What do I Say???

August 30, 2011
While I was thinking of writing something, only these words came to my mind " What do I say?"  Once you stop writing, somehow the expression inside you dies down.  It's happening with me. 

 I'm even asking myself, first that are we be held accountable one day for what we write on our blogs and the comments people leave on our blogs and second, does it make sense sharing about your life and your thoughts in the cyber space? Do these thoughts come to your mind too? Huff! All this is my self talk, so don't bother much about it!

Actually, I had been very very busy all this time.  Although I love to work but this time it was full of stress as well, the bad stress I mean! (Remember my post on Stress - Eustress -Distress?) And it took me a long time to cope with it, and find a way out of it.  I have not just neglected by blog, but have also neglected my health.  I need to begin my daily Yoga soon!

I am grateful to my fellow bloggers, who keep visiting my blog frequenlty and make it a point to leave a comment on the topic concerned, thereby leaving a mark of their foot prints on this blog!  Really, I check my blog only to see what you had to say!

Meanwhile, I think i missed out on telling that "My World - My Perception" has been selected as an "Excellent Blog" by "Indian Top Blogs -2011".  Thanks a ton for that!

By the way, how had you been? Yeah, you the reader?!



Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Congratulations, and yeah, get on to stress busting soon :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Kumar Bibek said...

I have been just fine :) . Take care of your health. Don't be a workaholic. Hahaha, Well, I am one of them too. Anyway, Welcome back.

Racahs said...

Ah its the hundredth time I'm trying posting my comment and may be I will succeed this time. We be held responsible.. aren't we are now.. it's the individual responsibility to check that his/her post never hurts someone privacy.

Weakest LINK

Neeha said...

You deserve it:)

Bhavin Sangoi said...

Yeas it happens with writers. Even when I took a break from my blog in May to study for my exams, I couldn't write for sometime even after my exams ended. Author's mind is like an engine of car. If you don't use it for sometime it will take time to pick the rhythm.

Pooja Desai said...

YA I know how it is, but then knowing you, Im sure u'll be back with a bang soon. And please get your daily dose of Yoga, at any cost. 
And many congratulations on being selected as among the best blogs in India! Congratulations!  

RESTLESS said...

Dear Pooja, it's really gud  to hear from you.  And honestly, it feels good that some one knows me from the way i write.

Yes started my yoga :) tks

And thanks dear !

RESTLESS said...

thanks dear Neeha :)

RESTLESS said...

Sorry for the trouble Racahs ( spelling error here?)

I was not referring to the blogger's view but of that of the commentators

RESTLESS said...

Kumar Bibek, good to know that u r doing fine!

RESTLESS said...

Sure BA! tks for visiting :)

RESTLESS said...

Bhavin, yeah it happens!

Niket said...

You are absolutely right Restless. Once you are in the flow, you never need to search for topics to write upon, but when you are away from writing for a while you don't even get topics to pen down.
And since you asked, let me tell you that I am absolutely doing fine. :P :)  Don't update my blog much but manage to share something or the other once or twice a month.
By the way, how have you been ??? :)

RESTLESS said...

You're right Niket! Good to c ur comment!

I am fine :) little out of flow of words and thoughts!


Reema said...

I am also catching up on my blog reading. congrats on the selection!

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