Sweet Nothings - Salty Somethings!

January 14, 2011
At times, there are so many things I want to say to you, dear blogger pals, but it just happens that the idea or the time just slips out of my hands, like sand.  Just because I want  my idea or thought to be well worded, well researched (most of the times), that I miss out on those small little expressions, those small little sweet nothings I want to say!  And at times, when something rough has got rubbed against my skin (winter dried!!) I want to just scream and tell how do I feel and think about it, so those Salty Somethings also run out of my hand.

So, I think, I'll be writing those small or sometimes big thoughts in my blog as mini posts - which I will be putting in the new tag called - Sweet Nothings - Salty Somethings !!

How about that?!

I just had to look up.. and this beautiful view awaited me... even the branches devoid of leaves are so beautiful!

Ok, To start with, I was thinking that how do you know you had a great vacation?  I mean, it doesn't happen always that you go for a well planned vacation and it turns out to be equally great and relaxing, sometimes things go wrong also - hotel bookings or too much of travelling, which make us feel even more tired after we are back from the vacation. So, how do you know, you had a great vacation? What's the barometer for you?

As for me, which I have just realised, is that, when you don't feel like working and being in your normal set of life and you still miss the place of vacation ( Mountains for me!) then you know you had a great time!

I am missing that week long vacation, the mountains, the snow, the friends group, the food (which I just had to order, ah relief from cooking!!) and the loads of fun we had together. 

I know, and thank God!, I had a great vacation!!

How about you? Did you ever found yourself missing the place you visited for a short while?  Tell me!



Deepika said...

There has been times venturing out for somewhere and ending up at somewhere else came out to be fun.. Though the uncertainties of that time, whether we'll able to make it on time? Or what if.. Did added salt. So i would like to visit those places again and this time without any tensions... Btw.. Sorry wasn't able to comment since a time.. M back now.

Always Happy said...

sweet nothings - salty somethings...I like it. Cool!!

yeah, sometimes, unexpected unplanned least organised holidays trun out to be the best ones.

Niket said...

Vacations are a bliss for me I would say, if were to answer what vacations mean to me. I had gone to Lonavala in the 4th year of engineering with my clique and believe me, we were completely rejuvenated! Reasons: for a long time we had not gone on a vacation, we all needed a desperate break from our otherwise monotonous schedule and third, it was monsoon then and the beauty of the Mother Nature just mesmerized us. it was one hell of a trip which I would definitely cherish for life!
And yeah I like this tag of yours 'Sweet Nothings - Salty Somethings'...looking forward to it!
PS: Restless, do watch the video at my space yaad se :P :)

Jack said...


True, if you do miss the place you visited for holidays, it shows you really had a good time. I too love being in the mountains and have been to a number of small place which are etched in my mind.

Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Deepika - welcome dear! hope life is treating u well.

Ah, those unplanned trips are great, isn't?!

Niket - oh that's lovely! thanks - u like it?! and I saw the sweet video clip on ur blog wishing all the readers Merry Christmas in a unique style, in your own voice :) Lovely, it was!

Jack - yeah really this time, I missed them for a long time! ah, good to know that :)


Prashant said...

Only one thing to re-iterate.. you have got a very good eye...

..you know something, these days, being a good photographer involves knowing photoshop very well.. why dont you try tweaking this photo to make it look magical.. or as i always say.. ethereal...

like for example.. i think, this photo would have look awesome if it was in black and white.. it would have been more awesome if the sky were dark ...try tweaking it.. you will find interesting results..

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Prashant - thanks! hearing this for the first time! am quite new to nature pics etc, so..

will definitely try that, am sure there is a lot to explore there.

thanks for the advise.


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