The Glasses Are Going To Be History!!

September 15, 2010
This is one happy day for me!! Finally, I hear this news that the rogue gene which is responsible for myopia has been found and the cure is possible, that too hopefully in next ten years.... am truely happy to know this..... I hoped and wished and prayed for this to happen.

If you don't wear spectacles, may be then you cannot understand what am I saying. Let me tell this.  Myopia, ie, shortsightedness is the most common eye disorder in the world.  It was always believed to be caused by watching too much TV, reading in dim light or too much reading  or even deficiency of Vitamin-A.  However, the possibility of it being genetic was not ruled out, but in the absense of any scientific discovery, it was not confirmed.  But now, finally, the UK scientists have found the responsible gene, RASGRF1, which is a big big research outcome.
Myopia has affected a big proportion of people all over the world, with literally, no fault of the person, as it is acquired through genes.  Sometimes, the defect in not visible in the parent but does get passed on to the child.  My family is one such example where the gene runs through generations. 

Personally speaking, it was very difficult for me to grow up with spectacles, more so, because my mother was worried about my future! And not to forget those funny names I got in school because of my specs. (I have written about this in this post).  She always believed, I should have more of carrots, spinach juice, half boiled eggs, milk, almonds, not to mention the desi nuskhe, the tona and totka!  But nothing worked on me.  

Finally, marrying a non-specy guy was the only safe option,  but that didnot work in my case!  When I came to know my little son will have to wear specs all his life, just like me, when he was just 2-3 yrs old, I was in tears.  I never wanted my kids to go through this. I was so helpless, but hopeful about the advancement of technology in this field. 

Finally this day has come and there is hope.  When I read this news, this morning in the newspaper, my kids were sleeping.  I woke them up then and there and told them about the research.  Needless to say they were equally excited, and yes, they were not grumpy for a change!

I am sure, as is being claimed too, eye drops of medicines will be made in next 10 years for the people who have specs,  and some genetic engineering would be available for the prospective parents also to avoid passing on of this gene to the next generation.

I know there other life threatening ailments, which are bigger issues, as they are fatal in nature, much serious than this one.  And I sincerely hope and pray that scientists be able to find cure to all such diseases.




vini said...

Wow. Cure for short-sightedness. Cool.
I wear specs too, though the only time i feel bad about it is whenever i can't enjoy properly while walking in rain. So i got contacts, just for the rain walk. :-)
But i suppose there are many types of laser treatments available, though not sure about the genetic way of the defect.

Girish said...

Finally yay! :)
I've myopia since I was 8 yrs old..
My parents don't need glasses & I'm required to wear it for the rest of my life!!
Lets hope they bring it to the market within 10 years..

D2 said...

I wear glasses and yes, they are a major nuisance. Every time I'm up for anything rough, I have to worry about them. Of course, laser surgery is an option, but it's good that they've found a permanent solution.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

All the best, just pray that the technology becomes public soon.

Asmi Easwar said...

Great News indeed. Especially for someone like me, who was branded a 'myopic' in all sense of the term...(pun not intended). Ya from the very small age, the sobriquet of myopia was stamped on me, not essentially because i wore glasses, but i cant think too much. I was not a visionary.

Vaish said...

Y worry about spectacles in the age of contact lens!! Ya..I don't like kids wearing specs..and poor kiddo will get teased up by every single soul in school...that's horrible..Hope the scientists come up with good solution!

Cherry Blossom said...

Thank you for this useful information. Its a blessing for those who suffer from myopia from a very early age. I wish that your children and all the little ones do benefit from the invention.

Mehak said...

aww, this made me smile. it really is good news, thanks for sharing this!!

p00ja said...

Never thought wearing specs could be so much of a mental stress, but when u mentioned kids with specs it struck a cord.
I also remember my dad crying when we were informed my sister would have to carry glasses with her from grade 5 onwards, she was lucky that simple tricks-putting fresh coriander drops, worked for her, and she has let go of her glasses for a long time now.

Asmi Easwar said...

"...made in next 10 years for the ONCE who have specs..." i suppose you mean to say 'ones'...ANYWYAS. LETS CROSS OUR FINGERS TO SEE HOW EXPENSIVE THIS GENE THERAPY WOULD BE


happy news

NeoTheHack said...

I agree with what Asmi says. Technology is a great leveler. And technology means nothing if it is not accessible to the commoner. Thats why invention of Pencillin, or even a fountain pen or a needle is considered to be great inventions of all time.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Hey vini! rain, and holi and swimming... so many things!

@ Girish - all genetics, sometimes the genes are recessive in parents and get dominant in children. Yeah, lets hope so!

@ D2 - with laser also, u get the power after few years, if u have high power. yes, nothing like permanent solution.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ BA - yes, we can only hope.

@ Asmi Easwar - come on dear, don't think like this. Every person is unique. thanks for your comment on my blog and welcome here!

@ Vaish - Vaish, lenses are a solution to the problem, but one is advised to wear only after 18, needs lot of care and have their limitations. I am wearing lenses for years now. but they need maintenance.

@ CB -thanks Cherry Blossom :))


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Mehak - am glad :)

@ Pooja - my son had been wearing glasses from play school, just imagine this :(

Glad ur sis could get rid of specs.

@ Asmi Easwar - oh yeah it was typo, i corrected it, thanks!

yes let c how things go.

@ Saravana Ballaji - yeah!

@ NeoTheHack - u r right, but as a mother I am delighted. There is some hope of ray in the tunnel.

Thank you so much for your comments. And guess what it is so nice to connect with people, who can understand what u r undergoing. thanks a ton again!!


Asmi Easwar said...

I know every person is unique. I only told that I have been myopic both in my vision and in my thoughts. Just penned that, thinking whether biotechnology will be able to remove the myopia of the mind as well.

Vee... said...

i has to wear glasses since 12. now I hate them like hell. Worse is when the doctor said that lasex or other surgical procedures on my eyes might not turn successful as i fall below minimum corneal thickness category. now this research is a boon, however this takes forever to hit the markets.

Vee... said...

that was Lasix*!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Asmi - I had understood what you said dear!

that's why I wrote everybody is unique. When we say, we are myopic in thoughts, it is in comparison to others, then why should we judge ourselves as per other's criteria or yard stick. so everyone is unique.

In one person's opinion, it can mental myopia, but for the other person, it can be being cautious and careful. so everything is relative. Hence, we should not feel like that. Hope I made some sense dear! :)


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Vee - ah didn't know that. Yeah, it can be very frustrating. I am wearing specs since I was in 4th class may be, that too after postponing it for years! I, or say, my mom didnot want her daughter to be a specy!

so started with a high power. But now I am fine, because I wear contact lenses. Did u try that?

Vee... said...

I wore contacts in between for about an year, but I think I'm better off with glasses. I've allergic eyes!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


For boys specs are much in trend, so on that score, no worries.

Contacts can irritate some eyes. Mostly, it's dry eyes that causes the problem. Artifical tears (!) is the answer, yeah, these are eye drops. You can check for it. Also you can go for daily disposable contacts, they suit sensitive eyes like yours.

I have a lot of gyan on this topic!


Reema said...

I got specs when I was in class 4...first 1-2 yrs were difficult for me due to teasing and names just cuz of the mentality that specs is a bad disease and a stigma etc. After that I got used to it and I have no problem with it power has become stable and I don't want any operation..not even lenses. As for guys I dig the ones wearing specs..sadly my husband doesn't wear one :)

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