Independence Day Of An Ordinary Indian

August 16, 2010
A poll conducted by a national daily has brought out the various meaning and parameters of Freedom by various people, from different walks of life, different states and regions.  The TV went on and on interviewing the man on the street, the man in the field about what does it mean to him, when he says Freedom?

Now let me ask you, does it really touch you? I mean Independence Day... does that really does something to you?  Surely, we have read a lot about our freedom struggle, right, but somewhere, today I see it only a ceremonial thing, a ritual to be followed, an opportunity to sell and market.  Sorry for this but this is what I feel. (But no way I am saying that we should forget about the way we got Independence, we are absolutely a proud nation, am just talking about the day.)From last 10 days, the newspapers are full of Ads and everything is coloured in orange, white and green, be it a paint, be it a cake, be it a dress, anything and everything.  Almost the same time, cheap Chinese make Indian tricolour flags are being sold by small children on red lights,(that's how I got reminded about the day!). Isn't begging and child labour ban? and a "Made in China" Indian flag??

But, I make it a point to watch the programme telecast from the historical Red Fort, our honourable PM giving speech, it was inspiring. (And also, it was truly a remarkable experience when our President spoke, on the Eve of Independence Day, with such vision, and I found her approach very humane.  But, all the time I was feeling bad for those small children (who are of govt schools) who were sitting in that warm and highly humid morning with full uniforms and caps of those three colours.  I was sitting in my AC bedroom, and was thinking - is this freedom for these kids? Did anyone ask them whether they want to be there? May be these kids enjoyed it, but I doubt it.

In the life of an ordinary, not to important (politically), middle class Indian man or a woman, Independence Day is just another day, whether we like to say it or not, that's what it is.


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Manish Verma said...

its a pathatic made in china indian flag. Actually i didnt get a time to celebrate it bcoz of ma interview but proudly said one thing that i put ma flag over ma chest whole day
HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY and proud to b an indian

Vee said...

Restless - I would like to know what you would have said, had you got the opportunity to get interviewed by those TV people. I'm just trying to bring more words out of you.

Niket said...

Nice one restless! But could have added more frankly!
I have a whole a lot of issues by the way the ordinary Indians (including me) celebrate our Independence Day!
I could have posted my whole post in the form of a comment here! :)
Will be posting it soon!

Nithin RS said...

I can find value of independence only to be able to travel within india. An indian citizen can't own land in j & K , i wonder what does that mean? Any kashmiri can come to any part and buy land, but we can't do the same there. Then, all i can say is atleast in my city, it was much better when erstwhile king was in power. Now we have the independence fro british and the king, but got enslaved to pathetic useless politicians who are thorns to our freedom , pride and aspirations.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Mag - true, yeah good to know that!

@ Vee- tough one! I guess the freedom to speak your mind is biggest, and we do have it (though, there are restrictions in certain professions and services) But more or less, its fine. And yes, wearing what i want to wear is freedom for me, as a woman. phew.... that was difficult!

@ Niket- u r welcome!! anytime, do add ur list. hmm, actually i was a bit upset,see the previous post please. thanks!

@ Nithin RS - hmm right, J&K is one such place where the citizen's right to move and buy land is restricted. your anger is understandable.


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