Viveka Babajee - Women, Showbiz & Suicides

July 6, 2010

Suicides are not so uncommon in the history of civilisation.  But when, the so called successful people commit suicide, it makes us sit up, watch TV screens with wide eyes and wonder what was missing in their recipe of success that they collapsed?

The suicide of model Viveka Babajee (well, I never heard her name. With all the due regards to the departed soul, she got more bytes in death than life) has once again aroused my curiosity about the desperation to embrace death by a very beautiful and successful woman.

Its quite painful that women in showbiz or say, profession more to do with their bodies - models, actresses, air-hostesses, are more prone to depression and sometimes it drives them to commit suicide.

This weekend, I read some articles on this and have felt and found a few facts and a few questions


  • In stressful professions, women have to make clear choices - family or career.

  • Once you have decided on your career, you may not be that well supported by family, more so because you had been so blunt (read clear headed ) about it.

  • Stressful career needs you to perform and prove your worth.

  • And the struggle goes on, esp in careers like modelling.

  • Men, boys, relationships, whatever you call it, come handy to you ( how genuine, you don't know)

  • You succeed, you have money, fame and the body talent to earn more money.
Now these things kept my mind on..... read on

After having been reasonable successful, a beautiful model commits suicide, due to failed relationship(s). Why?

  • Is it difficult for a man to handle a woman who is successful?

  • Is it the physical, mental and sexual exploitation (often its their own choice) finally takes the toll, on their conscious and the one's they share their lives with?

  • Is it that  "an all body" profession, somewhere makes a "thinking person" feel shallow.  She feels misfit for the profession, which wants her to smile and glow and swirl in action, all..... alll the time?  Actually.....God!.... if we were to live up to our image - huge, magnanimous, always beautiful and sunny - will we not crumble as a person behind the concealor & blusher & mascara?!!

  • OR, finally, the reason why women crumble in their successful careers is lack of true love? 

By the way, when I was discussing it with a typical Indian man, I got a blunt answer  "aisi ladkiyon ke sath kaun pyaar aur shadi karega?" ( Who will love or marry such women?!)

I feel sad and hopeless.....

A Restless Mind with
A Sensitive Heart.

Source : Times Crest


Mag[m] said...

hey dude ... u have a nice blog with nice material in it ... but as a advice , change ur template , so it looked better

25BAR said...

I guess it is all about dissatisfaction. And I guess gratitude helps combat that.
But I'm no expert.

KG said...

Very true, nice post.

Purba said...

Suicide is a state of mind, the darkest stage of your life when all you feel is despair and loneliness.

That she happened to be a celebrity is incidental.

A Restless mind with a sensitive heart! said...

@Mag; thanks so much! tell me some site offering templates with sections pls.

@25 BAR : easier said than practised ! but thanks for comments.

@ KG : waiting to hear more from u!

@ purba : True, but having the comfort cusion of family often holds u from falling apart, which I feel showbiz steals from u.

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