Forget About the Borders - Let Cricket Win

April 2, 2011
I'm not a sports enthusiast.... but can absolutely understand others' interest in sports (read cricket)... it's understandable.

I'm dying to go watch another photo exhibition in IGNCA, New Delhi.... so I can very well understand the passion of the masses world wide for watching sports matches etc. I can very well understand why people plan their days to be able to view their favorite match..... and it's even more apparent when the match happens to be between India and Pakistan ( I know I'm late for saying that!) .... and much more obvious when their Blue Gods are eying the ICC World Cup (or any such cup or saucer which is in vogue those days).

I understand it all.  BUT, what I absolutely fail to understand is that why do we have to make a cricket match sound like some war??  I keep wondering.... and wondering..... and wondering.... just what makes people think that winning a match by any team is going to serve as an ego booster for an ordinary man on the street? Is it going to change their life in some way?

I want to ask you, the reader, have we not started making these matches a question of our self respect, ego, country's worth etc etc?

Wont' believe me? or you do?

Sample this, that some leading FM channel, says its a war out there.... and we HAVE to win.... to tell us listeners - what is your totka (home made recipe to achieve some goal)  for India to win?! Helllllowwww!!! better ask for a totka to stop people jumping queues.... better ask for a totka to instantly blacken the face of the guys who trouble and harress the girls in public places.... we desperately these and many more such totkas (huff, as if they work!!! Gosh, when we really become educated?!)

Sample this, and I'm pretty sure, you have already got such SMSs and you have already forwarded them the Nth time! The SMS jokes which show the opponent team and captain in poor light, almost denigrating them on personal level. Being a public figure does not mean, they can be dragged into anything at the mass's will, come on, don't we know this??

Why are we, the ordinary people of this country, of any country, so obsessed about WINNING and not about the GAME?? This is my question to all the sports fans out there?  Why can't we watch a match with the true sportsman spirit.  The game should be played with all fairness and enthusiasm.  Of  course the aim is to win..... but the bigger aim is to be a team player.... the bigger aim is to be a student of that discipline which you have chosen for your life ( if you're a professional player, i mean).

And NO, we can't do that, so comes the COMPULSION and not  the DESIRE to win... the pressure of your nation is there, so you HAVE TO  win.   Just why??

And, Here, I'm not even talking about the betting on teams and the huge business going on, as we hear and read in newspapers everyday.

It seems the we have not gotten over the cricket match played between Bhuvan (Amir Khan) and the British officers in the movie Lagaan.... which of course was a match which would have decided their fate - it was a question of  life and death for them - I really feel, that is how generally cricket is viewed even now.  We have to get over that.... these are just friendly matches...... let our egos not come in between the pure pleasure of a game.

Finally, just want to say that, let's not go mad about WHICH TEAM SHOULD WIN..... let's rise above that and say LET THE GAME WIN - LET CRICKET WIN.



Perception said...

True india pakistan match has always generated more heat than desired and in this case it became a diplomatic tool too. But what do u expect of a country that is starved of sporting heroes and until that situation is remedied indian cricketers will always remain demi gods..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Play cricket to know what it means. No, this isn't war, but it definitely unites the nation in one song and one dance of victory.
Now who wouldn't want to see a nation dancing in joy?

Rachit said...

yipee we won..,:)

Bhavin sangoi said...

It’s not only people of India who are mad behind Cricket there are other countries too who show such madness behind their favorite sport. European people are fanatic of Football. Hitler used to say that if you give one radio (to listen Football match commentary) and a Football to German people than they will not care about what Hitler is doing and which way Hitler is taking to nation such is a madness of German people behind Football. Even in this Football world cup when Spain defeated Netherlands, the riots broke out between two countries.

Why people are so crazy about sports? Psychologists say that when we fail to achieve desired goal we feel frustrated and if frustration increases beyond optimum level than it may cause harm to mental balance. Extremely frustrated person may become insane or destructive to others and thyself. Hence frustration need to be relieved before it becomes unbearable, however in a civilized society we can’t always show our frustration to those who have caused it. For instance a junior who is frustrated because of his boss can’t show it to his boss directly, similarly in a day you meet several people whom you want to kill or abuse because of their some act but because of restrictions imposed by civilized society you can’t do it. Now outdoor sports is a safest way by which you can relieve your frustration without breaking the rules of society. When you defeat your opponent in sport you get satisfaction similar to that of which you get when kill your enemy. Take the case India –Pakistan match it is almost considered as war because both the countries share bitter relations with each other since their birth and want to destroy each other in war but since it is not feasible option, people get the pleasure of war by defeating each other in Cricket. However in sports too out of the two or more teams who play only one wins and the other looses. Naturally the other team and her supporters become more frustrated and then they make it a matter of ego.

Anonymous said...

Being a media student I completely understand your feelings as a worthy critic ;) but yea, I think the word 'war' is just josh and there are majority of people like us who take it just as 'game'/ But man! the word war makes it all so happening!
I kinda demean them who abuse players on the other side. Actually trust me, sensible and 'real' cricket fans respect both sides cos they understand the 'game' :)
anyways, loved the post :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Perception - (nice name!) yeah, not just sportsmen, but actors too are demigods!

BA - Undoubtedly, it unites the whole country... but i dislike demeaning the opponents... thinking it's war out there.

RAchit - :)


Angry Ganu said...

Just see the chat that goes on between Indians and Pakistanis during the Indo-Pak matches. You will laugh, cry, get angry, get sad.

