The Crumbled Flower

August 27, 2010

With the bloom of the flower, I move on
With the break of the dawn, I move on
With each heart ache, I learn to let go
With each barrier built, I learn to forgo.

I am just a weak mortal

looking for meanings, as I ponder

I shall crumble, as a dry

I know my fate,

I know the set dye.



Gazal Bharadwaj said...

I'll die for sure.
But I promise.
I'll enjoy every inch of air I breathe.
And shall fill the world with my beauty and fragrance.

Zave said...

If only moving on was that easy,
If pensive thoughts could give us answers,
If only we knew us,
If only we knew our fate!

D2 said...

I think life is supposed to be a mystery; so we can face every hardship possible and then let go of the peace that we lost until we get it back again, stronger, the likes of which would put our minds at ease forever.

Niket said...

Decipher it Restless! :(
You know the reason, I guess...

magiceye said...

poignant and beautiful

Dibakar Sarkar said...


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Gazal - welcome! u commented so beautifully! thanks!

@ Zave- this was wonderful " if we knew us". thanks a ton!

@ D2- hope that we can do that, when the going gets tough.

@ Niket - i know dear, u dont understand poetry. sometimes, its like a coded language, when the poet doesnot want to say too much about herself, she writes in words which will pull a string of your heart, if you have ever felt that. BTW, its about the weekness and illusion of humans who would still be going on and moving on till they die. :)

@ Magic eye - :)

@ Dibakar Sarkar - am glad u liked. :)


nikita said...

with each heart break , i learn to let go...
beautiful !!!!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

thanks Nikita, am glad u liked it :)

Anonymous said...

Nice poetry!

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