Jantar Mantar - Snapshots

April 7, 2011
We Delhites love to go shopping, mall hopping and movies.  Also, the one common factor which binds a common Dilliwala is the love for the street food.  So, mostly a family outing means, you go any place where you can eat, shop or chill, in any order!

But, I've always tried that apart from going to such fun places, me and my kids go to some educationally interesting places too.

Recently, we visited Jantar Mantar at New Delhi.  Today, as on date ie., it is the hub of socio political happenings in the Capital. Have a look at the majestic look of Jantar Mantar.  Interestingly, Park Hotel stands just behind it, and brings out the contrast - ie.,  ancient and modern.



UB said...

Hi Restless,

Thanks for stopping by my blogpost. Nice pictures. Brings back memories. Are you supporting the movement? I'd love to see some pics from India Gate at this time.


Team G Square said...

Wonderfully captured .

Rachit said...

I visited JM back in Jan and truly as an engineering student I praise the noteworthy attempt by our rulers in ancient times.

subtlescribbler said...

the bad part is - i've never been to jantar mantar inspite of being a dilliwalla :(
great clicks btw, i m sure its an enjoyable place! i m gonna ask my pals to make a visit here now ASAP :D


Vee said...

never visited that, but have quite some childhood memories associated to it. it made a mark in my mind while reading books because of its variety structure.. great pics!

joshimukard said...

Anna Hazare has made Jantar Mantar an important place

sm said...

beautiful shots of Jantar Mantar.

Perception said...

So next time instead of Hard Rock Cafe i will go to Jantar Mantar because your snaps made me curious..

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

UB - thanks dear! I'll try!

Team G Square- thanks!

Rachit - yes true!

Subtlescribbler - right now it's the hub of activities (Anna Hazare movement), hope u know.

Vee - Even we dilliwala's avoid such places. I had to drag my kids to see it once, but they liked the open and green place. thanks :)


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Joshi - It was always an important place! yeah, but right now its very popular. for us Delhites, a protest meant Jantar mantar or boat club of something.

sm - thanks!

Perception - am glad! Visit it before Delhi gets warm during summers.


Jack said...


It was so unique when I saw it first time in 1950s and now it is lost in high rise structures. Thank God that it is still maintained.

Take care

BookWorm said...

Nice pics..

anyhow.. if someone here could explain here how these structures are used to make astronomical calculations..

I think these things are explained in the plaque beside every structure.. would have liked to see those too..

Vivek Chamoli said...

Nice photography :)
And yeah the initial breakthrough has come into the Lokpal Bill.
Long way to go yet in its proper implementation.

take care
have a great weekend.

Sach! said...

Dilli !!! <3 :-)

Vaish said...

I've been to this place and quite liked it!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Jack uncle - yes, still looks magnificent.

Book worm - i had clicked pics of those metal encrusted write up, but didn't put it here..let's c if its readable, i will put it.

Vivek - Hey Jantar Mantar had always been there, just that it can in limelight now. thanks

SAch - :)

Vaish - ok :)


Reema S said...

I so want to visit Delhi!!  Someday! someday!

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