100 posts - 100 Blogger Pals!

March 10, 2011
I had been keeping an eye on the numbers.... I know, women always keep an eye on the number of the weighing machine and the waist size of their jeans.... for I, like all my blogger pals here, was keeping an eye on the number of articles I have posted in my blog since its beginning ( ie., in 21 June 2010).

My little son scribbled this for me on my birhtday card!
Yesterday, I've completed my 100th post, feels good.  But, I feel even better, as I've tried all this time to write something meaningful... something of use to those many people searching for information on Internet.  I know that at least half of what I've written is/will be useful to some people. (Of course, I write small little things wich are making me sad or happy or anything, at times!) I can say that with conviction because, I keep checking the search words used to find my blog on Internet.

Initially, I was surprised to read the search words, but later, it gave me all the more reason to write with responsibility.  It has inspired me to write the content which can be referred in case of need, although I'm way behind my goal, but I'll still try.  Just have a look at the search words used in last 8 months for which I had been writing :

my teacher hit me
my perception of world
what is a good girl ?
teacher punish me
child punishment
lonely life
a good girl is
home made remedy for black hair
what to do teacher hit me
my perception of marriage

These are to name a few... I've only brought out the relevant one's.  Although, there had been a lot of search for other things too.

Evidently, my posts on corporal punishment, marriage, live ins, changing perceptions of relationships, gender etc was being read and I'm glad for that.

Also, coincidentally, there is another number on my blog which has reached to a 100!!! It is the wonderful blogger pals (followers) list.

Anyways, coming back to blogging, I can only say that blogging has given an outlet to my thoughts and my expressions, and I'm deeply indebted to this blog world who accepted me, read my posts, wrote back, agreed/disagreed with me, gave their opinions and feedback to me, thereby giving a lot of their time and energy to me.  Thanks a ton!

Hope to spend more such creative time with you all!
I wanted to thank and say a few words to my blogger pals for quite some time. So, definitely in this post, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, who have a mention below and many more bloggers whom I didn't/couldn't  mention.
A special thanks to

Prashanth (who motivated me to blog and made sure I stick to it!!),
Vee (who had been with me throughout, since he commented on my 'Dream' post. right Vee?! thanks a lot dear!)
Vaish (We haven't met, but it seems we know each other! thanks dear!) ,
Jack (Unlce, you always give your pearls of wisdom, thanks for  being there) ,
Niket (You have been there from almost the start of the blog... and I always look forward to read ur comment and views!)
Prateek Bagri (You're such a supportive person, often updated me with info useful to me, which I was clueless about! thanks dear!) 
Blasphemous Aesthete (love your take on my posts!),
Book worm (You always add value to whatever I write, thanks a ton for being there!),
Vikram Karve (Sir, your comment means a certificate for me!),
Desh (You are well informed, so a comment means, loads of info) ,
Purba (for your affectionate support always) ,
Harish ( Always valued what you wrote for me),
Zephyr ( Our common interests make us click!!) ,
Pooja ( Reading you is so comforting for me) ,
Nikhil Garg (We disagree mostly!!! but still we stick around!!)  
Alka Gurha (woman power, and excellent writer) ,
Vivek Chamoli (Really appreciate the time you give to comment on my posts) ,
Varsha - My sweet friend, she is!
Reema - a lovely blogger pal! (help me with the link dear)
Pratibha and Geeta Singh( u two are really a sweet heart!),
Addy - Indiblogger pal!
Subtle Scribbler (new reader, but I think we think alike!) ,
Victor Guerra (Love ur sensitive take on issues) ,
Rocksea (Really like ur pics and the write up is straight from ur heart!) ,
Arpana (sensitive, like me!) 
Neeha, Raindrop, Always Happy - Young bloggers! thanks! you make my day!

I tried my best, but think I must have missed out some names here, please forgive me for that.

Have a great time!


PS: actually completed 101 posts, but didn't have the time to write an elaborate post on it, so writing it now!


Nikhil Garg said...