All the emotions come out when it is an Indo-Pak match. We have no idea what a war means. It is still a match. Just that it is a match with greater emotions.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Bhavin Sangoi - Welcome! And excellent analysis of the psychology behind the sporting aggression, as we may call it! Thanks a ton for ur in depth analysis.

Shalinijena - thanks dear! Welcome to this blog! and very glad that u see my point :)


Nandita Prakash said...

i some what agree wid u buddy.
but if u seperate the whole feeling of "INDIA PAK MATCH" we would miss a lot. its nice to go crazy wen India wins but we must learn to respect the standard of cricket maintain by the other nation

Vyankatesh said...

Well, people do go to extremes.

But then it is a matter of pride.

Who would want to lose against Pakistan? Who would want to lose in the finals of the World Cup?

Maybe all of this makes the entire nation go crazy in such moments.

Mohinee said...

Restless Hi! Thanks for such great concern. The Cricket madness is showing the immaturity of citizens. As related to the same subject, this may not spam, but I have put this issue with political aspects. I am really glad, that I meet one more friend, you who is awake here and not in the Nasha. As Bhavin analysed, I agree with that also. It is absolutely true. Thanks to Bhavin also.

Deepa said...

Hi! I hear you my friend!! I've written a little snippet about this on my own blog. People thinking that winning a cricket match is equivalent to vanquishing your 'enemy' on another front. I just don't get it. I feel that sports and sportsmanship can actually bring people together and bridge divides. This special status of India-Pak cricket match is really dumb. Lets just focus on the game.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Angry Ganu - myraid emotions!

Nandita Prakash - Welcome here! thanks for understanding dear :) yeah, it's a great thing to get submerged in the joy and the challenge of it!

Vyankatesh - I know why u say that! Of course, one must work hard to win... but why call names to others then?!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Mohinee - Glad u see my point :)
yeah, i saw ur post on how we have lost politically, even after the win in the game. Another way of taking things pal!

Deepa - welcome to this blog! Very glad to read ur views.... you kind of echoed my thoughts :D thanks!! Will read.


Ankush Samant said...

Completely agree with your views on cricket.

In fact in the final match, I didn't like the way Dhoni, "idol" for so many threw so much attitude and in his moment of arrogance failed to recognize the defeated teams' efforts. Is it right or wrong?

Well, personal perceptions, but as far as I know arrogance can only go as far as our hands can reach, beyond that our arrogance is too weak.....

Jack said...


Media hype. Why is what I also wonder. For TOTKAs please let me know what you say on my post titled ???????.

Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Ankush - I didn't see the match really, and esp not the end part, so can't comment on Dhoni's attitude. But if u noticed so, then yes, it's not the game spirit to look at the other team with disdain.

I'm glad u agree with my point :)

Jack - uncle, ??? was the post about ur dream?! right?!


Jack said...



Take care

Vee said...

Wonderfully said about letting cricket win. I agree to that point and don't want to make the game political. i always make it a point to refer to our cricket team as Team India or Indian Cricket Team, but not India. this way, i feel i'm not making the game political.

calling names and making fun of public figures is another thing. and all these depend on mental maturity of the individuals. although we Indians overly react to the game of cricket, i think it is totally fine as long as we don't cross the line and don't forget to respect the players of opposite team. but in the excitement of the nail biting game, i don't mind if people react a little over board. it is natural that these games arouse strong emotions among people, and there is little we can do to control people and make them sit like school children under supervision of their class teacher.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Jack - and it also talked about blackening of those troublesome boys? great minds think alike, right?!

Vee- very glad to read ur comment. Phew, thanks to Blogosphere, I have some ppl who understand what i say!!!

In real life, if i said a thing like that, i would be, i don't know what?!!!

U almost echoed my views. It's not the win of the country, its the cricket team of the country.



BookWorm said...

why we think this game as something more than just a cricket match? every time, India plays Pakistan, the media portrays it as a war... I've always thought it just as a game between two cricket teams. The Indian Cricket Team is not the Nation itself. It just represents the Nation. The day we see them as just a cricket team, we will stop seeing it as something more than a game.

By just not looking it as a war, the advantages are manifold. We can appreciate the classic game played by a Shahid Afridi or an Umar Gul, which we may not be able to do, if we see it as a war. Having said that, what i felt, among from friends is that eventhough when we think that Pakistan may win a certain match, we shy from admitting it.. for fearing that we may be branded as anti-national.. why so..? why our patriotism has be worn on our sleeves for everybody to be seen...???? will we become less partiotism if we cheer a wonderful acrobatic catch from any of the pakistani players..

...anyhow.. by the time i have written this.. a war of words was happening between Afridi and Indian Media. and i would say, the blame has be on Gautam Gambir's shoes, when he dedicated the Victory over pakistan to the the victims of the Mumbai Terror Attacks.. It was just a narrow-minded statement made with no objective to achieve.

Vaish said...

I'm not a great cricket fan when it comes to test matches, and with ODI's I watch only when India plays..
And India in semifinals and then in finals was more than enough for me to sacrifice the normal chores, and sit and stare at the TV with friends...I do not like the publicity, betting, bidding that goes around cricket, and particularly the way Indian govt treats Cricket to our natiional game hockey...that's pathetic..But game is a game..and that brings patriotism, unity, job and victory..not just for those who played, but for each and every soul in the if we played and won!!! That feeling is uncomparable..

Reema S said...

though I agree with u I just cant help having the war feeling during India - Pak match :)

Masoom Ria said...

it was such a nice movie, personaly i watched many times, may b i am cricket fan too thats y but i think that movie was great LAGAAN, and most Pakistani and Indian cricket lovers love that movie as the love cricket so much, itrat from

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