Festivals Bridge The Religion Divide of Hindu-Muslim

September 3, 2010
It was Janmashtami yesterday.  Thinking about Krishna fills my heart with joy and mystic devotion. 

However, humanisation of God or the Super Power sometimes baffle me and goes beyond my understanding.  Some day I would like to explore, why we want our Gods to be like us humans? (ie., in physical form)

But right now, it is this picture, which completely left me speechless.  I was awed and had nothing to say.  Truly a picture speaks a thousand words. (Picture courtesy Times of India).

A MATTER OF FAITH: A Muslim woman carries her son, dressed as Lord Krishna, for a school function on the occasion of Janmashtami, in Patna on Wednesday (ie. 01 Sep 2010)



Girish said...

'A picture tells a thousand words!!'
These words couldn't be more truer!!
Festivals do help in bridging gaps created in the name of religion, faith, etc to some extent.
At the end of the day, it all depends on the person and his/her mindset on other people who are outside his faith..!
One needs to live in peace internally & externally..

Jack said...


Got your link from Cherry Blossom's space. On reading your comment there, I thought of visiting you. Read all current 10 posts.

Let us hope and pray that Mr Mehta can do good to country with East India Company. Both poems were very good showing emotions felt. Feminity was full of information overlooked by most of us. Live in Relationship, it is fine as long as it is not used just to fulfil carnal desires and if couple feels comfortable with commitments they may even go for children but their future has to be kept in mind. One should not become a doormat but each partner has to make efforts to make marriage work before they decide to have children. Please do read a post on this written in 3 parts by me in Oct - Nov last year. Smart person, that Fake Blogger. Which of our great leaders is bothered about masses as long as their pots are full? They can shed a lot of crocodile tears. How I wish that we all can respect each other's religion and live in harmony!

Take care

Vee... said...

this is a wonderful picture you've shared. :)

Cherry Blossom said...

You have meaty matter for controversy in a diverse country like ours. Like the picture, do the people really have reverence for one another's beliefs and faiths? Or is it just to grab the first or second prize for a competition. Its true that some exceptional folks do rejoice in every festivity, but after the end of merry-making, how much do they value religious sentiments? Wish the message conveyed by the picture leaves every thinking mind with an opportunity to interweave in one sacred faith...humanity. Thoughtful post.

Gautam said...

Interesting pic. But then, thats what all festivals are about, bringing people together and bridging the gaps.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Girish, am glad u appreciate it!

@ Jack - hey welcome! you have given such a sum up of all the issues, and presented so well. Thanks for giving so much of your time. Surely will check ur posts. Thanks!

@ am glad Vee u like it. :)

@ Cherry Blossom - For a moment I felt, u r asking me whether I put it for some contest of something??!!! Huff! I am relieved, u did not mean that. and as u can see it is not for one!

Yes, u have a point, in today's time, we got to have a lot of sensitivity to others' religions. and thanks!

@ Gautam - Thanks!


Niket said...

I wish people really start rejoicing the festivals of other religions and some people even do but the motto of participation should not only be celebrations & fun but also 'Reverence' as rightly pointed out by Cherry Blossom. It is the respect toward each others' religions, beliefs & faiths that would actually bring in a sense of brotherhood and help peace prevail!
Everyone can make a start in a small way by calling up and wishing one's friends & their family members on their respective festives and create a wave of joy & happiness ! :)

prasanna raghavan said...

Well, cane we be so ambitious that the mother of the child means anything of that sort- religious harmony harmony -if she has prepared him for a school competition:)

D2 said...

I honour the woman in the picture; and you for putting it up here.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Niket - hey! so true, well said.

@ Prasanna raghavan - hey come on, when we light an agarbatti, how much we really mean with that? sometimes a little gesture goes a long way, that is like that.

@ D2 - thanks D2!


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