Nice enough for me :) Thanks for the mention. You rock !

Prateek said...

Awwwwiiiieeeee. Thankee! It was bit of a surprise for me too when I told you about asiaMag. :P
Thanks a lot. You were really supportive and your comments are always awaiting on my blog.

geeta singh said...

hey such a lovely post :) Thanks ! you are a sweetheart too:)

Pratibha The Talent said...

Congrats!! Restless for the 101th post and hey... you have 100 followers too.Great going Restless! and thanks for the mention,I appreciate that.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Happy Blog century Restless, and your restlessness has indeed spurred a few questions in many of us. Write more.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Jack said...


Congratulations on both counts - Century in posts and followers. Keep up with sharing your thoughts. You never know someone may be benefitted by these. It really gives such satisfaction when someone says that he or she found life much better after reading your writings. I vouch for that.

Take care

PS : And I am so moved by show of your affection. I did not name anyone in my 100th post though I had all my dear ones in mind.

subtlescribbler said...

congratulations on completing ur 1o1th blog post...indeed a milestone :)
and i was actually surprised to see my name here...really! thnks for considering me as ur reader :) btw I'd better like if u call me sarah..subtlescribler is jus a pen name coz i cudnt get any other :( :D

BookWorm said...

First of all, thanks.. my comments are of some value to this wonderful blog of yours.

This blog has been your arena and canvas in which you brush strokes it with colors of brilliance. It just denote your spirit of writing and your passion to take up issues as you see it.

In the process, you have indeed conjured up some fine write-ups, not clouded in thoughts… we could see and read clarity of thought, and we know that you know what you write… Hence I think, this blog has been a breed apart. It makes up come to this blog day after day...just to look for a new post even when there aren't any...

No wonder it has 100 followers and 100 posts in so little time…

In the coming days, I suggest, you walk the tight-rope, don’t get complacent, and display greater responsibility from what you have already shown in whatever you write about.

Congrats.. and and thanks for making us read..and think..

Harish said...

Your blog always provide some food for thought. And I believe it is a great achievement to make people think. great to know that you have crossed a mile stone. wish you create scores of more thought inspiring posts. and of course, your mention made my day. :-)

Vee said...

Congratulations on hitting a century! :) Wishing you many more milestones, and I know this is just a beginning. A beginning just like you won a mention in Asia Mag, like you became one of the top 25 in blogadda, and exactly like google points your blog as the first hit to a variety of key word combination.

I dont remember how I came across your blog (Indiblogger?) but I am fortunate to do so. And I still remember commenting "winner post" on your Dreams post.

Its really nice of you to mention so many people in your 101st post. And, I am double honored this being the second time you mentioning me in your blog posts. Wishing you more.

magiceye said...

hearty congratulations on the century!!

looking forward to many more brilliant ones!!

p00ja said...

Wow Congratulations! 100 post and 100 followers! Oh am I jealous!
I jealous that you are able to give and get so much from blogging. We both have started out almost together, in the month of June though I was a few days ahead of you, it is what you write about that is so touching and relevant.
You have moved from writing about casual thoughts to meaningful and effective topics, covering a wide array of subjects too.

Wish U lots of luck!
Happy Blogging.
And Thanks for the Mention.

Niket said...

I am always the last one to comment :(
Everyone has written everything about you...I have nothing to mention now :(
Just wanted to say one thing...I owe you 20% of the knowledge that I have in my just 1% utilisation of the entire brain...Thanks for making me famous, oops for the mention! :)

Prashant said...


It's indeed to read what you wrote about me...

But having said that, I think, I have only given you ideas.. and you are the one who wrote and struck to writing... so the credit is to you only...

anyhow.. thanks for the mention... looking forward to reading more from you...

Purba said...

A 100 is a milestone...time to look book and reminisce.

And that was quite a list! Thanks for the mention.

Vaish said...

