I have seen men getting irritated if a woman behaves like a mother ie being overtly caring etc. That's my view.

Ok, but I have also seen men liking the pampery stuff mom's do.

So, you have a point and a definite view, thanks for sharing that!

And yes, wish I had seen that NatGeo pgme :)

also, I am very glad you agreed to my point of it's human to cry.

thanks a ton!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Pratibha, thanks dear :)

Vee said...

nice flow of words in this post. you have organized the content very well and yes, your points seem to be true in my case. although, i'm not the gadgets kind. and that's a wonderful picture :P

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Vee - really glad to know u like the content :)) and how much you could relate to it!

Ah, about pic, OMG i had to search for the right pic for so long!!! most of them were... ehm... you know what!!!


Reema said...

liked the post a lot!! great points. all the best for the contest!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Reema, hey thanks!

ecards for men said...

Just like how international women's day is so popular, we need to celebrate international gender equality day, in a big way.

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