When you sprinkled the dew drops

July 22, 2010
This poem is the expression of a plant.

When a seed is nurtured well, it grows up into a beautiful plant. But when the person, who helped instill the life in that little seed wants to drift away, what does that plant, wrenching in pain, wishes to become ?

When you sprinkled the dew drops
you didn't know
there lied a seed buried deep
under the wraps of the soil.

When you sprinkled the dew drops,
you didn't know
that the seed - dry, dying
cocooned in its tough shell
got the moisture of the droplets
which you just let go.

As a pitcher overflowing with water,
as a heart overwhelmed with love
would shower it on anyone
that comes its way.

When you sprinkled it , you surely didn't know.

When you levelled the wet soil
you didn't know
you will fill the seed with desire -
to break free from its pea like mould,
to get a feel of the hand which gave it life.

As you sat close by, watching with tenderness
filling its heart with unexplainable joy
the plant grew and buds bloomed!

Raising its arms, and swaying in joy,
the plant stood looking at the sky
thanking for the life bestowed on it
when it thought, it was left with no more ;
thanking for the happiness showered on it
when it thought it didn't deserve any more.

While it thought, it was a serene calm
that has blessed its existence,
it was the screeching silence of
nobodyness around it.....

And the sad and limp, little plant murmered :

"As the days passed, so did the ecstasy
and suddenly, like a hasty traveller
you just got up to go past me ?"
"Or is it the sand storm that scared you?
is it the evil ways of the winds
that made you change your path?"

"But, now, I only wish I grew up as a cactus
I would have stored in me
(in my ugly stout body)
the rustle of your voice
the warmth of your breath
the sweeping touch of your eyes
the spark of your being
the frangrance of your soul
and that one fleeting moment of love.

I wish I was a cactus,
cursed to live without its life fluid
yet grounded, standing stiff, proud of itself,
with thorns all over : the branches shrunk with pain,

I wish I was a cactus
for I would have dwelled forever
on the dew drops sprinkled on me
without looking up at the sky again
as it hardly rains in desert,
as it hardly ever rains in desert.

When you sprinkled the dew drops
I am sure, you didn't know that.

A Restless Mind With
A Sensitive Heart.


Pratibha The Talent said...

you seems to be a deep thinker.keep up going like this.

दीपक 'मशाल' said...

thanks for sharing a beautiful poem... it's inspiring me to write more english poetries...
n yeah.. thanks for reading my hindi poem ma'am.. but I couldn't get your sense from katrayan.. if it's matrayen then how we can count matrayen in nai kavita?? waiting for your next suggestion ma'am.. :)

The Restless Souldier said...

Hi Restless,

that is some rating for a one month old blog.

congrats and keep it up.


KG said...

Very well thought about and crafted poetry.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ Pratibha - well sometime i manage to drown in it! just joking. thank u so much dear!

@ deepak 'mashaal' - i am glad u liked it! there are more coming shortly!
abt ur post, i meant that the 'matrayen' were placed incorrectly, which was diluting the flavour of poem. The transliterate facility of blogger is fantastic, and u get perfect words, i have done it myself, so i can say that. so pl try working on that. all the best!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hi restless souldier!! yes, it feels nice when someone appreciates what u write. am happy!

Hi KG ! thank u so much dear! and no post from ur side for long?

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ restless souldier, Hey! now i got what u said "indirank"! yes 70 for the first time is not bad! thanks so much!!

Indian Home Maker said...

Very sensitive...

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ IHM - don't know whether that's good or not!

D2 said...

The personification is incredibly profound. Loved every line.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

@ D2 - am so glad, u could feel it.

Gyanban © said...

Liked this one, good flow, and the central thought is wonderfully woven.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Thanks Gyan!!!

Jithu Johny said...

Real good work. Seems to me more or less a fully personified poem with highly emoted words. Hiding the feelings deep within yet happy for that one drop of happiness that stirred life, but sad for being left unprotected. The forces that took him away is not cursed but questioned. Sorry if I perceived it wrong. I see no plant and no dew drops but, few good people. Good work.. Very inspiring.. God bless..

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


welcome and am so glad u liked it. Your words made my poem even more beautiful, thanks.


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