RS...Congrats on your 100th post and 100 followers! Wishing to be in this journey with you throughout and write a comment like this when you acheive 1000s and 10000s :D
Ah...and that's a honour to mention about me!! I'm totally priveledged dear!! Hugs to you!!
We knew each other more...yeah..but still don't know the real names of each other, don't know the whereabouts of each other!! Kind of true to the meaning of virtual friendship :D
Cheerios to RS!!!

Neeha said...

Congratulations for completing 100 posts successfully.
I am glad you included my name:)
Lots of Love,

raji said...

100 so soon!in just 8 months .congrats .seems like you frequently update your blog.

Always Happy said...

hey Restless,

how sweet! Thank you for the mention. I havent been a regular blogging for two months due to my holidays and post holiday busy work schedule. Once things settle down a bit. I shall come back here and catch up with all your posts that i have missed.

Thank you.

Take care
Always Happy

anupama said...

Dear Friend,
Good Morning!
Hearty Congrats on completing 100 posts...a grand milestone!
As you have completed 101 posts,I will be adding to the followers number too.
You forgot to mention -females look at the number-age.:)
I believe in names and wrote an earlier post-There's a lot in a name!
May I know your name?
This post is a lovely read!
Happy Blogging!
Wishing you a beautiful Day Ahead,

rocksea said...

oh, i see now, restless! when you put that comment, i didnt see this post. your words are encouraging. will click more and post more :)

...and so are your articles, your write-up is right from your heart.


rocksea said...

it is so heart-warming to see your son's cute birthday card :)

wishes for your life ahead!

Arti said...

This is a wonderful achivevement!
Congrats and may you have many more of these to come :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Nikhil - thanks :)

Prateek - thanks :) u r amazing and very helpful :)

Pratibha - thanks for the visit :) and thanks dear :)

Geeta - good to c u here too... although i meet u n Pratibha at Indiblogger.


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Blasphemous Aesthete - thanks a ton! ur words mean a lot to me :)

Jack uncle - thanks and it's ok.. at least I'm privileged to be mentioned in ur blog posts 2-3 times :)

subtle scribbler - Dear Sarah! it's ok when someone can't read the posts regularly... we all have priorities... The connect is important and the genuine comments are important, frequency doesn't matter much.


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Book worm - As always, just love the way you express!

Yes, u do add value to each and every post u comment upon.

Thanks a ton for the kind words :)

Surely, i'll try to walk the tight rope... taking stands strongly... but will always have the flexibility to appreciate other's view points. Surely, will keep ur words in mind. thanks again!

Harish - thanks dear for saying that. But, it's the regular feed back which matters a lot to me, which I had been getting from u and other blogger pals. (Remember the euthanasia post?!)

tk cr


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Vee - You first commented on "Dream" post, on a contest which i won at Blogadda. I guess u came through Blogadda.

Yes, I have mentioned you twice as a blogger pal... the first time when I wrote almost in the beginning months of the blog!

You had been a tremendous support in terms of your regular comments and feedback.

Although, i don't know any of you personally, but i think we know each other through what we write. and for not what we are in real lives.

thanks for being there.

You deserve a special mention :)


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Magiceye - thanks :)

Pooja - thanks a ton dear :) The ability to be happy for someone else for his/her achievement (esp in same gender) speaks volumes about u as a person.

Glad that u can see some change in how i write. I find u very balanced and clear in what u write and very content too.

tk care Pooja!

Niket - oh u're a sweetheart! You had been commenting and often finding typo errors in my writings in my starting blog posts!!!! and I really appreciate ur gesture. Now,of course u don't get time to blog even, but nevertheless, YOU ROCK NIKET!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Prashanth - Thanks for the visit! Your motivation has helped me, no two ways about it.. thanks again :)

Purba - yeah, am fortunate to be amongst them all :) thanks!

Vaish - I always smile reading ur comment... it's always straight from ur heart, just like ur writings and ur pictures :)

Thanks a ton and hugs to u too! You are really kind and sweet to wish a thing like that for a friend whom u don't know really! But dear, u won't regret knowing me in life too :)

varsha said...

hey! buddy I am with you always.Its just too many things piling up that has made me out of touch with blogpals.

