Sometimes Being A Fake Blogger Also Pays!

August 30, 2010
This is some news making the rounds in last 2-3 days.  All this time, we had been talking about being genuine in our blogs, writing things we have knowledge and interest in, and overall speaking from our heart and mind and soul and blah blah !

Anupam Mukherji
Here is an example where being fake also pays!  Anupam Mukherji, a Delhi boy and working as a freelance advertiser in Bangalore used to write a blog with the name of FAKE IPL PLAYER when IPL 2 started and wrote on till now.  He became a hot favourite among the cricket fans (which are huge in numbers anywhere in the world) and has a follower list of 8,434 bloggers/users!  He used to give the inside stories about the cricket world and players, and fans started believing him.

When asked how did he manage all this, he replied that he was inspired by the movie "Hoax" and only with the help of Internet and TV did he mange to be a sensation in the cricket world and became a talked about blogger!  On gaining popularity, he even wrote a book "The gamechangers" (well, quite a game player!)

This is an amazing success for a blogger, no doubt.  Now, he is out of the anonymity, I mean he decided to and he is on the front page of The Times of India (29 Aug 2010) for the world to know that the fake IPL player was actually Fake.

This is quite an achievement, whatever way, but he is popular because of his tact and his mind.

As a blogger, I feel elated!  whenever I read about a blogger achieving in some way, it definitely brings a smile on my face!

Cheers to Blogging and all the bloggers!



Zave said...

So, can I infer, faking pays out in the end?
No no, don't worry, I'm not taking it in some other sense.

Shilpa Garg said...

A very cool imaginative guy!! Simply wow!!

Sakhi said...

Okay, this guy was phenomenally popular when IPL2 was on, but I think he should have revealed his identity right then (when he said he would, originally, at the end of the season) as I feel now that the hype has worn off and less people will care and he will eventually not achieve too much.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

I beg to differ. He may have gained temporary stardom, but how long can one last blogging.
i agree it payed off in short term but just think the path he chose to rise to fame- creating controversy.He has been branded and he has to go one that way.
He has a good writing style, if he had used it in a positive manner he could have gone much ahead.
Yes, at the end of the day, its a matter of personal choice and If I was in his place I would not have chosen this path :)
As always, nice way of putting it.

Niket said...

The Fake IPL blogger lived up to his name I would say! :)

UB said...

Hmm...thanks for writing this..I had no clue about this story.

magiceye said...

sure thing!

Purba said...

The media lapped up his blog, we got to read all the made-up juicy details.
It made for fun reading, who cares whether he was fake or not.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

No Zave, I didnot mean that!

@ Shilpa- yeah! :)

@ Sakshi - right, it doesnot pay to be fake forever!

@ Md Mudassir Shah - True, its a matter of one's personal conscience, everybody has to answer his own self. May be it suited him!

@ Niket- yeah, he lived up to it!

@ UB - my pleasure! :)

@ magiceye - cheers! :)

@ Purba - yet another way of looking at things... thanks Purba!


Mag[m] said...

m planning to change ma blog's name WORLD CUP 2011.... nice story

Vee... said...

@ Sakhi - But, this is guy is getting to write his own book and there are publishers for him too. While blogging as fake IPL player, he was jobless and now he got a job as well. That sure is way better than what he would have achieved had he been original. :)

Vee... said...

@Md. Muddassir Shah -
Some people do things for the thrill part. There was this 17 year old kid who became popular as "bare foot bandit" stole a private jet of some rich guy and drove it across countries until he crash landed in Bahamas. He certainly knew that he would get caught by the authorities, but i guess he couldn't help himself... To this fake ipl player, may be its not about blogging but about how he achieved popularity (or notoriety) by being fake.

Lakshmi Rajan said...

He blogged, he faked, he triumphed. He did hijacked the IPL 2's wind from cricketing action to his spiced writeup.

Mayank said...

FIP aka Mr Anupam is truly a master of sharp analytical mind.. Nice tht he put it to good use...

Vaish said...

Again..lady, where do you get all this first hand info from?? Such a gutsy guy!
@ Lakshmi - loved your comments...

Reema said...

I see no harm as long as no one was really hurt (hurt egos dont matter :D)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Mag - :) thanks!

@ Vee - @ur comment for sakhi- psst :)

oh that happened?!

@ Lakshmi Rajan - right!

@ Mayank - hmm, right use!

@ Vaish - thanks!!!!

@ Reema - LOL! true!


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