Alka Gurha said...

Thanks for mentioning my name in your hundredth post...Congrats.

Keep blogging and keep rocking!

zephyr said...

That's wonderful, Restless. I like your posts because they make one ponder over the contents, without being overly strident in tone. May your blog see many more milestones. And thanks for the mention. Keep blogging, dear.

Deguide said...

Congrats for your double century....both in terms of circle and posts. Hope to see with 200 each next time around

Doc said...

Congratulations on reaching a milestone here. It's always a pleasure to follow someone who is able to keep up the energy and enthusiasm going and I hope you continue blogging in the same spirit. May these milesotones be the inspiration to move ahead even further. Good job.

Alcina said...

Landed on your blog for the first time and that too when you have completed a century..never mind i would like to read after the century :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Neeha - u're welcome dear!

Raji - addicted to it :)

Always Happy - I understand dear... take ur time :)

Anupama - welcome to this blog! I replied to ur query in ur blog. thanks for visiting. have a nice day too!

Rocksea - u too had been an inspiration! And thanks... yeah my little one's keep doing such things for me :)

tk care


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Arti- thank u so much!

VArsha - i understand dear :) thanks!

Alka - u welcome! tks!

Zephyr - thanks :)

Deguide - welcome to this blog! thanks :)

Doc - thanks for ur kind words. btw, cudn't access ur blog, kindly see.

alcina - welcome dear! sure! thanks :)


Nethra said...

100th post is quite an achievement. Congratulations!

Btw, you know quite a lot of bloggers, unlike me. :

Desh said...

Restless - thanks for the mention! In the last over 6 years in blogosphere (I started even before 2004 when drishtikone wasn't there)... I have seen that only two things count (3rd if you want to have a larger presence) in keeping blogs:

1. Passion to write on some/any subject/s
2. your continued evolution.

If the former isn't there a blogger cannot sustain the interest to write. Passion is needed, and the writing will follow.

if the latter is not there, then after a while you will write repetitive stuff which even you will dislike - if you are honest.

If you want a larger presence - you need technical smarts (or help) and resources (as in money).

In the last few months, for example, two of the cornerstone blog properties have fallen by the wayside - desicritics and desipundit. That is an instructive lesson!!

One writer who was amongst the top in Indian blogosphere - Sakshi Juneja hasnt written a post since last year...

so, there are enough who falter.

if you write for others, you will falter. If you write for yourself.. you will continue... whether someone interacts with you or not. if you write something good, there will be enough people who will read you and love you for what you are. So continue but write for YOUR OWNSELF!!

Vikram Karve said...

Dear Restless,
I love your blog. It is unique and it grows from strength to strength.
May you achieve many more creative milestones.
All the Best and Godspeed

Arpana said...

Instead of comments i would like to confess something-i have not expected my name in the list but thanks -i really love to see it.I was feeling too disillusioned with my writing these days and was desperately seeking to invent it in some positive way.To make up the time i decided to simply write and post the write up- but the moment i saw your post i forget all that and visited your site.Might be in future too i won't be able to read all your posts but when ever i will be able to manage i will go through all of your write ups as i love reading them.cheers!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Nethra - thanks! I'm fortunate to know them :)

Desh - thanks! great words, as always! Surely, I write for myself... the need to communicate makes me write.. even if sometimes I fail to respond to comments in time :)

Vikram ji - thanks a ton :)

Arpana - I've found your writings to be a sensitive take of a mother and a beautiful human being. Be like that :)


Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Friend,

Congrats on completing this milestones :)..there are lots of other milestones waiting for you ALL THE BEST..I really like the way you shows glimpses of all genre which I found very rare in the blogosphere,this specialty of yours keeps you distinct(A Diamond). your post makes me read it again n again ,I missed your 100th Post ..but now I m back ..as well as like button is on as well.
So its super Holi time ..Enjoy.
Thanks for inspiring me and people around.
God Bless you.

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